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Out of the Box: Look of the Week

28 Oct

A suit heavy week at “Out of the Box” much to my delight with a variety of styles on display including some with the word “jump” in them. There’s the Elle “Women in Hollywood” celebration, award season slowly coming into focus, talk show outfits and more magazine covers to enjoy in this selection of sartorial treats. constance-zimmer-and-shiri-applebyThe Elle “Women in Hollywood” shindig took place this week and this UnREAL duo kept up their recent fabulous outfit hot streak with a smoking hot La Mania jumpsuit and a L.K. Bennett metallic dreamy number. Both ladies are also crushing it on the lipstick front too.yara-shahidiKeeping on the jumpsuit track and Yara Shahidi joins the Magical Fashion Unicorn team as this Stella McCartney watercolor landscape vista should not work and yet it looks incredible on Shahidi.mads-mikkelsenI miss Hannibal.ruth-neggaOne item I really need in my wardrobe is a classic black jacket and Ruth Negga’s put a large lapel twist on this classic ladysuit at the Academy screening of Loving (a film which is high on my most anticipated list).

Negga also wore this ensemble for her same day appearance on The Tonight Show and it makes for an excellent talk show outfit. I have a feeling “Out of the Box” is going to be seeing a lot more of Ruth Negga.evan-rachel-woodGoing bold in a red Dolce & Gabbana ladysuit paired with super stacked Louboutins is Evan Rachel Wood while chatting Westworld on The Tonight Show; boy are we in love with this super sexy twist on the menswear theme which is dominating this week’s column.twdThe Talking Dead live event took place outside and with that the rain came to Los Angeles, but without that there wouldn’t be this great shot of Danai Gurira with umbrella in hand dreamily looking on at a bespectacled Jeffrey Dean Morgan. I’m not into Gurira’s entire look, but that blazer is killer. Particular in the super casual cool slung over her shoulders manner.tatiana-maslany-fashion-magazineAfter seeing Tatiana Maslany sporting a number of different styles and looks in Orphan Black this relatively fuss free cover shot from Fashion magazine is an effective way to show off Maslany’s versatility. In the interview, Maslany discusses a number of projects including Two Lovers and a Bear and Stronger along with her Emmy award winning performance on Orphan Black. Yesterday I mentioned that Helena is my probably my favorite clone and here is what she had to say about inhabiting this role:

“When I first saw myself dressed as Helena in the mirror—I had these red eyes and I was wearing a huge Twisted Sister wig—I knew immediately who she was. There’s something so ‘othered’ about her—so not part of conventional society. I needed to tap into what it’s like to feel that.”

Going Back to the Beginning on The Good Wife

18 Apr

Now this feels like the final season of The Good Wife as everything is starting to come together, loose ends are getting tided up and everything old is new again with Peter facing jail. Peter remarks that they are back at the start as the odds are stacked against him and prison looms once again. After a season of bumbling along with yet another failed election storyline and another possible firm switch-up it now seems like where we are meant to be; it is really refreshing and I am excited to see what the final three episodes will bring.

Peter’s grand jury has been ticking away in the background ever since his failed presidential bid and that comes to a head this week with his arrest. Instead of playing it nice Mr Schuester (sorry I can’t seem to think of him as anything else) goes for the humiliating perp walk option after finding out that Eli was using stall tactics.The Good Wife 7.19 Peter and AliciaWhat he didn’t bank on was Alicia’s quick thinking as she quickly grabs a coat to cover the cuffs and a tie to make him look more presentable to the waiting media outside – side note how did Alicia not notice any of this media circus when she arrived home a few minutes before this went down? – and she is playing the role of the good wife all over again.

This includes walking out with him and not only standing by his side, but offering words of support at this press conference. There is no standing silently behind him; corruption charges without the prostitute allegations are a lot easier to swallow and Alicia is not the same woman she was back then. As Cary observes to Jason “people change” and The Good Wife is all about the Education of Alicia Florrick; she knows all about optics and the media now. One thing that takes Alicia by surprise is just how bad this is for Peter and she seems genuinely taken back that the plea deal is for 3 years jail time. For all they have been through and how much she now wants a divorce, Alicia does still care about him deeply and this quiet scene in his office between just the two of them emphasizes this point. The press are also sympathetic toward plight and the term ‘witch hunt’ (two words, not one) is used by both Alicia and the press.

Alicia does still want a divorce and while it is all in place, she will also wait until all this legal strife is over. She does make the big step of telling Jason about it and this makes things awkward between them for most of the episode. Jason asks Alicia what she wants and she deflects at first; mentioning how her husband slept with prostitutes (7 years ago) and that she wants everything. Jason is not only calm (a thing Mike Tascioni likes in an investigator), but he also wants to keep things simple, but life in Alicia’s orbit is complicated. It also just occurred to me how much Jason would get on with Kurt McVeigh and now all I want is too see a double date with Alicia, Diane and their significant others.

The episode ends with Alicia laying it all there; she wants Jason. Like Alicia, my feelings about this are complicated because on one hand I really like this pairing and on the other I kinda want the series to end with an “I choose me” declaration. Maybe it is because of deep rooted Will feelings (and my heart is not ready for this rumored appearance) that I don’t want to see her ending the series in a couple, but maybe for Alicia to be finally free of the Peter bond choosing herself could be ending up with someone else. I am still working my way through this prospect and this is definitely very much a ‘wait and see’ how this all turns out before I finally figure out my feelings on the matter.

Ultimate Peter/Alicia shipper Eli is shocked to hear the divorce news and Peter is surprised Alicia hadn’t already told him. Alicia is keeping this one very close to her chest.The Good Wife 7.19 Diane and KurtOne couple who did make an appearance were Diane and Kurt, much to my joy. Kurt wants to talk and his demeanor suggests it is something bad. Diane assumes the same and her reaction to finding out that he wants to sell his business so they can spend more time together is both hilarious and super sweet. I love these two together and I am also so happy to see Diane getting something to do beyond being Dipple’s lackey and contemplating what to do with the firm. There are some wrinkles in the sale of the business namely in the form of guest star Megan Hilty as Holly Westfall. Holly ‘mean girls’ Diane so hard with her “I like your necklace. I have one just like it, but smaller.” Don’t you be coming for Diane’s statement jewelry, Holly. The Good Wife 7.19 DianeAnd for my favorite reaction shot from “Landing.”The Good Wife 7.19 Diane and David LeeOther plots revisited include the NSA listening into all of Alicia’s calls and the return of Zach Woods as ex-NSA employee Jeff Dillinger (this is a particularly guest star heavy week even by The Good Wife’s standards) as he ends up in a whole legal situation in Canada while attempting to come back to the United States for his mother’s funeral. This not only ties into several seasons’ worth of story, but also reflects back on a recent episode that saw Alicia on a top secret panel, which resulted in Captain Hicks getting fired for something he didn’t actually do. It also gives one of Alicia’s NSA fans the chance to meet her IRL and Tyler’s reaction to seeing her in person plus the questions he asks her is a delight.

In the end after a lot of back and forth arguments, warrants, recorded conversations and threats of numerous espionage related charges, Jeff gets asylum in Canada as he is an asset to their version of the NSA. It is fun seeing Alicia using the knowledge of them listening in to her conversations to get leverage.

Significant costume moment this week includes Alicia in her power color of red; maybe to give her that confidence boost in telling Jason her big divorce news. It also comes in handy later on when facing the cameras with Peter when he is initially arrested.
The Good Wife 7.19 AliciaLater on when appearing at the press conference Alicia picks a more somber tone, which makes sense considering the gravity of the situation.The Good Wife 7.19 press conferenceAnd in excellent Lucca Quinn outfits I need to track down; this floral and white collar dream number.The Good Wife 7.19 LuccaAs we edge closer to the final episode the stakes have been raised and I am genuinely unsure of how Peter will fare as right now it seems like he is destined to end the show where he started it; prosecuted and on his way to prison. Hopefully The Good Wife will keep this level of energy up and end the series on a high.

Serving Up Doubt on The Good Wife

9 Nov

The Good Wife goes all in this week with Peter’s campaign, a case that brings the NSA back into Alicia’s life – and some familiar faces – and an interesting discussion on diversity over at Lockhart, Agos and Lee. Eli’s schemes go full steam ahead until he realizes that his smoking gun will have a devastating impact on not just Peter, but Alicia too and Alicia gets in her own way when it comes to Jason Crouse. Like I said there is a lot going on in “Lies” and this forward momentum is what this season needs. Every week has been a case of “that was fun” and this is a vast improvement on last year, but we were nearing the point where it seemed unclear if it could be something more than that.

For all of the problems that followed the incredible strong season 5 one thing The Good Wife has is a very deep well of storylines and talent to pull from. There is still the matter of the election rigging which gave Peter the governorship that died along with Will (*sob*) and Alicia’s own voting scandal is very much at the forefront of Eli’s plot to ruin Ruth. This week also sees the return of the NSA dudes who are as much into the tangled love life of Alicia Florrick as we are (even if they can’t remember Will’s name) and never did I think I would laugh this much at goat videos.

It isn’t just that they have the best and longest guest star list on any TV show at the moment (maybe ever) or that their ability to rip from the headlines is incredibly strong (okay there was that one blip), but that they can weave the two together so seamlessly. The world the Kings have created is so rich and layered, which makes watching it such a pleasure.* Especially when the plot moves forward like this.

*Okay sometimes they drop plot points and characters in ways that are frustrating and you know what I’m going to yell, right?! WHERE DID ROBYN GO? 

The Good Wife 7.06 Lucca and AliciaLet’s start with Alicia and Lucca; the case of the week is a gift from Canning and involves a tech firm – Running Milk – a wrongful termination and the NSA. Polygraphs are at the center of the firing and for all of Jason Crouse’s how to mess with a polygraph techniques (he did not opt for The Americans squeeze your anus Oleg advice) they come up short as the new test is being administered by a computer. It is impossible to use Jason’s inconclusive tactics with something automated as doubt is all about the emotional (as we will see with Eli later on).

There are a lot of small victories, followed immediately by hitting another brick wall and it is a tricky case because of the NSA involvement and what can and can’t be said in court. Also who can and can’t appear in court with Zach Woods making a return as Jeff Dellinger or the “poor man’s Edward Snowden.” Dellinger is living what he thinks is the covert and high life in Iceland, but he doesn’t realize the NSA are still listening in even with his list of precautions. Alicia under a blanket making this initial burner phone call did make me laugh a bunch.

The Good Wife 7.06 blanketThis gets them back on the Alicia Florrick phone tap and thanks to her innocuous use of the name Edward Snowden, this means they can listen into her conversations again. Hitting the big time now that Peter has thrown his hat fully into the presidential race. 

Alicia has some other work concerns and when the question of insurance comes up she reveals her Jason related worries to Lucca regarding the judge punching incident. What this amounts to is classic self sabotaging Alicia; this is the woman who in part started her own firm as a way to cure her dizzying and mind clouding Will Gardner feelings. There is an obvious spark between Alicia and Jason and this could get complicated for a number of reasons such as her husband is running for president, they work together and well he might be unhinged. But right now all I want is for Alicia Florrick to get laid as it has been far too long. No I am not counting Johnny from last year and yes I am still mad about Finn. Just look at his mugshot. Even that is oozing so much grufty rugged charisma.

The Good wife 7.06 mugshotBad timing is what came between Alicia and Will, but really this is the excuse Alicia could use with any prospective beau. And Peter is the obstacle causing this. Now he is running for president and suddenly Alicia is potentially locked in for even more bad timing with anyone who might come her way. Switching out a goblet of wine for homemade no frills margaritas is meant to be a sign of Alicia’s reliance in booze, a warning sign of her impending despair if you will, but hitting the strong stuff makes sense when you factor in what the campaign trail now means for her.

This is a loss of freedom and privacy, which she has been trying to claw back since the pilot because the media is definitely going to bring up every single scandal they have been involved in. They may want to conjure up images of the Obamas, but they are far more Kennedy no matter how many matching outfits they wear.

The Good Wife 7.06 side by sideEli’s got a big decision to make and he’s got everything in place to humiliate Ruth and Peter. The problem with his Frank Landau plan is Alicia will get caught right in the middle and he clearly cares about her well being. Alicia knows he has something cooking so if this rigging scandal does come to light she will know he is the source. When Eli is watching the press conference he leans in and catches a glimmer of Alicia’s true feelings through her ‘good wife’ super smiles up on that podium. Yes she is baking in the outdoor attire while inside a sweltering gym, but that look is one of sadness that she is going through this public spectacle for Peter. Is this enough of a sign for Eli to go all steam ahead with this plot or did he misread this brief look?

Meanwhile over at Lockhart, Agos and Lee they have new summer interns to consider and the messy work politics takes a new direction this week. Work place diversity is on the docket and Cary wants to hire three dudes who look like him. He is not thrilled when Diane mentions this similarity to which Diane passionately rebukes him with “A lot of things that aren’t fair are true.” David Lee is all about getting the best and by best he means those who have been to Ivy League schools and Diane wants to mix things up and hire Monica. Monica doesn’t meet Cary and David Lee’s criteria and the discussion turns to diversity. Diane wants to challenge the usual hiring process and while Howard is Team Monica he doesn’t actually get a say because he isn’t a named partner. Ultimately Diane can’t get the guys to compromise and so Monica gets a friendly and patronizing ‘thanks, but no thanks.’

The Good Wife 7.06 diversityWhile Diane did fight for Monica, she doesn’t come across in an entirely positive light as she also talks to Monica in a way that would suggest that because she is black and from Baltimore she must have grown up in a bad neighborhood. The struggles that Diane and the others place on her are a stereotype and Monica is not here for Diane’s ‘understanding or advice’ and what she needs is a job. Diane loves to play the mentor and we have seen this time and time again using her experiences and placing it onto someone else. Sometimes this works, but in this situation it smacks of condescension. It is unnecessary for Diane to call Monica in to give her the kiss off, but this is Diane’s way of showing that she is the good guy here and alleviating her guilt. Monica sees through this bleeding heart routine and while Diane clearly means well the way she has gone about it is misguided.

In terms of Diane’s costuming her signature chain necklaces tell their own story:

The Good Wife 7.06 Diane Chain OneGoing for small and not so intimidating for the interviews and initial candidate discussion. Plus a huge chain link necklace would be too much with this amazing patterned jacket.

The Good Wife 7.06 Diane double chainPulling out the big guns when she goes to bat for Monica. This is the ultimate statement even if it doesn’t work.

The Good Wife 7.06 Diane Chain ThreeAnd finally this is halfway between; it’s not so big that it clashes with her jacket, but it is also more of statement piece than the first one.

While I’m on the subject of costuming here are Lucca’s best looks this week.

The Good Wife 7.06 Alicia, Lucca and JasonBest look also extends to facial expressions and Cush Jumbo gave great awkward face in this scene followed by a hilarious exit.

The Good Wife 7.06 Alicia and LuccaThis jacket is also a fabulous addition to her already amazing costume roll call. They’ve established what a good dresser and smart lawyer Lucca is and now I really want to learn more about who Lucca is; we need some backstory please.

The pieces are moving and the conflict is building; I think it is more than fine to declare that this isn’t just a fun hot streak, but The Good Wife is hitting those pre-season 6 levels.

A Guide to Not Backing Down on The Good Wife

2 Nov

Escalation is one strategy used to achieve results on The Good Wife and for several of the characters in this seventh season this has been a key tactic. Eli continues his schemes against Ruth with varying results and over at Lockhart, Agos they are dealing with a disagreement which is impacting relationships with clients. For Alicia and Lucca, their first case officially working together – Lucca answered yes to Alicia’s martini laced question – involves varying extremes of upping the stakes as they go from pursuing a debt collecting agency to a for-profit school.

The Good Wife 7.05 Lucca and AliciaThe Alicia/Lucca partnership is in the fun early stages and they are still figuring things out such as how much they charge an hour. You would think that would be one of the first things to address, but getting cases is the priority. Grace points out the importance of money and while they have not given an explanation as to why she is not at school (when is she meant to graduate?), she is proving useful by reminding her mother that they have bills to pay. The particulars of this case constantly evolve throughout the episode and The Good Wife continues its fun hot streak. Spending a week away from the frantic atmosphere of bond court is much needed, particularly when arbitration is held in such a chilled out setting. The fact that even in season 7 they are finding new ways to present cases is an achievement, even more when all three plot points are threaded together in a cohesive and not too coinkydink fashion.

And speaking of fashion; Lucca continues her reign as the new Good Wife style queen from the teal number with striped cuffs above to injecting a little bit of leather in arbitration.

The Good Wife 7.05 Alicia and LuccaLeather will always be synonymous with Kalinda, but that hasn’t stopped costume designer Daniel Lawson from using it this season with faux Kalinda investigator sharing this style penchant with her predecessor to Diane’s amazing matching leather skirt and jacket combo. Lucca is all about mixing prints and textures and this is no exception. It also looks like Alicia has been raiding Diane’s wardrobe with this patterned jacket choice.

The Good Wife 7.05 Lucca Quinn and AliciaThere is also this fantastic kaleidoscope floral dress and as with their working practices Lucca’s style is far bolder than Alicia’s. Lucca is the one that wants to take things to the next level when they get sued and this is a good thing as sometimes Alicia is in danger of playing it safe. It could cause conflict at a later date, but for now they are a very match for each other and a successful partnership is not about having the same style or opinions on everything. They do have their simpatico moments with shared emphatic objections and there is a fair amount of reading the situation in a similar way.

Lucca isn’t the only one working out in Alicia’s current work situation and Jeffrey Dean Morgan continues to light up the screen with so much grufty sexual magnetism I almost inclined to say “Finn who?” I say almost because I am not going to forget that missed opportunity for a long time. Jason is all kinds of wonderful this week and proves his very low hourly rate just by sitting there wearing glasses. He also tracks down the scam artist and gets Maggie’s money back while also preventing someone else from falling foul of this scheme. All while smoldering and being super casual. There is a darkness to his persuasive tactics, but Alicia has always been a fan of the bad boy.

The Good Wife 7.05 JDMThe episode ends with another unanswered question posed by Alicia and never has “what do you drink?” sounded so much like an invitation in as it does here. Also this dress works so much better without the jacket.

The Good Wife 7.05 Alicia and wineOne of their tactics against this for-profit school is to introduce a debt strike and it was Eli and his magically raised plotting eyebrow that suggested this move. Eli has a week of ups and downs with his current employment situation going from outright glee at the media coverage of Peter’s position on unions to despair at Peter’s positive poll numbers. Marissa returns this week (much to my delight) and she is concerned about her father’s spiraling. Eli’s motivations aren’t exactly covert and she knows he is trying to get back at Peter; to counter she has found him an amazing job opportunity to get him out of this mess. All Marissa needs is some cereal and for Alicia to make it look like she is firing him.

Alicia does her part and is very convincing when she dismisses him pointing out that she knows he is using her. This doesn’t have the desired effect and when Eli later tells her he isn’t going anywhere she doesn’t fight him because she knows there is no changing his mind. The debt strike tactic pits Alicia against Peter’s current union position and Ruth is furious at him for how much this is messing with her campaign. At the moment this Ruth versus Eli story is going gangbusters, but there is a danger that it could become quite repetitive and I am proceeding with caution.

The link between all three plots this week is the food service union boss, Ronnie Erickson and this is where the Cary/Howard battle hits breaking point. Howard has informed Erickson of Cary’s temporary home last year and causes major embarrassment for Cary when it becomes clear that they think he is some kind of criminal. Diane has had enough and to stop a lawsuit (because Howard is in a protected class) she hosts a mediation to air grievances and work through them. This has varying results and it turns out that their jokes about Howard’s age have set the tone for other employees. Howard shows the types of products which have been left in his office such as adult diapers and a bib; this is work place bullying and it puts Howard in an entirely sympathetic position. Yes jokes are made about everyone, but they shouldn’t breed this kind of degrading behavior.

Cary does raise the question of whether Howard planted those products himself and while we can’t be a hundred percent certain of their veracity, I am inclined to believe that Howard is telling the truth on this occasion as he appears to be genuinely hurt. This results in sensitivity training giving us this wonderful moment, which Howard definitely milks for sympathy.

The Good Wife 7.05 Diane and CaryDiane still looks great even with cotton wool up her nose.

The Good Wife 7.05This earlier outfit and her ‘come the fuck on’ face are also aces.

There is a lot of legal chicken this week and not a whole lot of backing down. Eli is still intent on his current mission, but the Lockhart, Agos dispute looks like it might be sorted (for now). Alicia and Lucca have proved themselves to be a formidable team and I am looking forward to seeing who they will take on next.

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