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New Masters of Sex Season 2 Poster: “Their Work is Their Passion”

12 Jun

The Hollywood Reporter exclusively revealed the new key art for season 2 of Masters of Sex and it plays on the intimacy between the leads combined with their revolutionary work. The magazine format plays on the future covers the pair will appear on and the brown paper bag effect signifies the scandalous nature of their research; the reaction when Masters delivered his lecture on this research in the season finale showed just how incendiary it was. There’s a titillating edge to this promo, which makes sense considering the period when Masters of Sex is set and it’s rather refreshing to see Michael Sheen wearing less as Bill Masters than Lizzy Caplan’s Virginia Johnson.

Masters of Sex was one of my favorite new shows last season and I’m thrilled it is getting a summer slot this year as September is always crowded and I’m light on current shows. I will be back with more costume analysis and for season 1 write reviews head hereMasters of Sex returns Sunday, July 13.

Masters of Sex S2

Orphan Black Season 2 Trailer: “There’s Only One of Me”

11 Mar

Orphan Black featured on TV Ate My Wardrobe’s Best of 2013 Series and so any new trailer is going to cause a stir here, especially one with this much new footage. The teaser released in December was pretty much a who’s who of the clones with no new information; this trailer reveals a whole lot more. It’s still incredibly vague and it hints at the wider conspiracy at play with Sarah going up against blonde bobbed Rachel. Rachel is the most recent addition to Tatiana Maslany’s ever expanding character list and she is the one who appears to be near the top of this network. We only met Rachel in the season finale so we don’t know a whole lot about her yet, but don’t worry as Alison and Cosima both feature in this trailer alongside Felix, the latter who is voicing his concerns. Hot Paul also makes an appearance, a new dude Sarah is smooching and Beth’s former partner Detective Bell.

The big question for me is raised at the end; which clone is on the table at the end? Expect answers and more mystery when Orphan Black returns Saturday, April 19 on BBC America.

Hannibal Season 2 Trailer: “You’re not a Suspect. You’re the New Will Graham”

6 Feb

Hannibal showrunner Bryan Fuller asked “who’s ready for seconds?” over on Twitter and my hand pretty much shot up into the air. This new trailer (complete with a somewhat jarring movie style voiceover) expands on the idea that Hannibal is taking over Will’s spot as FBI consultant on the macabre cases. The new promo also features Gillian Anderson’s Dr. du Maurier and it was insinuated last season that she knew more about Hannibal than she was explicitly saying out loud; it looks like she might be one of the only people who isn’t fooled by Hannibal’s charms this season.

Hannibal season 2 groupThe male characters on the show are blinded by Hannibal’s charm and sophistication, sitting at his dinner table and enjoying whatever treats Hannibal has prepared for them (THE FOOD IS PEOPLE). This was the role that Will took on last year, he is now of course very aware of what Hannibal is capable of and he’s going to have a hard time of convincing people otherwise. Dr. Chilton has recovered enough from his non-elective surgery last year to discuss Will over food with Hannibal “He tells everyone that you are a monster.” Hannibal responds mockingly “Well in that case you’re dining with a psychopathic murderer.” It’s all very tongue in cheek (pun maybe sorta intended).

There’s more of the fight sequence that was teased in the first full trailer and seeing Hannibal shift from cool and reserved to cool and dangerous is unnerving and I can’t wait to see this sequence in full. The one person lacking in the trailer is Alana Bloom, though the first trailer revealed that she is part of this confrontation. Alana is very much on Team Will, but she’s also got a very long standing professional and personal relationship with Hannibal so I am intrigued to see what they have in store for her. As long as it’s not an untimely end.

Beauty and horror go hand in hand on Hannibal and the crime scenes are as complex as ever as there’s a brief shot of what appears to be a judge missing the top of his skull, set up to look like the scales of justice. Just because Will is aware of his condition it doesn’t mean there won’t be stag sightings and it’s not just going to be Will in his cell either as you can see from the new promo; there’s the courtroom and his imagination.

I was already beyond excited about season 2 and all the promotional work is raising the anticipation bar even higher. Hannibal returns to NBC Friday, February 28.

First Look at The Americans Season 2

13 Dec

The Americans is one of TV Ate My Wardrobe’s top shows of 2013 and FX has just released the first look at season 2. The teaser reveals the spy show is back February and features a hidden Philip and Elizabeth in a closet with a gun. A fetching purple zip up jacket is the perfect thing to hide behind.

the americans Who is the mystery voice on the phone saying “I didn’t tell them anything?” And is that all going to change when he sees their gun? The silencer and lack of wigs/disguises would suggest that all is not going to end well for this person and even though it’s only a twenty second clip my anticipation for The Americans return has skyrocketed. It might not even be a scene from the show and just a specific promo only clip. Whatever it is, it’s done the job intended and prompts many questions. It’s also pretty hot seeing Philip and Elizabeth in such a confined location.

Earlier this week we showcased the costuming and wig work of season 1, talking about how identity and marriage is just as vital to The Americans as any of their covert missions and season 2 will hopefully bring more of the same, but with less of the on/off status with the Jennings’ relationship.

New “Scandal” Season 3 Poster

20 Aug

The Scandal cast took to Twitter and promised that the season 3 poster would be unveiled if they hit 10,000 combined retweets. This target was hit with ease and Olivia Pope herself, Kerry Washington posted the photo (which you can see below) on Instagram – it’s all about multi-platform social media for this cast.

While the image doesn’t tell us anything new, it does show Olivia Pope looking less defiant and the tagline reveals why as “The Secret is Out.” This works on two levels; her affair with Fitz is now public knowledge and Rowan has been revealed to be Olivia’s father. The first piece of information is something the audience has known since the pilot, whereas the identity of Olivia’s father was the big twist at the end of season 2 – I let out a very big WHAAAAAAT at this reveal. This is a side of Olivia that we haven’t seen before; we are so used to seeing her fixing everyone around her and now she is the one with the huge predicament.

There is a hint of white that is one of the costuming cues for Olivia Pope and this suggests that she isn’t out of this fight and while the image for season 2 featured Fitz, this one is all Olivia.

Scandal Season 3 poster

Scandal returns Thursday, October 3.

Boardwalk Empire Promo: “Only Kings Understand Each Other”

18 Jul

Several attempts to challenge Nucky’s power have been made during the first three seasons of Boardwalk Empire and he will face a new rival when we return to Atlantic City in September. HBO released a teaser last month that showed a glimpse at new character Dr Valentin Narcisse, played by Jeffrey Wright and in this full length promo it is suggests that Narcisse will be the one challenging Nucky for power this season.

The mass shooting that occurred at Gillian’s whorehouse that killed most of Gyp Rosetti’s men remains unsolved in the eyes of the law, but we know very well that it was Richard Harrow who acted alone in this spree. Harrow, Capone and Chalky are three characters that I would like to see more of and while they don’t feature prominently in this promo I would imagine they will all have an important role to play; where their loyalty falls is another question.

Nucky seems to be using the old playground defense of “he started it” as he says “I didn’t ask for trouble. What was brought to my doorstep, I returned.” Considering he had a crate with a body in it (Owen *sob*) delivered, what he returns is not pleasant.

As always there is plenty of glitz, dancing and drinking that goes hand in hand with the violent underbelly of Boardwalk Empire and the one person missing from both this and the first teaser is Margaret; what role will she play when the show returns Sunday, September 8?

Boardwalk Empire Season 4 First Look

10 Jun

It’s more than six months later and I’m still mourning the loss of my favorite Irishman on TV, but it’s time to move on as HBO has released the first teaser promo for season 4 of Boardwalk Empire. New faces including Jeffrey Wright and Ron Livingstone make an appearance and there is a sense of familiarity with the glitz and the glamour alongside the violent underbelly of Prohibition. Richard Harrow features quite prominently much to my delight and Gretchen Mol’s Gillian Darmody looks a lot better than when we left her in heroin induced stupor (the heroin was meant for Gyp Rosetti, who didn’t survive the season). Jeffery Wright is playing Dr.Valentin Narcisse “a philanthropist, student of culture and the man who runs Harlem.” Will he be next the person who goes up against Nucky?

Boardwalk Empire returns to HBO Sunday, September 8.

True Blood Season 6 Teaser Poster

16 May

One thing that is consistent with True Blood is the excellent promo posters that HBO produces. It’s aspects like this that make me forget what a mess the show can be and once again this department has produced another excellent teaser for the new season. Season 5 ended with Bill becoming Lilith (or Billith) after he drank her blood. The new promo poster hints at what Bill has become with the ominous tagline “No One Lives Forever.”

True Blood poster season 6

The action will be picking up where the show left us at the end of season 5; with Sookie and Eric fleeing the Authority Headquarters and Bill. From the preview it is clear that a war between humans and supernatural beings will be the focus of the season and Bill is also a major threat. True Blood has a habit of spinning its wheels as they introduce multiple new characters and storylines. This leaves older characters languishing and so I remain sceptical about this new season. One aspect of the promo that does intrigue me is the role of Jessica and how she will be involved with Bill’s story; do they still have the maker-progeny bond? We don’t see her, but hearing Anna Camp as Sarah Newlin taking part in this crusade against vampires gets my attention. You can count on True Blood when it comes to the steamier scenes and there is a lot shirtless action alongside the ridiculous plot points.

Watch the True Blood season 6 preview below. Are you looking forward to the return of True Blood?

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