Out of the Box: Look of the Week Best of 2013

27 Dec

It’s the final Friday of 2013 and so we’re bringing you a special end of year “Out of the Box.” This was the first article to run on TV Ate My Wardrobe and it’s been a regular weekly column ever since. Costuming, red carpet appearances, street style and magazine shoots have all featured heavily and we went back through the 36 weeks it has been running to see what shows and faces have appeared the most. The only stipulation is that it had to feature as part of this column and so while there have been many exceptional outfits on TV Ate My Wardrobe if it wasn’t part of “Out of the Box” it hasn’t been included.

The categories we are looking at are most featured show, character, person and favorite individual outfit. There’s also a special mention to the only week where a piece of set was included.

MM_605_MY_1219_0624Show: Mad Men 

Mad Men hasn’t been lavished with as much praise in 2013 as it has in previous years, but one aspect that has remained consistently excellent is the costume design work from Janie Bryant. There are many photos I could have chosen including Peggy’s pantsuit of power (thanks Tom & Lorenzo for that name), Bob Benson’s shortsStan’s beard and Sally in plaid. Instead I have gone for this one from “The Flood” with Peggy and Megan in their award show frocks. Both are incredibly striking and Megan’s is very I Dream of Jeannie; as we head towards the ’70s things are getting bolder in fabric and color and even though there’s a clash in pattern between the pair there is warmth between these two characters. This scene takes place just before they find out that Martin Luther King, Jr. has been assassinated and it shows the how far removed these characters are from the civil rights movement.

Parks and Recreation - Season 6 Character: April Ludgate, Parks and Recreation

April Ludgate (Aubrey Plaza) from Parks and Recreation appeared on the inaugural “Out of the Box” and many weeks since. With April her costuming is colorful and features a variety of patterns and the occasional animal; it’s mostly casual wear and unlike a character like Olivia Pope it’s a wardrobe that can be recreated with affordable clothes. I’m still on the hunt for the elusive perfect mustard yellow hoodie like the one in the shot above from the season 6 premiere. 2014 will be my year to find one.

Hannibal bathroomSet: Hannibal “Sorbet”

The costuming on Hannibal has been much talked about here at TV Ate My Wardrobe; it’s also the only set design that has appeared on “Out of the Box.” When I wrote the original post I had yet to see The Shining and I am happy to say that this is no longer the case (I watched it after having a wisdom tooth out which was a tad surreal). This exquisite set is an homage to the bathroom in Room 237 in Stanley Kubrick’s The ShiningHannibal is one of the most visually arresting shows of 2013 and it’s why it deserves this special mention.

Kerry Washington FlarePerson: Kerry Washington

This has been the year of Kerry Washington as she has dominated Scandal, magazine covers and best dressed lists; she is also the person who has featured the most on “Out of the Box.” Flare is one of the many magazines Washington covered this year (ElleEssenceVariety, Vanity Fair and Glamour are some of the others) and this is my favorite cover shot. The polka dot Miu Miu coat and scarf have been everywhere this year and for me it is most memorable on Kerry Washington. Versatile style is something Washington has and she’s daring with her choices on the red carpet. While you can pretty much predict what some people will wear every time they hit an event, with Kerry Washington you can never been sure and it’s one of the many reasons why we love to write about her.

ABC TCA Summer 2013 PartyFavorite Individual Outfit: Darby Stanchfield at the ABC Disney TCA Party

There are many incredible outfits that have appeared on these pages and so it was tough to highlight just one; I’m going to stick to the Scandal track and go with Darby Stanchfield from an event back in August. This was before we got to see Abby’s season 3 transformation and so the wavy, wilder looking hair was a big departure from the poker straight style we were used to seeing on Stanchfield and so she instantly caught our attention. Stanchfield takes the prize of favorite individual outfit in a jacquard floral-print pleated skirt by Alexa von Canisius that cinches in at the waist and the green metallic tone complements her raven locks.

To look through all of the “Out of the Box” archives head here.

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