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Out of the Box: Look of the Week

15 Aug

Movie premieres featuring TV husband and wife adorableness, street style, talk show appearances, a sneak peek at new web series and a HFPA event are all included in this edition of “Out of the Box.” Alas there is nothing from the Teen Choice Awards, but the sea of crop tops was kind of uninspiring and even Taylor Swift has been wearing better outfits when leaving the gym (and on The Tonight Show as you will see below).

Aubrey and ChrisOne thing that is always guaranteed to warm my heart is when cast members show their support for their co-stars other projects. Chris Pratt has of course had a huge week with the monstrous success of Guardians of the Galaxy so he is forgiven for ditching tailored suits – I think I like this rugged style better on him anyway – for a more relaxed look at the LA premiere of Aubrey Plaza’s Life After Beth. Plaza has been making some interesting red carpet choices recently and this floral lace Valentino frock is another one I love as both Plaza and her character April Ludgate continue to reign supreme here at TV Ate My Wardrobe.

Kate MaraThe color and cut of Kate Mara’s dress is pretty much my ideal (yellow is an ultimate clothing weakness). Paired with shades, a Coach bag, white Jil Sander buckled loafers and an iced drink makes effortless summer in the city styling.

taylor swiftTaylor Swift has turned leaving the gym into something of a catwalk and she delivered when visiting The Tonight Show earlier this week in a Bec & Bridge dress that is giving me all the long legged envy. Also the ability to walk in super stacked Prada sandals without stumbling/falling into an embarrassing heap. Still not sure about the shaggy, voluminous hair as it’s looking a touch bad ’80s, however the dash of pink lip color avoids being too matchy matchy with the similar shade on the dress. Jimmy continues the trend for striking purple ties this week.

It was announced earlier this week on Buzzfeed that the Veronica Mars team are coming back with a web series and creator Rob Thomas explains it “will have more in common with Party Down tonally, but it will be about Ryan Hansen, or at least a version of Ryan Hansen, deciding to capitalize on the current Veronica Mars heat to get his own series on the air.” This is terrific news as I need to find something to fill the Party Down hole in my life; Ryan Hansen shared a sneak look at what we can maybe expect from this show on his Instagram and it is glorious.

Kerry Washigton and Kristen BellOh hey, Veronica Mars! Kristen Bell with a lovely bouquet of flowers and a rather fetching companion at the HFPA Grants Banquet in LA. Kerry Washington’s strapless Mary Katrantzou floral number is sweet without entering saccharine territory; pairing it with pumps that have colorful edge makes me so happy. No beige shoes here.

Out of the Box: Look of the Week

26 Jul

Comic-Con might be over and while Out of the Box covered the all important X-Files reunion from last Thursday’s panel, there are plenty of style moments from the weekend that deserve a place on this list. This week is an all Comic-Con edition and includes flower crowns, Team t-shirts and the perfect casual but stylish Comic-Con panel attire. 

Winner: Hugh Dancy and Bryan Fuller at the Hannibal Nerd HQ Panel

Hugh Dancy Flower Crown Bryan Fuller Flower CrownIf you spend any time on Tumblr in the Hannibal tag then you have probably seen the flower crown meme; basically it’s photoshopping a flower crown onto a Hannibal character (it’s not limited to the Hannibal fandom but it’s prevalence is clear to see). At Comic-Con last weekend many Hannibal fans donned the flower crown and at the main panel showrunner Bryan Fuller was given one and proudly wore it. This continued at the Nerd HQ fan Q&A where Hugh Dancy and Fuller were given crowns and both were game to wear the head piece; they look delightful.

Hannibal is the first Bryan Fuller show that I have watched (though I very recently finished watching Wonderfalls) and it is clear why he is beloved by the viewers of his shows, as he not only acknowledges the quirks but takes part (this includes referring to the stag as “Swiggity Swag the Nightmare Stag”). Hannibal doesn’t have a huge audience but the one it does have is passionate and this can help a shows survival when it lives on the bubble (sometimes it doesn’t matter as to whether a show lives or dies, as Fuller can testify). It’s through Twitter and at events like Comic-Con that showrunners and cast members can share moments and this flower crown incident is indicative of that. 

Runner Up: Yvonne Strahovski at the I, Frankenstein Panel

Yvonne Strahovski Comic Con

Mixing patterns can go horribly wrong but it’s also one of my favorite things to see on the red carpet when it works; Yvonne Strahovski shows how to get power clashing right. Strahovski is a Comic-Con pro by now after several years of attending with Chuck and this year she was on double duty with Dexter and I, Frankenstein. Straddling the line between being casual and stylish for the Comic-Con setting can be hard but Strahovski nails it in this Sportsmax dress and black pumps.

Runner Up: Keri Russell at the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Panel 


Keri Russell’s super cute tweed shorts/white jacket combo is both relaxed and professional looking. While this probably wouldn’t work in your average office (not that Comic-Con is anyone’s average office) it’s something that can easily be recreated for those warm (read humid) summer days that some of us are experiencing at the moment. I’ve got so used to seeing Russell in her Americans 80s attire that it’s good to see her wearing something from the current decade. Even if I miss the wigs.

Runner Up: The Veronica Mars Guys at the Veronica Mars Panel 

Team Veronica Mars Comic ConJason Dohring and Chris Lowell play devil’s advocate with Veronica Mars shippers as they sport the name of their rivals character on their chest at the Veronica Mars panel. Ryan Hansen takes part in the Team t-shirt game but instead of showing preference to a romantic connection he wears his own character’s name with pride (which is perfectly Dick Casablancas). While I am definitely Logan all the way when it comes to Veronica, I have to say that Ryan Hansen wins this team game for me (even if Jason Dohring’s arms are a little distracting in the best possible way, in the above shot).

Veronica Mars Debuts New Footage at Comic-Con

22 Jul

Comic-Con is big business for a range of shows that we cover here at TV Ate My Wardrobe and the one show now turned movie that probably caused the most excitement for this writer is Veronica Mars. The Kickstarter funded project debuted new footage and it doesn’t disappoint (well maybe the amount of Piz disappoints but hey, at least he references Buffy).

My first experience of Veronica Mars was last year and so I’m pretty new to this world and while The X-Files reunionCatching Fire trailer, X-Men: Days of Future Past panel and Hannibal gag reel appear high on my best of Comic-Con list, this Veronica Mars preview tops. Though as a sidebar if someone could put the whole Entertainment Weekly “Women Who Kick Ass” panel online I think it could challenge Veronica Mars for that title.

Veronica Mars Comic Con

The preview includes new footage from the film and interviews with several cast members old and new. Shots of creator Rob Thomas and some of the cast watching the Kickstarter counter increasing reminds us why this film is happening and that it’s the fans that have made this possible. A Party Down reunion is a welcome sight as Ryan Hansen and Martin Starr are interviewed together; I would be very happy to see the pair don pink bow ties and trade insults once again. Oh and that look Logan gives Veronica in the car is enough to reignite the shipper flame (that never really went out). Expect dancing, back flips and wet guys in suits.

Style points are given to all the Team t-shirts (with Dick being the overall winner, because, well it’s Ryan Hansen) and Tina Majorino’s new shorter and voluminous cut gets the biggest nod of the day as she looks fantastic.

Max Greenfield Talks New Girl, Emmys and the Veronica Mars Movie

19 Jun

Max Greenfield recently spoke to Gold Derby editor Daniel Montgomery about Emmy nominations, a mix up with episode submissions last year and whether or not he will be showing up as Deputy Leo on the new Veronica Mars movie that started shooting this week.


Last year Max Greenfield was nominated for his work as Schmidt on New Girl in the Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy category, a category that also featured four Modern Family actors and Bill Hader. This year it is likely to be similarly packed with the Modern Family cast and in a sensible move Jake Johnson has submitted himself for lead actor. While Jake Johnson has been receiving well deserved plaudits this year (including a TCA and Critics’ Choice nomination) and the Schmidt hype has died down a bit, he still delivered a strong and memorable turn in season 2.

In this conversation they talk about a big mix up with last year’s Emmy submission episodes; Zooey Deschanel had chosen “Bad in Bed” and Greenfield “Control,” unfortunately the episodes got switched and voters received “Control” for Deschanel and “Bad in Bed” for Greenfield. There isn’t any resentment for this mistake and Greenfield chalks it up as one of those things that happens. They also discuss what episode Greenfield might submit this year and “Table 34,” “Tinfinity” and “Bathtub” are mentioned by Gold Derby readers. Greenfield likes the Tugg/Tagg Romney episode (“Fluffer”) and if I had to pick I would suggest “Quick Hardening Caulk” where Schmidt is determined to get a lionfish as a surrogate for Cece.

They talk about one of my favorite guest stars of this season – Merritt Wever who played Schmidt’s college girlfriend Elizabeth – and like most of the audience Greenfield wants her back on the show asking an obviously rhetorical question “Isn’t Merritt great?” Yes, yes she is.

It’s a fun conversation and Greenfield is sporting a very un-Schmidt like beard; could this have anything to do with his role of Deputy Leo on Veronica Mars? Greenfield confirms that he will be making an appearance in the new film, but don’t expect a substantial role as he thinks he’s only working on it for a day. Still, this is exciting news and he seems very happy to be part of this reunion.

Watch the whole interview below.

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