Tatiana Maslany Covers Flare and a New Orphan Black Season 3 Promo

3 Mar

The lack of Emmy nomination caused outrage, but not every awards body is making the same mistake and on Sunday Tatiana Maslany won Best TV Actress in a Drama at the Canadian Screen Awards for her portrayal of all the clones on Orphan Black. The show returns next month and this means more Maslany as every clone ever (okay not quite every clone ever and in season 3 she will share the clone load with Ari Millen). Magazine covers and promos with a heap of new footage ahoy!

Maslany is on the cover of Flare and as with recent runway shows there is a 70s theme going on; with Maslany as their face for the April issue they have produced 3 different covers each depicting a look from this era and this amount of outfit/hair switch-ups is probably what Maslany calls every day of the week.

Tatiana Maslany FlareAnd here is a look best suited to a Runaways gig:

Flare Tatiana MaslanyInside the issue Maslany discusses one bonus of playing multiple and extremely varied parts all on the same show “I never want to be one thing. As an actor, I never want to be the girl who was that. Which is why Orphan Black is so exciting. I’m never going to be typecast because I get to play all of these different characters.”

And here is a shot from the editorial that ditches the 70s theme and instead looks like a throwback to 90s Calvin Klein ads and now I really want to see a huge CK billboard with Maslany’s face on it.

Tatiana MaslanyThe way Orphan Black examines body horror and so many different types of women (all played by mostly one woman) is one of its major strengths and when Maslany is asked about Strong Female Characters she bristles at this terminology because of how narrow it is “I think the scripts for strong women have been warped into this idea of strong women as unemotional, in power suits—a kind of men. Or they acquire masculine qualities in order to mask the feminine qualities.” Instead she gives an insight into what her dream kind of role would be citing John Cassavetes’ A Woman Under the Influence starring Gena Rowlands:

“She [Gena Rowlands’ character Mabel] is so unwilling to be defined by her gender. She’s ugly, funny, weird, vulnerable, very needy. She goes everywhere with no fear. I find fearlessness—which doesn’t mean not being scared; it’s like you’re scared, but you still go—those are the characters I’m interested in. I think strength is being able to reveal the grossest sides of yourself without apology and without a wink to the audience or fear of being ugly. That, to me, is strength.”

Between the multiple parts she plays on Orphan Black we have seen Maslany embody all of these things and it is testament to her work that I still forget she is playing all of these various characters. Speaking of which, here is the new season 3 promo and the shit continues to hit the clone fan. Instant feels at Sarah getting super mad at Mrs S for what has happened to her sister Helena.

Orphan Black returns Saturday, April 18 and for more from Tatiana Maslany’s Flare cover story head here.

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  1. Out of the Box: Look of the Week | TV Ate My Wardrobe - April 10, 2015

    […] Not the first time I have swooned (nor will it be the last) at how she talks about the multiple roles she plays on Orphan Black and what it means to be a Strong Female Character (and why this terminology is outdated). Maslany also discusses whether the show is a feminist piece and while she doesn’t thing that’s how it begun life she believes that it is now adding “Women aren’t often the default in movies, TV, media—there’s often very limited space for them. But it’s exciting to mine these stories and see a show that puts women at the center of it.” […]

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