Mad Men 7.01 “Time Zones”: How to Peggy and Megan your Wardrobe

14 Apr

Kicking off the season 7 Mad Men chat neither with an essay discussing the gut wrenching Peggy collapsing to the floor scene – if I could reach into the screen and give her a hug I would – nor with a look at Don’s working status and his Freddie Rumsen proxy. Instead I’m going to share something I tried last summer (thanks to a Megan headscarf in “The Better Half”) and how a Peggy outfit in the season 7 premiere includes the office version of this accessory. A sort of Mad Men Ate My Wardrobe if you will and one that means it’s time to play serious face poses with Emma Fraser.
photo3Peggy works the red, white and blue classic palette like a pro and even though she’s never going to be fashion forward like Megan (and her attempts at this will end in big bowed disaster), her work wear has consistently improved throughout the seasons. She’s found a way to dress for work that’s neither dowdy (as it was in season 1) nor is she trying too hard. This doesn’t hold the same striking power play look as this AMAZING pantsuit and why would it when she is not standing in Don’s shoes. It’s still relatively conservative style wise for 1969 and yet the knitted beret is something that wouldn’t look out of place today. The scarf is not so 2014, which is why it works much better as a head scarf.


photo1 (2)First of all the front facing camera quality isn’t the best, but rather than posing awkwardly again for a new photo I wanted to use the one from last summer and oh boy am I regretting the pout and lack of lipstick. The scarf is very much like Peggy’s and it is vintage (from my favorite vintage shop which just closed down *sob*). As I mentioned the inspiration came from Megan in “The Better Half” and I have to say that short hair with a headscarf like this made me long for a ponytail; it can work with either long, short or mid-length hair. It’s also something that Megan isn’t going to ditch anytime soon as we saw her wearing Don’s gift in her hair in “Time Zones” as their marriage continues to look like something out of movie from the outside. Gifts can only go so far and when there’s not enough time to argue, it also cuts down any examination of how hollow this relationship is. Unless you count chatting to Neve Campbell of course. OK so there is some episode analysis among the headscarf vs. neck scarf suggestions.

Megan 7.01Pairing this scarf with a ruffled blouse in “Time Zones” is giving off some old timey pirate vibes.

The TV Ate My Wardrobe weekly Mad Men coverage isn’t going to be the same format with each episode and I think there’s already a tome of incredible reviews out there so I will be trying to avoid this structure. Even if this means awkward/serious selfies. 

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