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You’re the Worst Season 2 Trailer – How to Avoid Becoming “Disgusting Normals”

4 Aug

You’re the Worst returns next month (September 9) and the first full length trailer delivers a whole array of Jimmy and Gretchen avoiding their feelings with other distractions; including a whole lot of getting wasted and some leather underwear. Anything to prevent them from becoming “disgusting normals.”

I don’t think there are enough words to explain just how excited I am to spend time with these wonderful assholes with all of their emotional baggage, especially now that Lindsay is most likely single and Gretchen is living with Jimmy. Gretchen’s apartment prior to the fire was what you might call organized chaos or a trash heap of appliances so factoring this into the new cohabitating setup should be rather fun.

Such as Gretchen’s very different sense of home decorating style. That Kat is pretty Kool.

IMG_1722And trying to keep the heat alive with FaceTime strip club adventures. Excuse me while I covet Gretchen’s top button done up white shirt look.

IMG_1723And the aforementioned underwear and an approach to undergarments that goes beyond Gretchen’s typically effortless sexy style.

IMG_1729And getting fucked up in new and impressively outlandish ways that go way beyond naked driveway passing out.

IMG_1730Lindsay has found a way to monetize dating life and continues to wear the very best in floral summer dress attire. Meanwhile Gretchen’s sunglasses and leather jacket game are still very much on point.

IMG_1727After Lindsay’s heartbreaking rendition of “This Woman’s Work” Edgar’s intrigue levels went up to hair smelling levels and something is definitely occurring here. This something could just be Lindsay’s attempts at making Paul jealous. Don’t break Edgar’s heart, please.

IMG_1728Watch the full trailer below and You’re the Worst returns Wednesday, September 9.

Work in Other Places: Talking Underwear on TV and the Best Shows of the Year (So Far)

9 Jul

Shameless self-promotion time and if you can’t shamelessly self-promote on your own website then I don’t know where you can.

Over at Flavorwire I had the pleasure of talking to costume designers from Masters of Sex (Ane Crabtree), The Americans (Jenny Gering) and You’re the Worst (Wendy Benbrook) about the importance of undergarments and how both period and contemporary costuming reflects on and can impact current trends.

Masters of Sex 2.03 Fight The Americans 2.06 You're the Worst 1.01Here is an extract and you read the whole thing here

The Americans is a bridge between period and contemporary fashion — the ’80s don’t feel so long ago — and it helps that The Americans‘ costuming isn’t what you might typically expect from this decade (lurid neons, shoulder pads). The show keeps a toe in the ’70s, and that’s reflected in Elizabeth’s everyday underwear choices.

While a visible bra strap might have been an extremely telling costuming choice even in The Americans‘ era, shows set in the present day are likely to use this detail far more casually. For sitcoms featuring young women —  Youre the Worst, Broad City, New Girl, Girls — warmer weather means, “What kind of bra can I wear with this?” dilemmas.”

And over at Complex I wrote about why The Americans is one of the “Best TV Shows of 2015 (So Far)” focusing on the complicated relationships at the heart of this Cold War era spy show: “Disguises, wigs and missions create tense and fraught moments, but the heart shattering action takes place in the most mundane of locations as these characters reveal who they actually are. In a world where secrets protect, the truth is a loaded weapon and The Americans is not afraid of pulling the trigger.”


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