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Out of the Box: Look of the Week

24 May

As a lot of the shows have ended for the season and the summer ones are yet to begin this edition of “Look of the Week” will include a variety of appearances including Mad Men (standard), a late night talk show and a music video. There are no real rules to this weekly feature and as always it is a snapshot of what I have been watching (and looking at online) and each pick is for a variety of reasons including; what it adds to the storyline, what it tells us about the characters involved or simply because it looks good.

Winner: Stan Rizzo on Mad Men “The Crash”

MM_608_JA_0212_0554This is the second time that Stan has featured on this list (and I’d include him every week if I could) and it’s partly because of his fantastic beard (for all your Stan beard needs check out this wonderful Tumblr). Mad Men was pretty divisive this week as half of the office received an “energy boosting” injection from a doctor and it resulted in the most overt drug episode that this show has done so far. Stan is pretty much always on drugs and he revealed why his uptake has increased this season – his cousin who we met at Don’s birthday party last season was killed in Vietnam. Stan also featured in some moments of levity, including the race above (and he’s looking pretty athletic leaping over the table) and his attempt at becoming William Tell (or most likely a nod to this Esquire cover).

It led to his encounter with Peggy (Mad Men isn’t necessarily a shipping show but I’m all about these two getting together). Stan didn’t hook up with Peggy as she told him not to use sex and drugs to mask the pain, advice he didn’t take. Peggy told Stan that “You’re lucky I don’t like beards” and I’m pretty sure half the audience (myself included) yelled at their screen. Their conversation ends flirtatiously with Stan telling Peggy that she has “a great ass” and a thousand fanfics were created from this moment (coming soon to a Kindle near you?).

Runner Up: Elisabeth Moss on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Moss and FallonYou can tell that Mad Men has just finished shooting because Elisabeth Moss has ditched both her Peggy Olson brunette color and length, opting for a short and choppy blonde look instead. It’s a drastic change, but it really suits Moss and I’m sure it is a welcome relief after filming a season of Mad Men. Moss had it cut backstage before her appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday and as I mentioned last week I am a fan of chopping all your hair off (as Mindy did in the season finale) and it instantly changes your appearance. Peggy is a character who dresses from a functional point of view, we’ll never see her in the more fashion forward pieces that Megan wears and she is often dressing as someone who needs to show she has authority in the office. This is a complete shift for Moss and it instantly makes her look more vibrant and youthful than the character we see her play.

Runner Up: Zooey Deschanel in the She & Him video “I Could’ve Been Your Girl”

She & Him videoI wrote about this Zooey Deschanel directed She & Him video earlier this week and the 60s inspired styling. The reason why I wanted to talk about it again is thanks to Deschanel’s footwear. Yellow is very much on trend this season and my favourite pair of yellow flats (that feature on my Twitter background) are about to fall apart as I’ve worn them so much, I’m basically going to be on the lookout for the perfect pair and these ones fit the bill. They work well with the hot pink dress/blue petticoat ensemble and the theme of the video. It counters the bored looking Deschanel who is in black and white stripes at the end of the video. This video and styling will draw equal amounts of eye rolls and praise depending on how you feel about Deschanel. No need to ask which camp I fall into.

Who would be your look of the week?

Out of the Box: Look of the Week

12 Apr

This is a new feature where I pick some of my favourite looks from this week of television. There isn’t a set list of requirements when it comes to picking a winner; it might be because I appreciate how a characters costuming reflects a storyline or simply down to how striking it is. This week’s inaugural picks are for a variety of reasons and the winner is a character whose costuming I admire on a weekly basis (if you’ve ever read my Twitter feed when I’m watching Parks and Recreation this will be very clear).

Winner: April Ludgate in Parks and Recreation “Animal Control”

April look of the weekApril Ludgate is still the dry, sardonic character that we met at the start of Parks and Recreation but it would be boring if this was all she is and this character has come far since her intern days. April prefers animals to people (“I hate people”) and so the decision to utilize this into her career progression is a smart move as we still get to see the April who gives Jamm a threat to “train a crow to fly up your butt.” The eye rolls are still there, but they have a clear purpose now. April’s clothes have also undertaken change as we have been seeing more shirts and skirt combos this season; they’re still not the pantsuits that Leslie favours (“I don’t know who Ann Taylor is but I hate her and want to kill her”). My favourite mustard hoodie still makes regular appearances and April is on the more casual end of office wear; but her evolution in terms of costuming and April’s importance to the success of their department is enough to warm the heart of even a “dark tortured genius.”

Runner Up: Nick Miller in New Girl “Bachelorette Party”

NG_ep221_sc1_0613Nick decided to his dead dad pass on New Girl this week which meant that he spent the entire episode in this wonderful orange tracksuit that belonged to his recently deceased father. Schmidt said he looked like a “homeless pencil” but that was not enough to deter him from wearing it. This is the guy who spent a whole episode wearing a woman’s coat. It might not be as alluring as his suit from last week, but he still somehow manages to pull it off.

Runner Up: Stan Rizzo in Mad Men “The Doorway”

Stan's beardOne of the most stylish shows on TV returned this week so it would be remiss to not mention Mad Men and particularly Stan and his new amazing beard. Stan has competition on the facial hair front (Ginsberg and Abe have moustaches, Harry and Pete have sideburns) but nothing beats this grizzly look. Stan is as far removed from his predecessor Sal in terms of styling as you can imagine (we still miss you Sal).

Who would you choose as your look of the week?


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