Out of the Box: Look of the Week

28 Jun

One of the shows that has featured on almost every “Look of the Week” is Mad Men and this edition is going to be a Mad Men special; celebrating some of the best costumes from the season 6 finale “In Care Of.” The costuming on Mad Men has always been exceptional and Janie Bryant’s work this season continues this tradition as picking an era appropriate outfit isn’t the endgame and clothes can help define a character. They can also help shape the conversation as we saw when Megan wore a t-shirt that had also been worn by Sharon Tate and the floodgates of conspiracy theories were opened.

Winner: Peggy Olson 

Peggy Power PantsuitIt was a tossup between this and Peggy’s cleavage enhancing mini dress and Channel No.5 combo; ultimately the Pantsuit of Power (thanks Tom & Lorenzo for that excellent name) felt like the Peggy Olson we have been waiting for. Both the seduction dress and this pantsuit are outside of Peggy’s usual costuming wheelhouse and she has definitely matured this season as she has progressed in her job and grappled with a complicated romantic entanglement. Peggy ends the year working in Don’s office and she looks incredibly comfortable in this environment; this is the first time we have seen Peggy rocking a pantsuit at work. Ted has shown that he isn’t exactly the great guy she has been telling Don he is, but I hope that season 7 is going to be the year Peggy shows what a dominating force she can be. This Pantsuit of Power is just the start.

Runner Up: Stan Rizzo 

Stan Mad MenOne of the stars of this season has been Stan Rizzo and his beard (this photo is courtesy of the Fuck Yeah Stan’s Beard Tumblr) and Stan turned up to work in his best suit and well cared for facial hair to present an idea to Don. That idea was to open a small office in California while dealing with Sunkist and Stan would run it; Don said no thank you and then stole the idea for himself. Poor Stan. It doesn’t end there and the California office became the beacon of hope for all cowardly men (ok just Ted). Stan isn’t going to California and so hopefully he will still be around next season to join Peggy and show everyone else how to get things done.

Runner Up: The Draper Family

MM_613_JT_0416_191It’s not every day that your father takes you to the house he grew up in so be sure to wear your Thanksgiving best, oh right your father grew up in a whorehouse. Despite Sally’s recent rebellion and being thrust into an adult situation thanks to witnessing her father’s indiscretion, she’s still dressing like a young girl. I’m expecting that to change next season and Sally will start wearing more daring outfits that we’ve only really seen on Megan, or she’ll look like the 1960s version of Blair Waldorf. Bobby’s jacket reminds me of Henry Jennings’ rainbow coat in The Americans and is something I would wear if it came in an adult size. Gene looks as adorable as ever – will he finally get the chance to speak next season? Don looks as he always does but he’s finally revealed another piece of his past to his children.

Runner Up: Bob Benson 

Bob Benson Pinny Mad MenOne of the highlights of this season has been the mystery of Bob Benson and while his motivations are still relatively unclear he does know how to rock a mini Thanksgiving themed apron (it’s almost as good as the short shorts). One thing we do know is Bob is willing to humiliate the man he claimed he loved to save his job and he’s also not going to listen to Roger; he’ll hangout with Joan all that he wants to. The addition of James Wolk to the cast has been wonderful (and not just because of that charming smile) and hopefully his new show on CBS won’t stop Bob Benson returning next season.

What was your favorite Mad Men look in the season finale?

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