How TV Ate My Wardrobe: Holiday Edition

26 Dec

TV Ate My Wardrobe is all about clothes on TV; from discussions about costuming to how different shows influence trends and my own style. In a special holiday edition I will be turning the spotlight on myself (*shudder*) and will show some of the lovely clothing gifts I received that may or may not be (ok they definitely were) influenced by some of the shows I watch and frequently discuss on this site.

*Disclaimer it’s hard to make any clothes look particularly cool while standing in the small hallway of my apartment, but here I go. As you can tell I’m not the most comfortable, Top Model I am not.

photo (6)Starting with the outerwear and I am so delighted to get a Cosima-esque red funnel neck coat. This is my first ever red coat and I’m in love. These past few months have featured many coat coveting post and one like Cosima’s was top of the list.

photo (5)All things tooth – hound, dog or puppy – have also been a big TV Ate My Wardrobe feature (mainly with Olivia Pope) and this beautiful scarf was given to me by an actual puppy. No really, he went to the store to buy it… Or so I am told.

photo (7)Sweaters! And a Peter Pan collar! Masters of Sex has been one of the most discussed shows on here and the weekly costume chat has me leaning towards the 50s for inspiration. Another instant hit.

photo (8)As the banner reads, we rock a lot of polka dots and here’s the evidence.

photo (4)Followed by even more (and me attempting to do my best hand on hip pose and looking awkward in the process). I’ve been after a pair of Jessica Day pajamas since season 1 and I’m very pleased to finally own a pair. I’ve definitely been very lucky this year and the lovely gentleman in my life has picked out some excellent items (most that I hadn’t even seen in the shops before).

What TV inspired items of clothes or household items did you get?

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