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The Jenny Packham NYFW Spring 2014 Collection: If Gossip Girl Was Still on…

11 Sep

Before Kate Middleton wore it, a fictional Queen B dressed in the same rose colored Jenny Packham gown. Gossip Girl is no more and so the new Jenny Packham collection won’t feature on the Upper East Side, but here at TV Ate My Wardrobe we’re going to play Fantasy Costuming with a twist. We’ve picked out several looks from yesterday’s Jenny Packham runway show that we think Blair Waldorf would want in her in closet. While it was definitely time for Gossip Girl to come to an end, one aspect we miss is the costuming; from whatever top Serena was pretending was a dress to the spike shoulder pads Georgina was wearing.

Fantasy Costuming keeps the dream alive and we’ve picked four evening looks because the parties were endless and one outfit that is perfect for daytime gallivanting for Blair Waldorf.

Jenny Packham grey dress

This has all the aspects of a Jenny Packham dress that would appeal to a character like Blair Waldorf; it is elegant, feminine and ethereal. The detail on the dress is sparkly without being garish.

Jenny Packham nude dressPink is a big trend this year and this is perfect for the Jenny Packham princess-like playbook and while the neckline is perhaps more Serena than Blair, the delicate beading and romantic nature of this dress screams Blair Waldorf.

Jenny Packham mustard

Breaking up the billowy chiffon looking numbers is this ’70s inspired mustard gown; with the longer sleeves it’s pretty much ready to wear now as the temperatures start to drop. While it looks different from the other dresses it still has the cinched in waist and the embellishments look like built in pearls.

Jenny Packham blue dress

This slash neckline is probably more Blair’s style (not that she hasn’t done cleavage enhancing dresses in the past) and this is another example of exquisite beading on a pastel colored dress. The frilled sheer sleeves are similar to the dress that Blair previously wore on Gossip Girl.

Jenny Packham mustard top, blue skirtWhether Blair is in New York or Paris this beautiful baby blue/mustard affair is perfect for working on the Waldorf fashion empire, or scheming (there will always be scheming). The sheer detail on the skirt is sexy without being too provocative and the burgundy belting adds a dramatic edge to the piece. The only let down is what I’m guessing is a bag but looks like a screwed up jumper. Blair Waldorf would not approve.

Burberry Prorsum Spring 2014 Preview: Dressing TV’s Most Stylish Guys

19 Jun

Tom Haverford from Parks and Recreation and New Girl’s Schmidt are two of the most fashion-conscious male characters on TV at the moment and as the new Burberry Prorsum Spring 2014 collection debuted this week at a runway show in London, we wanted to continue our fantasy costuming series. The new collection features a burst of primary colors, knits, the famous Burberry trench coat and tailored suits; they are the perfect look for some of TV’s most fashionable male characters.

Burberry polka dot

Schmidt would definitely have a classic Burberry trench coat in his closet and he’d also be down with the no socks thing, this is the perfect work look for Schmidt. The polka dot scarf could be a step too far (or look like he borrowed it from Jess), but Schmidt has shown an interest in scarves last season on New Girl when he was trying to impress their new neighbors. If Kanye wore this scarf then so would Schmidt and Nick would make fun of him for doing so.


Tom Haverford has managed to turn his love of expensive clothes into a legitimate business with Rent-a-Swag and when we return for season 6 of Parks and Recreation he’s going to have some serious competition as he refused to sell his business and a new store is opening up across the street. Tom is also still working for the Parks department and he needs a suitable but stylish outfit in case Leslie organizes another outdoor retreat or camping session. The above outfit is perfect for this; though don’t expect Tom to get too involved as he won’t want to get any mud on those shoes.

Burberry 2014

Ben Wyatt is a little more practical when it comes to his wardrobe on Parks and Recreation and while I can’t see him in those sunglasses the turquoise skinny tie is enough to brighten up his outfits without turning him into a Tom clone. Tom might give his fashion props if he ditched the plaid once in a while.

Burberry Spring 2014

Another fan of the plaid shirt is Hannibal’s Will Graham and while he has more to be concerned with than what he is wearing, a splash of color might stop him from blending into the background and disappearing into himself. Hugh Dancy used to be a face of Burberry and was also at the show yesterday at Kensington Gardens and so it only feels right that Will gets a fashion upgrade next season. That’s if he can get out of the other orange attire that he is wearing in this season 1 finale promo.

Burberry Carrie

Walt on The Carrie Diaries is a big fan of a knitted sweater and we’ve already seen him sport a similar blue shade. This outfit looks like it could be from the ’80s without looking like a strict ’80s recreation, something that The Carrie Diaries is fond of doing. Walt has been spending time in New York with Carrie over the summer and this is the perfect attire for Walt to blend in with the city look without trying too hard. Those blue suede shoes are adorable and really set the whole thing off. The sunglasses wouldn’t seem too ridiculous in the 1980s setting either.

burberry TV

When Cary wore a hoodie last season on The Good Wife my Twitter feed lit up like a Christmas tree. As Cary has set up a new firm with Alicia I think it’s time to bring back some of that casual wear as they’re bound to be working all kinds of hours to get the business up and running. This works perfectly as the hooded knit can be swapped out for a jacket for those all important meetings.

Some of the pieces in this collection by Christopher Bailey for Burberry Prorsum are probably too catwalk for even TV’s most fashion aware characters, but the sharp tailoring is definitely something that wouldn’t look out of place on these shows. Are there any other male characters that you can see wearing these types of outfits?

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