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Out of the Box: Look of the Week

3 Jan

It’s the first “Out of the Box” of 2014 and while the red carpet appearances have dried up over the holiday break, we’ve got promo photo treats for you instead. Award shows will be back in full swing soon, including the Golden Globes next Sunday (also the same night Girls and True Detective premiere) and so expect gowns galore. This week we’re showcasing new Hannibal season 2 cast photos, a returning sleuth and a New Girl flashback.

Hannibal - Season 2The official Hannibal Tumblr has been busy over the holiday period releasing character promo shots for the second season (premiering February 28) and we’ve got Hannibal and Alana Bloom to peruse over. This pose is pretty similar to last year’s Hannibal, as is the plaid of the suit and paisley tie. Gone are the blue tones, they have been replaced by darker shades of brown and red. If you click on the photo you can see how much detail there is in Hannibal’s costuming including the polka dots on his pocket square. He is impeccable, which is much more than can be said about Will Graham who is languishing in a less than flattering jumpsuit.

Hannibal - Season 2Moving on to the second of the new Hannibal promo shots with Alana Bloom. Green is the color of balance and blue means loyalty; Alana is the only character who has been looking out for Will’s best interests from the pilot episode and so it makes sense for her to be dressed in the colors that represent these two attributes. Last year Alana wore mostly reds and abstract patterns, so it’s notable that the geometric pattern on her skirt is less chaotic. Pattern and color are both important components for the overall design of Hannibal and we will be keeping tabs on how this develops and changes in season 2.  For a show that contains so much horror the costuming is exquisite and we’re highly anticipating the new season.

Sherlock Series 3Sherlock is back! Well on the BBC at least (it airs January 19 on PBS) and while we’re not going to discuss the plot details of “The Empty Hearse” as you can see in this promo photo, Sherlock’s magnificent Belstaff ‘Millford’ coat also makes a return. The red button hole is a small touch and yet it’s the one I always notice; thanks to the folks at Wear Sherlock I now know that this detail was added by the Sherlock costume department. It’s a coat that is ingrained with the look of this version of Sherlock Holmes and it plays a part in the dramatic slow-mo this show favors.

NG_311-31pt_0009It’s Nick Miller as you have never seen him before, looking like an extra from Dead Poets Society. This is a shot from the next episode (airing Tuesday 7) “Clavado En Un Bar” and we’ll be finding out how each character ended up in the job they are in and this means multiple flashbacks. Almost lawyer Nick’s style is lot different from the previous college versions we have seen, gone is the moustache and it’s a clean shaven, slick hair Miller instead. The scarf is the thing that really ties the preppy look together. We will have more New Girl in our review of this episode next week.

Best of TV Costuming 2013: New Girl and Trench Coat Nick

10 Dec

Continuing TV Ate My Wardrobe’s “Best of 2013″ costuming series and rather than doing a straightforward countdown we’re going to do a variety of posts that look at which costumes and shows have made a huge impact this year. From items that we want in our own wardrobe to pieces that got everyone talking, we want to look at this year’s TV through the prism of costume.

Back in January, New Girl took a giant step with their “will they/they won’t they” couple and in the episode “Cooler” ALL THE THINGS HAPPENED.

NG_Ep215_sc22_1325Nick spent the majority of the episode wearing a trench coat, a trench coat that was delivered to their apartment by mistake and one that also happens to be a women’s coat.* Nick doesn’t take it off for the majority of the episode and he’s given plenty of opportunity to do so, as it’s probably the reason they got kicked out of a club and they later play a game of True American Clinton (strip) rules. Nick keeps reinforcing the idea that the coat gives him confidence and this is why he won’t take it off. Trench coats have several different connotations from London Fog type gentleman, spies and of course flashing dirty pervs. For Nick it embodies the first two, even if during True American he might end up looking like the latter.


What the coat ends up doing is it acts as a barrier between Nick and Jess; Nick claims it gave Trench Coat Nick guts, instead rather than kissing Jess as part of a game he chose to exit the room via the window instead of the door. This year one TV Ate My Wardrobe’s most popular pieces has been “The Worthiness of Nick Miller” and this episode backs up the long running notion that Nick has very little belief in himself and his current relationship with Jess is helping him evolve and change into someone who is gaining confidence.

Now I’ve jumped ahead to where the story is in December 2013; back at the start of the year Jess was dating Sam and Nick had just been dumped by Angie after their trip to the cabin. When Nick takes off the trench coat, he takes a leap and delivers one of the most incredible kisses I’ve seen on screen.

Nick and JessIt was one of those moments that you can still best describe as ‘water-cooler TV’ even if the location is social media and not work; it sent my Twitter feed and email inbox into a flurry of excitement. Even 11 months later, rewatching this scene gives me all of the feels as Nick leaps instead of retreating like he would have done in the past. When they are sat behind ‘the iron curtain’ with their kiss challenge Nick doesn’t want to do it “like this” and the tension that has been building for an season and half feels like it could burst.

In the original version of the episode there isn’t even a kiss and it only got added after the table read. The writing process on New Girl sounds rather organic and they will write extra material if it looks like the episode needs it. It’s also a testament to Jake Johnson and Zooey Deschanel as their natural on screen chemistry had the audience clamoring for them to become more than just roomfriends.

Regardless of how you feel about Nick and Jess as a couple in season 3, “Cooler” took a bold leap and stuck the landing. “Will they/won’t they” relationships in sitcoms come with a huge amount of expectation and baggage and like Nick, New Girl ditched the trench coat of protection and made the first big move.

*True story – a male friend of mine is convinced that Liz Meriwether has incepted his life as there are many similarities between him and ol’ Nick Miller – for a period of time he wore a black belted women’s coat and it did look fabulous on him.

Happy TV New Year and Turning Another Year Older

3 Sep

September feels like the start of a new year and for TV it is as the fall season is about to begin. September is the month that I associate with new beginnings – it was always when the academic year started and even though my post-grad finished several years ago I’m still very much in that mindset. Do you know how much I want to go out and get new stationary even though I don’t need it?! Fashion is another industry that holds this month in high regard as the September issue of magazines marks the biggest publication of the year (yes they hit newsstands in August, but there’s no mention of that summer month in the title)  and New York Fashion Week kicks off on Thursday.

The photos dotted throughout are the characters who I often ask “What Would ______ Do?” This selection of inspiring female characters will provide life lessons, fix things, teach me how to wear white without spilling, organize Galentine’s Day, support me with my cheese habit and show me how to wear ’90s fashion all over again.

Leslie Knope

There’s a personal reason why September always feels like the perfect time to reassess and look to the new as it also happens to be when my birthday is (yeah I’m making this all about me). It’s time to finally accept that I am no longer a twentysomething and that I am too old to be a Millennial and too young to be Gen X; where are all the think pieces about the generation in the middle and how we ruined everything? I want my Time magazine cover.


While I’m experiencing the standard apprehension about where I am and what I am doing I also wanted to take the moment to write this perhaps overly emotive post (hey it’s the internet what else am I meant to do?) to see that I am actually doing fine.

Tami Taylor and wine[Source]

TV Ate My Wardrobe has been in existence in this form for almost 5 months and when I started it I had some idea of what I wanted it to be – a place to talk about TV, costuming and fashion. There are so many incredible outlets that feature terrific writing about TV and it’s such a competitive market it can be tough to break through and carve a corner of one’s own. While I still have far to go before I can hail this venture a success, it’s been a personal triumph as my confidence has grown. Of course there are days when I think it’s all pointless but then a new idea will strike and it all seems worth it again. Or I’ll find out that one of my Scandal costuming picks is actually something that has been used in the forthcoming season (*spoiler* it’s the white Burberry trench).

MSCL ep7 The Smile

A lot of thanks has to be given to the many new friends I have made in the TV and writing community on Twitter and for the opportunities this has given me. Without This Was TV I wouldn’t be able to relive my sometimes embarrassing teen years while talking about My So-Called Life and Freaks and Geeks. This is soon to include the sometimes awkward university years as Julie Hammerle and I will be moving onto Felicity later this month. It turns out conversation pieces are a lot of fun and here I will be continuing the Summer Rewind project (even if it’s pretty much autumn) with Kerensa Cadenas and we will be joined by Julie to talk all things Scandal before the new season begins.  

Olivia PopeWarning this is where I get even more sentimental as I want to say thanks to everyone who has been reading; whether it is one article or if you visit on a regular basis it has made this experience more worthwhile. There is one person who encourages me on a daily basis even when I starting doubting the words I write and they get a huge thank you and this support means everything.

For the final word I will leave you with Nick Miller and I can’t wait to start writing about New Girl again when the new season returns. Here he is with a notion that I am going to try and listen to as I turn another year older.


New Girl Star Jake Johnson Talks Emmys and Drinking Buddies

21 Jun

Following on from Max Greenfield’s Gold Derby chat, co-star Jake Johnson also sat down with the awards prediction hub to talk New Girl, recent plaudits and the success he has had over the last two years. Here at TV at My Wardrobe we are all aboard the Emmy nomination train for Jake Johnson because he’s been New Girl’s MVP this season.


Jake Johnson has submitted in the lead category and this was originally a suggestion by Max Greenfield, while they joke that Greenfield was just removing the competition it’s actually a smart move thanks to the Nick/Jess focus of the latter half of the season. Johnson has been nominated already for the Critics’ Choice Awards and the forthcoming TCA’s. Johnson is quick to praise creator Liz Meriwether, the writers and his co-stars; the ensemble is an important factor but he would like Meriwether to get some solo recognition as “she’s really the engine behind it.”

As with Max Greenfield they discuss what episode Johnson might submit if he does get nominated. Episodes that get mentioned include “Chicago,” “Cooler” and the first Tran episode (“Menzies”). Gold Derby editor Chris Beachum gives Johnson some advice saying that “Chicago” might be too emotional as an Emmy submission episode and that broader comedic performances tend to be what Emmy voters have previously gone for. If this is the case then “Pepperwood” would be a suitable choice, though I am partial to “Cooler” for obvious reasons.

The trailer for Jake Johnson’s new movie Drinking Buddies was released yesterday and he mentions this in the Gold Derby interview. It’s a project that Johnson says that he is very proud of and hopes that it gets the same traction as Safety Not Guaranteed. The film also stars Olivia Wilde, Ron Livingston and Anna Kendrick and is heavily improvised (plus they’re really drinking beer). Plus Johnson is sporting a rather amazing beard the likes of which we’ve only previously seen on New Girl in his Caroline post-break up video. Really, it looks incredible.

Watch both the interview with Gold Derby editor Chris Beachum and the trailer for Drinking Buddies below.

New Girl and the Worthiness of Nick Miller

8 May

New Girl tackled the morning after with the confidence that we have seen all year, confidence that Nick Miller is not in possession of by the end of the episode. Last season it was all about Schmidt, season 2 has been about the evolution of Nick but can he get out of his head for long enough to realize that he isn’t the ‘no ambition screw up’ that he fears that he is?

On Twitter last night New Yorker’s TV critic Emily Nussbaum asked “I need people to explain why Nick’s a colossal fuckup. He’s great in bed. He’s funny. He seems like a decent fellow. What am I missing?” This is the inspiration for this piece as I try to examine why Nick is considered to be this way in both his eyes and those around him.


The moment when we really started to learn who Nick Miller is, beyond the law school quitting, grouchy bar tender was in last season’s excellent episode “Injured” that dealt with his cancer scare. In this episode a drugged up Nick revealed the core of why he doesn’t go for things telling Jess “I can’t just jump into something if I don’t know what’s going to happen, I never have been that guy. I’m the guy that if I don’t know what’s going to happen I don’t do it. Ever. I don’t care how bad I want to do it. I don’t do it.” By the end of this episode Nick acknowledges that this isn’t the way to live and he has to start doing things; Nick has been doing this all year a little bit at a time. The Kiss in “Cooler” was the starting point for Nick doing this and last week’s grand elevator moment continued this un-Nick like approach of going for things without thinking about the “What next?”

It’s the “What’s next?” that doesn’t really happen in last night’s episode as New Girl threw up many obstacles to stop Nick and Jess from having this all important chat and as it’s the finale next week that conversation is definitely coming. Nick spent the day with Jess’ dad Bob (the wonderful Rob Reiner) and after he’d shared such a good day of beer, sandwiches and talking about Yolanda Winston, Nick felt like he had Bob’s approval and revealed that Yolanda is actually Jess. Bob’s instant switcheroo from loving Nick to wanting him away from his daughter is the kind of moment that will stay with Nick; even he denies that Bob’s disapproval has got to him. Nick worried that he is like his own father and when Bob tells him that no, Nick is like him this has just the same impact of making Nick feel unworthy.

Nick isn’t his father though and he isn’t Bob either, even if they have some similar qualities and this feels like Bob imprinting his own failures onto Nick. They showed a different side of Nick when he went home to Chicago; there he is the responsible one who held his family together. He also finished his zombie novel (“Z is for Zombie”) even if it is terrible and contains a word search with no words. Nick is still trying to figure out how to define himself when it comes to his career, law school wasn’t for him and while he might not be the next Ernest Hemingway it’s not a lack of ambition that has him working at the bar. Jake Johnson does a great job of conveying all of Nick’s fears about his life plan (or lack thereof) and it would be a fantastic reflection of his work this season if he gets an Emmy nomination (and sensibly he’s submitted himself in the non-Modern Family crowded Lead Actor category this year).

Nick and Jess

One reason why Nick and Jess are a really great match — other than their chemistry of course — is because they started as friends first. They know what the other fears and have been there for each other when things aren’t going so well. At the start of the season Jess was made redundant from a job that she felt defined her, Nick told her that “Life sucks and then it gets better and then it sucks again and then it just sucks.” Not the most upbeat of advice but what he’s telling her is that she will be fine. In last night’s episode Jess gets an interview to teach children again, or rather she has to sub a class of unruly kids and it looks like Jess will be back in a similar job to the one she had last season.

Jess echoes what Nick said back in that first episode of season 2 by announcing to the kids how the day started out so well but this has quickly changed as “Life’s messy. It kicks you in the ass.” It’s the follow up part that is important as she tells them that the “messy parts are the best parts.” While she doesn’t really get to talk to Nick properly about their situation, what she says to a temporarily bearded Cece (who understandably doesn’t care about Jess’ Nick drama in that moment) is worth noting “I think it might be the start of something really amazing. I don’t want to get my hopes up, it could be something, it could not be something.” The uncertainty about what this could be is what is fuelling both the fear and the desire and it’s Nick’s own insecurities about who he is that magnifies these worries.

One thing that Nick does get to do is give Jess the breakfast he had made her in the morning (grapefruit, pie, eggs), but they are once again interrupted before they can talk things out. One thing is clear, Nick is worthy of Jess he just has to believe that he is.

Out of the Box: Look of the Week

12 Apr

This is a new feature where I pick some of my favourite looks from this week of television. There isn’t a set list of requirements when it comes to picking a winner; it might be because I appreciate how a characters costuming reflects a storyline or simply down to how striking it is. This week’s inaugural picks are for a variety of reasons and the winner is a character whose costuming I admire on a weekly basis (if you’ve ever read my Twitter feed when I’m watching Parks and Recreation this will be very clear).

Winner: April Ludgate in Parks and Recreation “Animal Control”

April look of the weekApril Ludgate is still the dry, sardonic character that we met at the start of Parks and Recreation but it would be boring if this was all she is and this character has come far since her intern days. April prefers animals to people (“I hate people”) and so the decision to utilize this into her career progression is a smart move as we still get to see the April who gives Jamm a threat to “train a crow to fly up your butt.” The eye rolls are still there, but they have a clear purpose now. April’s clothes have also undertaken change as we have been seeing more shirts and skirt combos this season; they’re still not the pantsuits that Leslie favours (“I don’t know who Ann Taylor is but I hate her and want to kill her”). My favourite mustard hoodie still makes regular appearances and April is on the more casual end of office wear; but her evolution in terms of costuming and April’s importance to the success of their department is enough to warm the heart of even a “dark tortured genius.”

Runner Up: Nick Miller in New Girl “Bachelorette Party”

NG_ep221_sc1_0613Nick decided to his dead dad pass on New Girl this week which meant that he spent the entire episode in this wonderful orange tracksuit that belonged to his recently deceased father. Schmidt said he looked like a “homeless pencil” but that was not enough to deter him from wearing it. This is the guy who spent a whole episode wearing a woman’s coat. It might not be as alluring as his suit from last week, but he still somehow manages to pull it off.

Runner Up: Stan Rizzo in Mad Men “The Doorway”

Stan's beardOne of the most stylish shows on TV returned this week so it would be remiss to not mention Mad Men and particularly Stan and his new amazing beard. Stan has competition on the facial hair front (Ginsberg and Abe have moustaches, Harry and Pete have sideburns) but nothing beats this grizzly look. Stan is as far removed from his predecessor Sal in terms of styling as you can imagine (we still miss you Sal).

Who would you choose as your look of the week?


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