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Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Reveals Why We All Need a Mandy Patinkin

28 Nov

As if this wasn’t obvious enough already, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon has given us another reason why we might need our very own Mandy Patinkin. There’s already The Princess Bride factor (a film I hadn’t seen until this year “Inconceivable!”), his musical talent and the all important magnificent Saul beard and now there’s more. That’s right Mandy Patinkin is the Candy Crush Whisperer and seeing as I’m currently stuck on level 140 I could do with some Patinkin in my life. As Claire Danes best put it at the 2012 Emmys “Mandy Patinkin, holla!”

Joking Bad: Jimmy Fallon’s Breaking Bad Parody

12 Sep

Late night TV has had a good week with the reveal that Jimmy Kimmel was behind the Worst Twerk Fail video, but we have a new rival for best moment as Late Night with Jimmy Fallon unveils their Breaking Bad parody “Joking Bad.” As with the previous parodies like “6-bee” (a take on Glee featuring the Parks and Recreation cast) and “Downton Sixbey” it is essentially a love letter to a show that is dominating the conversation.

Jimmy Fallon is pretty spot on with his Walter White’s mannerisms, particularly the hunched posture when he is on the phone. There are also nods to the meth making montages, the roof pizza and how they like to stick the camera on random objects. Cameos from Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Bob Odenkirk, and a twist at the end make this a very fun piece from the Late Night crew.

Out of the Box: Look of the Week

24 May

As a lot of the shows have ended for the season and the summer ones are yet to begin this edition of “Look of the Week” will include a variety of appearances including Mad Men (standard), a late night talk show and a music video. There are no real rules to this weekly feature and as always it is a snapshot of what I have been watching (and looking at online) and each pick is for a variety of reasons including; what it adds to the storyline, what it tells us about the characters involved or simply because it looks good.

Winner: Stan Rizzo on Mad Men “The Crash”

MM_608_JA_0212_0554This is the second time that Stan has featured on this list (and I’d include him every week if I could) and it’s partly because of his fantastic beard (for all your Stan beard needs check out this wonderful Tumblr). Mad Men was pretty divisive this week as half of the office received an “energy boosting” injection from a doctor and it resulted in the most overt drug episode that this show has done so far. Stan is pretty much always on drugs and he revealed why his uptake has increased this season – his cousin who we met at Don’s birthday party last season was killed in Vietnam. Stan also featured in some moments of levity, including the race above (and he’s looking pretty athletic leaping over the table) and his attempt at becoming William Tell (or most likely a nod to this Esquire cover).

It led to his encounter with Peggy (Mad Men isn’t necessarily a shipping show but I’m all about these two getting together). Stan didn’t hook up with Peggy as she told him not to use sex and drugs to mask the pain, advice he didn’t take. Peggy told Stan that “You’re lucky I don’t like beards” and I’m pretty sure half the audience (myself included) yelled at their screen. Their conversation ends flirtatiously with Stan telling Peggy that she has “a great ass” and a thousand fanfics were created from this moment (coming soon to a Kindle near you?).

Runner Up: Elisabeth Moss on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Moss and FallonYou can tell that Mad Men has just finished shooting because Elisabeth Moss has ditched both her Peggy Olson brunette color and length, opting for a short and choppy blonde look instead. It’s a drastic change, but it really suits Moss and I’m sure it is a welcome relief after filming a season of Mad Men. Moss had it cut backstage before her appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday and as I mentioned last week I am a fan of chopping all your hair off (as Mindy did in the season finale) and it instantly changes your appearance. Peggy is a character who dresses from a functional point of view, we’ll never see her in the more fashion forward pieces that Megan wears and she is often dressing as someone who needs to show she has authority in the office. This is a complete shift for Moss and it instantly makes her look more vibrant and youthful than the character we see her play.

Runner Up: Zooey Deschanel in the She & Him video “I Could’ve Been Your Girl”

She & Him videoI wrote about this Zooey Deschanel directed She & Him video earlier this week and the 60s inspired styling. The reason why I wanted to talk about it again is thanks to Deschanel’s footwear. Yellow is very much on trend this season and my favourite pair of yellow flats (that feature on my Twitter background) are about to fall apart as I’ve worn them so much, I’m basically going to be on the lookout for the perfect pair and these ones fit the bill. They work well with the hot pink dress/blue petticoat ensemble and the theme of the video. It counters the bored looking Deschanel who is in black and white stripes at the end of the video. This video and styling will draw equal amounts of eye rolls and praise depending on how you feel about Deschanel. No need to ask which camp I fall into.

Who would be your look of the week?

John Krasinski vs. Jimmy Fallon: A Battle of Lip Syncing

8 May

There are just two episodes of The Office left which means that the cast are doing the late-night talk show rounds to promote the show. Last night John Krasinski (sporting a lovely post-Office beard) stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Krasinski introduced the world to lip sync battle; a game that gave both John Krasinski and Jimmy Fallon a chance to show off their best lip sync skills. A range of songs were performed from several genres giving both men the opportunity to try and out emote the other. As with most of the games on Late Night this segment is a lot of fun, especially when you get to the Boyz II Men big finish (involving some clothing removal). There will be swooning.

Amy Poehler is a Fabulous 1930s Cosmo Cover Star

30 Apr

Amy Poehler’s appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon took a fun turn when she recreated the cover of a 1930s issue of Cosmopolitan. Last month on Cosmopolitan’s site they posted the uncanny likeness after they had been digging through their vintage archives. The headlines in the 30s were a lot different to now boasting “2 Complete Short Novels” as opposed to “When Your Vagina Acts Weird After Sex.” How things have changed.

Thanks to some helpful props of a glass of champagne and a super cute hat Poehler demonstrated that she does indeed look like the cover (though she claims it looks more like her grandma). This impression also includes both Poehler and Fallon using old timey voices (my favorite kind) and Poehler suggesting that the hat has magical drunk inducing powers.

The high waisted pencil skirt/red polka dot blouse combination that Amy Poehler is rocking with her shorter hair is a really good look (. The video also includes a clip of this Thursday’s Parks and Recreation season 5 finale.

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