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Out of the Box: Look of the Week

23 Aug

“Out of the Box” is dominated once again by red carpet photos, but thanks to a cobalt blue pea coat on Breaking Bad this week costuming also makes an appearance. As always this is a snapshot of what we have been watching and looking at online so if you have any favorite outfits that we have missed let us know. The fall TV season and the Emmys are approaching and so there will be more variety in the weeks to come.

Winner: Amy Poehler and Aubrey Plaza at the Afternoon Delight Premiere

Amy Poehler and Aubrey Plaza

This coupling is chosen for both their relaxed red carpet attire (Poehler is wearing some awesome blue and black Nike Dunks, sadly they are out of shot) and for how much fun they are having at this event. This continues a string of Poehler/Plaza photo opportunities including this recent fake make out session on the set of Parks and Recreation. I could gush about this pair all day but I’m also going to quickly point out the amazing APC  white peacock print sweatshirt that Plaza is wearing, while it’s not actually NBC affiliated (it can be purchased from Liberty London) Plaza is doing a good job of giving a nod to the home of Parks and Recreation. Of course no one can really replace Ann as Leslie’s BFF, but I hope Rashida Jones’ departure opens up more time for Leslie/April bonding. Look how adorable they are together.

Runner Up: Robert Sheehan at The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Premiere in Toronto


Last week Robert Sheehan wore an incredible paisley suit with what appeared to be glowing shoes so the above outfit could be considered a calmer approach. When it comes to suit wearing there is less opportunity to make a bold sartorial statement and Sheehan has shown just how that can be done. The leopard print Christian Louboutin loafers are striking thanks to the leather pants stopping just above the ankle and Sheehan has the right amount of confidence in his pose to pull off these different styles. The leopard print wouldn’t work with the paisley suit but with this monochromatic look it is just the right amount of flare. I’m getting Alan Cumming vibes off Sheehan’s red carpet approach, which is great as Cumming is always having fun with what he wears to these events. One thing this press tour has reminded me of is how much I still miss Nathan on Misfits.

Runner Up: Mayim Bialik at the Emmys Performers Peer Group Reception

Mayim Bialik Karen Millen

Patterns! Yes I love patterns so this mixed geometric print dress from Karen Millen is an instant hit. While patterns aren’t always figure flattering the pencil shape combined with the black contrast band across the waist ensures that it is a perfect fit for Mayim Bialik. The mesh long sleeves match the top half of the dress which also helps balance the two different halves. Makeup, hair and shoes are all simple which is exactly what an outfit like this needs.

Runner Up: Lydia (with a hand from Todd) on Breaking Bad “Buried” 


Color is important on Breaking Bad and Lydia’s cobalt blue pea coat really stood out in a scene that featured mostly muted greens and browns. Lydia doesn’t look like she belongs at this location; a meth lab in the middle of the desert and she certainly isn’t dressed for the occasion. After trying and failing to get Walt back in the business she has opted for Todd and his white supremacist crew to help with her quality control issue. Lydia might be ok with ordering a hit this big but she doesn’t want to see the bloody mess that she has created. This gives this scenario and absurd edge as Todd guides her through the bloodbath. The camera briefly focuses on Lydia’s (fake?) Louboutin red soles walking through the blood and dirt and her costuming shows how out of her depth she is. Blue has usually been used for Skyler (most notably when Skyler walks into the swimming pool fully clothed) and is of course the color of the meth which isn’t up to the Heisenberg standard. On an unrelated note I was so glad to see Jesse Plemons that I momentarily forgot the horrific thing he did in the first half of the season.

What is your look of the week?

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