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Behind the Insta-Scenes: Photos from the Set

2 Oct

Welcome to Behind the Insta-Scenes! A new feature offering a roundup of the best behind the scenes photos posted on Instagram from a variety of TV show and personal accounts from the people who are on them. This includes sneak peeks from future episodes, what’s airing this week and flashing back to the past. It’s a comedy heavy first edition including The Mindy ProjectParks and Recreation, The Daily Show and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Starting with the woman whose Instagram we have been pouring over all summer for a multitude of reasons – amazing outfits both on screen and off, plus so much Chris Messina – and the one we refer to as the gift that keeps on giving; Mindy Kaling.


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Episode 308: Diary Of A Mad Indian Woman

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First up a shot from episode 8 including its title “Diary of a Mad Indian Woman” and that phone call must be important considering what is also going on in the shot and is being ignored.

A super cute outfit including a strawberry print top, Chanel purse and red booties (coveting these so hard).

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And they waited . . .

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Parks and Recreation is currently shooting its final season so expect plenty of photos from this set. This one is courtesy of Retta and gives me a much needed April Ludgate costuming fix.

More from the Parks and Rec set and Aziz Ansari gifts us this fun looking super swish moment with Retta – the return of Treat Yo’ Self Day?

Lena Dunham is doing the big Not that Kind of Girl book tour at the moment and this includes stopping by The Daily Show and hanging out with former Girls guest star Jessica Williams.

To celebrate the return of Brooklyn Nine-Nine Chelsea Peretti shared this heart filled shot with co-star Stephanie Beatriz. More booties (and slippers) to add to my wish list.




First Look at Shonda Rhimes on The Mindy Project

9 Sep

Last week it was Chris Messina in a tux and now Mindy Kaling is sharing a sneak peek on Instagram of Shonda Rhimes on the set of The Mindy Project. It was announced last month that the Scandal/Grey’s Anatomy creator would be making a cameo as herself in a season 3 episode and photo speculation suggests it will involve a trip to Dartmouth. Rhimes not only went to Dartmouth, but also gave the commencement day speech back in June and Mindy Kaling also went to this school (Kaling also got in on the speech action this summer at Harvard).

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Go Big Green!! #TheMindyProject #dartmouth

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Pete played by Adam Pally on The Mindy Project also went to this school and he is in this photo along with fellow Dartmouth apparel wearing Ed Weeks (Jeremy) and Ike Barinholtz breaks the trend in an excellent Beastie Boys tee (quite possibly not in costume and on set in a writing capacity). There’s no sign of Kaling and if her character misses out on the opportunity to ask those all important Olivia Pope questions – how does she keep her lounge wear free from red wine stains and popcorn grease? – Mindy Lahiri is going to kick herself.

And because he’s not in the shot above here is some Chris Messina related adorableness from Kaling’s Instagram (like I said before it is the gift that keeps on giving):

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Lazy punks

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The Mindy Project returns in one week (Tuesday, September 16) and for more Mindy Project related stories check out Fantasy Costuming and the Season 3 artwork.

The Mindy Project Season 3 Behind the Scenes Photos: Chris Messina in a Tux

3 Sep

It’s worth repeating that if you are a fan of The Mindy Project you really should be following Mindy Kaling on Instagram as not only do you get a preview of the super cute costumes she will be wearing when season 3 returns in a couple of weeks (Tuesday, September 16), but she also teases future episodes. One such sneak peek comes in the form of two shots Kaling posted from episode 5 (*disclaimer* production order doesn’t always reflect the order they air in) and assumption time suggests they are at a wedding (tuxedos and a photobooth providing those clues).

First up Chris Messina in a tux giving off grumpy looking swoons:

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Episode 5 #TheMindyProject

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Super sparkly dress with a cute daisy headband (and “dissent in the photobooth”):

While we’re taking a look at Mindy Kaling’s Mindy Project related Instagram shots, here are a couple of outfits I am looking forward to seeing on screen.


Costume designer Salvador Perez custom made this incredible green plaid suit. Totally coveting it all:

For more Mindy Project related stories check out Fantasy Costuming and the Season 3 artwork.



A Very Cool Behind the Scenes Mad Men Photo of January Jones (from 2009)

25 Jun

January Jones’ Instagram is a treasure trove of Mad Men related antics, party shots, old modeling jobs, throwback Thursday childhood photos and everyday pictures (well as everyday as the life of an actress can get). Jones is also a hashtag maestro with the likes of #comeonbettysaycheese, #bitchesbebossesnow and #poemstohelpmefindBetty (following a Sylvia Plath quote). I was maybe a bit lukewarm to Jones prior to following her on Instagram and this is one case of social media changing my mind about someone for the better (so often with celebrities, especially on Twitter it is the other way around).

This recent photo comes courtesy of Lisa Guerriero, a photographer who has taken some Mad Men behind the scenes shots and she specializes in street photography. This shot comes from 2009 and Jones offers up more hashtag wisdom with #ladiesalwayssitsidesaddle.

Guerriero also recently posted this shot from the season 3 episode “Seven Twenty Three” of Kiernan Shipka (who looks SO young) and Abigail Spencer.

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Mad Men Season 3 – solar eclipse scene @kiernanshipka

A post shared by Lisa Guerriero (@analogstreets) on

Behind the Scenes Photos from My So-Called Life

30 Oct

Wilson Cruz who played Rickie Vasquez on TV Ate My Wardrobe favorite My So-Called Life has posted some behind the scenes photos from the set of this show. Sadly Cruz had his own photos from MSCL stolen from a storage unit years ago but on-screen BFF AJ Langer (Rayanne Graff) sent him some from her collection which he shared on Twitter.

Behind the scenes

This one celebrates getting picked up a year after they shot the pilot and it’s pretty much giving me all of the feelings. That plaid flannel dress is one of the quintessential items in Angela Chase’s wardrobe and I’d like to submit this cast as a suggestion for the next Entertainment Weekly reunion issue. Date stamping and tagging a Polaroid with a pen; Instagram before Instagram.

DancingAnother photo shows an AJ Langer and Wilson Cruz dance party in matching backwards baseball caps. Oh the ’90s. The shirt wrapped around the waist is making a very surprising come back this year, a trend that is less terrible than half of the ’90s throwbacks. I’m looking at you crop tops. The safe bet is to emulate Angela Chase, going all in on the fashion from this period is all about Rayanne.

For more including a shot of a very sleepy cast and Wilson Cruz with show creator Winnie Holzman head here and here. It’s a straight up nostalgia fest at TV Ate My Wardrobe this week.


It’s throwback Thursday and Wilson Cruz is sharing more photos on Twitter from the MSCL set including this group shot featuring Jordan Catalano himself Jared Leto, Brian Krakow (Devon Gummersall), Devon Odessa (Sharon) and Jeff Perry (now Cyrus Beene on Scandal).

My So-Called Life cast shot

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