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TV Rewind: Gilmore Girls, Season 1, Episodes 7-11

3 Mar

Gilmore Girls, Episodes 1.7, 1.8,1.9, 1.10, & 1.11
“Kiss and Tell,” “Love and War and Snow”, “Rory’s Dance,” “Forgiveness and Stuff,” & “Paris is Burning”
Original Air Dates: Nov. 16, 2000; Dec. 14, 20, &21, 2000; and Jan. 11, 2001

Gilmore Girls 1.09 Emily and LorelaiEmma: We’re covering 5 episodes this time and A LOT goes down in this run and both Lorelai and Rory are in the early spells of their relationships. Rory is experiencing lots of firsts with Dean and Lorelai is also on the first time thing in that this is the first relationship that is directly impacting her Rory bubble. It’s something we’ve mentioned before but we’ve come into the Gilmore lives at this huge transitional moment when it is no longer just Rory and Lorelai and this means plenty of mistakes will be made and shit will go down. And go down it does.

This is a really good selection of episodes as we’re not of the introductory phase and fully into the Stars Hollow world. In fact they did a very good job of introducing the characters and place without it ever feeling forced, but there is always that initial finding of feet in both the writing and acting and we are definitely passed that.

Prior to this bunch my episode highlight was Rory’s Birthdays and this was also the one that gave me the most emotional response. I wondered if that had anything to do with having my tooth pulled impacting my reaction and thanks to Rory’s Dance I can categorically say that nope this had nothing to do with. Another occasion of the Gilmore ladies fighting and other occasion that made me sob. Now I’m thinking any episode with Rory’s name in the title will make me cry. A theory to be tested.

The relationship dynamic between these three women is fascinating and with each moment that Emily and Lorelai break down the walls of their past something then happens to erect them again. This time Emily gets to perform some very maternal duties like taking care of her sick daughter or rather injured daughter as Lorelai has hurt her back after an incident while making Rory’s dress. There’s still plenty of snark and answering back, but also a level of understanding/compassion that we haven’t really witnessed before. That is until Rory accidentally pulls a move from Lorelai’s teenage years with her own Rory twist (falling asleep while reading).

So much has probably been said in heated moments between Lorelai and her mother that mirrors this momentum, but this feels like the first time it has got this personal in a long time. It all comes back to Lorelai’s teen pregnancy and there’s a deep feeling of betrayal on both sides. For Emily it is these years left out in the wilderness with the holidays standing in for the only family time and Lorelai has years of feeling rejected and not good enough to fill many more arguments like this.

Where this one differs to the last blow-up is that Rory also lets her mother have it and we’ve seen Rory and Lorelai fight before but never like this. And even reading back my notes from this scene has got me a little teary. So good job guys.

What did you make of this argument?Gilmore Girls 1.09 gilmore ladiesJulie: This is the thing that I love most about Gilmore Girls (and, hi, I love it so much that I’m already on Season 5): the relationships. Every conversation, every interaction, is layered with the past. It’s not like The Walking Dead or something where no one ever remembers anything that happened the week before. Lorelai remembers her past and so does Emily. And you have to feel for both of them. I understand Lorelai’s point that her parents weren’t there for her the way she needed them to be. I get that with Emily there’s always something calculating below the surface. But she’s been hurt by Lorelai as well. She’s not a straight-up villain, by any stretch.

Lorelai has always been “the cool mom,” but in a good way. I think she definitely ended up with a good kid, so she’s got that going for her. Rory is a saint, basically. I’m not sure how much of that is nature vs. nurture. There is a lot of Richard (i.e. levelheadedness) in the girl, even if she didn’t grow up close to her grandfather. As Rory gets older, Lorelai is going to have to start dealing with the kinds of things that drove her apart from her own mother. It’s one thing to seem to be cool with everything. It’s another thing all together to actually be cool with it.

I love/cringed at the conversation between Lorelai and Dean while watching the movie. She is completely right that the town is watching his and Rory’s relationship, and good for Dean for standing up to her. Bad for Dean for keeping Rory out all night, even accidentally.

I was so glad that they didn’t brush the overnight in Miss Patty’s under the rug. Everything on this show has a ripple effect, and in this case it was that it brought up some old feelings about Lorelai’s teen years. I figured Lorelai would be pissed at Rory for staying out late, but the reasons why she was upset were so much more nuanced. There are a million layers to everything — on the base level, she was simply worried about her daughter’s whereabouts; then she was worrying about what she might be doing, which had to have brought back flashbacks to what she herself was doing at that age (worrying about history repeating itself and all that); and, in a somewhat childlike way, it made her mad that Rory got her in trouble with Emily.

So that kind of covers the ladies. What did you think of the romantic interests in these episodes?Gilmore Girls 1.09 Rory and LukeEmma: It’s fun seeing things that were clearly just Rory and Lorelai activities evolving into their expanding circle. So movie night becomes a weird not quite a date night and like you I cringed/adored Lorelai’s chat with Dean. I’m impressed that he didn’t bail after this as it would be enough to scare off a suitor who isn’t all in. He stands up to Lorelai and he agrees to go to the Chilton dance even though he has to wear a suit and doesn’t really like to dance. He’s pretty great at the moment and yet I’m only lukewarm toward him and Rory.

I wonder if I’d seen this when it was on if my opinion would differ and if I’d find him and his quintessential teen boy hair super dreamy, but he’s maybe a little too perfect. There’s not much heat and they certainly have cute flirty banter, but it is too early in the game to call him the one. He is certainly no Ben Covington/Pacey Witter/Jordan Catalano.

He handles Chilton well including Paris’ minions who are instantly nicer to Rory when they see her cute (and tall) date. Well one of them tries to come onto him, but that’s as nice as she’s been so far. Somehow Dean doesn’t punch Tristan even though Tristan provokes him in a way where you could easily justify a mid dance brawl. Good restraint there. Dean is of course a far superior choice to old squinty eyes Tristan. And then there’s the falling asleep moment giving cause for town wide gossip and he still wants to be Rory’s boyfriend. How do you feel about Dean?

Now last time I was also not all that crazy about Max I found him a bit too slick and he’s still got that in him, but they do have nice chemistry even if there are MANY obstacles in their way. First comes Lane as she’s been hanging out in an empty Gilmore house after her accidental and very public hair stroking. Then there’s the rules that Lorelai set up long ago where her boyfriends and Rory are in very separate boxes but Max is already in Rory’s life as her teacher and so this all gets messed up and then there’s the breakup turned kiss which ends up in a ‘taking a break’ sitch after Paris tells the whole school that Rory’s mom kissed a teacher. Lots of complicated emotions with this one.Gilmore Girls 1.09 Rory green sweaterJulie: I am definitely with you on Dean. He’s cute and sweet, but he’s way too perfect. He’s more Noel than Ben, but I think he and Rory have less chemistry than Felicity and Noel did. Noel and Felicity’s first and second kisses are two of the best kisses in all of television. Maybe it’s because they get together so early, but I was never invested in Rory kissing Dean, except for me being all “Yay, Rory, get some.”

Then the fact that it’s Dean vs. Tristan at the school dance is even more whatever because neither Jared Padalecki nor CMM do it for me, hotness-wise.

Now, hotness-wise, Max Medina does do it for me. That’s how I know I’m old. I’m waaaaay more interested in Lorelai’s suitors, which is probably appropriate and I should be proud of myself. The one thing I will say about how the show handles Lorelai’s loves is a little scatterbrained. We don’t always get to *see* Lorelai fall for the guy (you’ll see this later–one minute she’s interested in one guy, the next minute she’s OBVIOUSLY been thinking about another, who comes out of nowhere–It’s hard to explain). Like, she and Max have a nice time together at the coffee shop, she plays it cool, and then she’s obsessing over her answering machine. I figure it’s because she’s so cool and guarded and the only person she’ll allow herself to get goofy with is Rory.

But, yeah. The whole thing with Max is doomed to fail anyway. Who else are you loving in Stars Hollow right now?Gilmore Girls 1.10 Lorelai, Luke and EmilyEmma: There’s another Lorelai love interest we haven’t mentioned yet this week and he’s a character who is becoming much more than a source of grumpiness. Although his grumpy is also pretty fun. Luke as we’ve mentioned before is clearly end game for Lorelai and right now I think the feelings are much stronger on Luke’s part.

We’re also learning some stuff about Luke beyond how much he hates town cheer, Sookie behind his counter and cell phones in his diner. For one we get to find out about his dad and that his diner used to be his shop. His death clearly hit him hard and it means he’s a really good source of comfort for Lorelai when her dad has his health scare.

I also really enjoy their many back and forths; their chemistry is really great and I’m looking forward to when it happens. Hopefully their first kiss is more Noel/Felicity than Rory/Dean.

And I think you’re right about the Lorelai romance scattiness. She definitely guards her heart and her space with Rory in equal measure and I think what happened with Rory’s dad when she was younger had a lasting impact and it’s like she’s scared to fall for someone like that again.

What did you make of Rory keeping those photos of her mom and dad as love’s young dream? I’m sensing we might be meeting him soon or at least this is something that will come up in the near future.

While we’re on the subject of love – the stuff with Emily and Richard at the hospital crushed me in part because it was so well acted and also the double meaning when Emily tells Richard he can’t go first as real life circumstances means the Gilmore Girls revival is going to be Richard-less and that’s all kinds of heartbreaking.Gilmore Girls 1.07 rory, Luke and LorelaiJulie: And there’s the part where Lorelai sees Dean for the first time and says he looks like Christopher. She has to be going through so many emotions with her sixteen-year-old daughter now dating a guy who reminds her of the dude who knocked her up (and who hasn’t been around). There has to be a whole lot of worry about the uncertainty of what may come.

At least Lorelai does have some good friends around to keep her going. Luke is someone whom I like more and more the better I get to know him. He is just as guarded as Lorelai, in his own way; but even if they’re lacking in the romance department, he is such a good friend to her. And Sookie is delightful, if a little manic.

The scene with Lorelai’s parents in the hospital did choke me up, especially knowing that Richard won’t be around for the reboot. I love that this show doesn’t short change the “adult” relationships either.

What did you think of the fashion in these eps? Rory’s dance dress is so pretty and she looked really cute in it.

Gilmore Girls 1.09Emma: Sookie is definitely still a little on the too much side for me, but I do like her relationship with Sookie and her burgeoning romance with Jackson even if I want to burn his denim dungarees. That is not a good look, dude.

I love the dress Lorelai made Rory and it is the kind of style that is pretty timeless. I also loved that she originally paired it with boots and stuffed a tea towel down the front while she was eating. This is the aesthetic I am going for when it comes to my wedding. Also it says a lot that I have picked out what flats I will be wearing for the evening/dancing portion of my wedding before any other item of clothing. Priorities.

The reaction to her dress was also great with Emily thinking Lorelai had ditched the homemade idea and Paris’ minions giving her praises. I especially enjoyed the one (names I have not remembered yet) who was trying to think of anything her own mother had made and only coming up with some really disgusting soup.

Currently I am obsessed with Lorelai’s iridescent blue eye shadow, which I’m pretty sure she has worn in every episode and is giving me all the flashbacks to bad 00s makeup. I had a similar color that I wore a lot that came in a squeezy tube by Clinque. I also had it in iridescent purple and that was also bad in retrospect. This gets added to my list of terrible fashion/beauty things from the aughts. See also Lorelai’s leather jacket. Leather jackets were very bad back then. Chokers continue to be a thing and once again I want to ask why? Oh but Rory does have a mighty fine selection of sweaters that Felicity would definitely be impressed by.Gilmore Girls 1.09 LorelaiThe Paris/Rory relationship also continues to flit between animosity and some kind of sympathy putting them fully into frenemy territory. Paris continues to like Tristan – again with the why? – and she suffers not one but two moments of social suicide. First she outs her own date as her cousin that her mom paid and second there’s a whole lot of gossip about her parents’ divorce. And yet she retains her status as Queen Bee thanks to Lorelai smooching Max at school. Rory doesn’t let this go and confronts Paris about her asshole behavior. This is one of my favorite things about Rory; she always calls Paris out on her shit.

How do you feel about the Rory/Paris stuff?Gilmore Girls 1.07 Rory and LorelaiJulie: Eating and dancing are the most important parts of a wedding! Comfort is key, and I think you should definitely take your dress cues from Rory Gilmore.

Yes, Lorelai’s leather jackets are problematic. But girl can really rock a pair of low-rise, boot-cut jeans. She almost–almost–has me thinking those should make a comeback (are they yet?). I did a lot of eyeshadow colors back in the day, but blue was never one I could pull off. I’ve still managed to convince myself that purple eyeshadow works on me. No one has told me otherwise, and I plan on carrying that look into my “old broad” days.

Paris is kind of an amazing character. She’s frustrating (and I, too, don’t get the Tristan thing), but she and Rory challenge each other, which is good. Things tend to come easy for both girls, school-wise, so I like that they’ve become each other’s rival. I’m not sure Paris is actually queen bee. I’m guessing that all of these kids have gone to school with her forever, and her antics basically no longer register with them. They just let Paris be Paris. Rory, who’s new, actually deals with, listens to, and challenges Paris. It’s an interesting relationship, especially because Rory’s friendship with Lane seems so solid and drama-free.Gilmore Girls 1.11 Paris and RoryJulie Hammerle is, according to Klout, an expert in the areas of both Morgan Freeman and glasses. Her writing can be found at chicagonow.com/hammervision and you can holler at her on Twitter as well.

For a more in-depth look at the Christmas episode “Forgiveness and Stuff” check out this guest post by Kari Peperkorn Marlowe from the TV Ate My Wardrobe “Festive Rewind” series.

TV Rewind: Gilmore Girls, Season 1, Episodes 3-6

28 Jan

Gilmore Girls, Episodes 1.3, 1.4,1.5, & 1.6
“Kill Me Now”, “The Deer Hunters,” “Cinnamon’s Wake,” & “Rory’s Birthday Parties”
Original Air Dates: Oct. 19 & 26 and Nov. 2 & 9, 2000

Gilmore Girls 1.06 birthday girlEmma: As we’ve got a whole lot of seasons to get through (especially in comparison to our previous endeavors) we’re going to be discussion more episodes than the usual two and I think at this early stage it particularly makes a lot of sense as they can be split into two groups – school problems and grandparent problems. There’s some overlap between the two with Rory’s birthday party being the best example of this, but so far it has been alternating between these two areas; episode 3 has Rory bonding with her grandfather over golf much to Lorelai’s dismay and episode 4 is all about Rory struggling at Chilton. This early on it works in establishing not only conflict, but also finding a point of entry in creating a solid relationship between characters who have barely connected at any point in their lives. With Rory at Chilton it is a classic fish out of water story as she has gone from a school where she was the smartest person and her economic status didn’t matter to one where her academic competition is mean girling her. Rory is not typical Chilton material which makes her standout whereas at her former school she didn’t appear on too many radars.

Rory is very much cut from the same cloth as a Felicity Porter, Lindsay Weir or Angela Chase in that she is also a pretty sweet kid but she has some fire in her. She is very much her mother’s daughter so when she isn’t allowed to take the test instead of slinking away she has an outburst that made me like her even more standing up to both Paris and the super skeezy CMM. Part of this is probably sleep deprivation related but I love that she stood up for herself like this. And while Rory does let things stew before she reaches this point (the same can be said for all the Gilmore women) and it does have a habit of coming out at the worst possible time (see her birthday party) I’m really enjoying seeing how she deals with conflict that is being dealt at all angles.

The complicated relationship between the three generations of Gilmore ladies is what I find really engaging right now from the passive aggressive sniping between Emily and Lorelai to Lorelai coming to terms with having to share her daughter with the parents she found it hard to communicate with on any levels. There are so many layers and years of hurt to wade through and it is enthralling. Rory’s birthday is the episode that a) had me sobbing (possible tooth removal related/maybe not) and b) blended Rory’s Chilton anxiety with the complicated Gilmore family situation. There is so much hurt coming from both Lorelai and Emily, but they are both far too proud/stubborn to unburden their pain without a big blowout and Rory is caught in the middle as the catalyst for why Lorelai left home. I just find this whole dynamic fascinating.

What do you make of all this? Are they balancing the two focal points well?

(ed. note – the facial expression on that background actor is A+)

Gilmore Girls 1.06 EmilyJulie: Well, I’ve been enjoying Gilmore Girls so much that I haven’t been able to limit myself to watching it in small chunks. I finished season two last night, in fact. I’m a Gilmore Girls junkie!

In our first discussion, I mentioned that I wasn’t sure how I felt about Rory, specifically Alexis Bledel’s performance as Rory. My fears are gone. I’m all-in on Rory and all-in on Bledel’s performance. She strikes me as a girl who is trying to imitate her mother’s cadences in some ways, while at the same time trying to find her own footing. In the first few episodes, we get the sense that Rory’s greatest influence on her life is her mother, and Lorelai likes it that way. In “Kill Me Now,” Rory takes her first steps toward a relationship with her grandfather, and she (and her mother) realize that Rory may have a lot more in common with him than anyone suspected.

On the surface, this show feels like simply a too-slick, fast-talking show, but it is so, so, so stinking much more than that. The relationships! Oh, my god! All of them are so fully realized and so complex. The mother-daughter dynamics, father-daughter, Rory and the Chilton kids, Rory and the kids from Stars Hollow. It’s all fantastic.

In “Cinnamon’s Wake” and “Rory’s Birthday Parties” we get to see the both the town and the Chilton kids fleshed out a little bit. Part of the reason this show works so well (both emotionally and humor-wise) is because of the characters that fill out the settings. At first, I thought the minor characters were a little too much, but I’ve grown to love them. The show reminds me of Parks & Rec, what with its fully realized town with all the history and baggage and relationships therein.

Speaking of relationships, these episodes introduce love interests for the two leads — Max and Dean. What do you think of these guys? Are they worthy of the Lorelais?

Gilmore Girls 1.05 Rory and DeanEmma: Wow! You really have got into it (I’m blaming the big stack of books I got for Christmas and the Mr Robot catch-up for my not so stellar effort).

The Rory/Richard relationship is an interesting one because there’s no pretense between them and it doesn’t have the same built in complexities of Emily and Lorelai rubbing off on her. I get the sense that Lorelai has never really had that much of a relationship with her father either because he was away on business a lot or there is no shared common ground between the two. Rory instantly gets that one step closer to him because of her academic interests and because she agrees to try out golf in “Kill Me Now.” Not that Richard is all that happy she will be interrupting his Saturday leisure time. Except she is not only a hit with his friends – who are kinda the worst and who he seems quite tired of – and she gets all the gossip while she is in the sauna earning a Peyton Place reference. I think Richard is genuinely taken by his granddaughter’s ambitions even if she can’t hit a ball properly and the talk of Fez comes up once again in “Rory’s Birthday Parties.” Upon googling Fez I found out that Cristiano Ronaldo was on holiday there recently.

There’s a lot of different emotional levels that Rory has to hit in these early episodes and already Alexis Bledel is nailing the different directions she is being pulled in and I wonder if being slightly inexperienced is actually helping her portrayal of keeping up with this balancing act. Her relationship with her mother already feels so lived in from how close they are to the ridiculous fight over the borrowed sweater and who has bigger boobs.

I can definitely see the Parks & Rec comparisons and at first I found the neighbors and their cat story to be too much, but as “Cinnamon’s Wake” continued it still remained all kinds of ridiculous but I also found it far more endearing. Especially the whole scale of the house and how tall her boyfriend/husband is. I am also so here for Emily reacting to Lorelai going to a cat wake but not one of a family member she hasn’t really ever interacted with.

This town is larger than life and filled with lots of kooky customers, but they have done a good job of making them more than just caricatures. This a community that supports each other, but will also tell you when your outfit is a bad choice. If it didn’t have that bite of hilarious honesty it might get too saccharine.

So love interests ahoy and I already think Lorelai can do better as this dude is far too slick for my liking. Luke is obviously for the long term (and Emily can totally see how he feels about her daughter in that two second ice interaction) and the dating one of Rory’s teachers seems like a natural path. I don’t see Max lasting for too long.

Dean is a whole different story and he has longevity written all over him. For starters he has that super cute boy appeal, he seems nice and he has the most late 90s/early 00s teen boy haircut ever. Perfect bangs to hide behind. Rory likes him, he likes Rory but she is really nervous around him and it’s clear she hasn’t had too much (if any) experience with boys. Which is why it comes as such a shock to her mom when she sees Rory with Dean outside getting a very thoughtful birthday present. I do have a feeling there will be heartbreak and conflict in the future.

The other potential love interest I guess is CMM’S super skeezy and extra annoying Tristan. Really, he is the worst. Rory has no interest in him, but Paris does and things begin to thaw when Paris realizes that Rory does not want to be her love rival for CMM’s affections. And they oh so civilly agree that Harvard is a big enough school for them both to attend.

What did you make of these relationship developments?

Gilmore Girls 1.06 iBookJulie: Ah, see, I liked Max right from the start. He’s definitely slicker than Luke, but he has a good rapport with Lorelai. One thing I really like about this show is how honest they are about Lorelai’s dating life. She’s freaking Lauren Graham, and the men on the show do notice that. But she’s Rory’s mom first, and you do get the sense that she’s put her own personal life on hold while Rory was growing up. Now that Rory’s older, Lorelai’s starting to take steps toward serious dating. I can only imagine how tough that must be, to walk the line between “my daughter is my best friend” and sheltering Rory from that part of her life.

But, yeah, Rory doesn’t need Lorelai as much anymore. She’s got Dean with the floppy late ’90s/early aughts hair. I’ve never gotten the Jared Padalecki “thing” before, but he’s super cute on this show. I can understand how the women who grew up with him as Dean on GG followed him to Supernatural and never stopped talking about him.

Dean of course feels “long-term” here, and that makes sense to me. Rory feels like a “long-term” girl. She and her mom don’t let people in easily and they’re going to make sure Dean’s gonna stick before they let him into their world.

Speaking of Rory and Lorelai and Dean, I LOVE how the writers have thrown this wrench into the mother-daughter relationship. Lorelai got pregnant when she was Rory’s age. Now there’s a Dean. Lorelai obviously doesn’t want to repeat the mistakes of her own mother, so how is she going to navigate Rory’s dating life without fretting that Rory could end up like Lorelai?

Also, Paris. I love Paris. She can do so much better than CMM. Everyone can.

What else do you have to add?

Gilmore Girls 1.06 Rory and ParisEmma: The Lorelai dating stuff is great and while I’m not here for Max at the moment they do have good back and forth banter, which is very much the tone of the writing on this show. I like that we are joining Lorelai and Rory at a time where just the two of them and everything that has made their relationship quite insular is being opened up to all these other relationships/outside factors.

Dean definitely fits the ideal cute boy on a teen show thing and I’ve never seen the appeal with Jared Padalecki, but I’ve never seen Supernatural either. But it definitely makes sense for why he is such a heartthrob and it would have been like if Joshua Jackson had done Fringe straight after Dawson’s Creek. Okay, Joshua Jackson is still very much a thing for me.

I hadn’t even considered the whole Lorelai being worried that Rory will fall head over heels and make the same mistakes thing and this is another case of layers on top of layers. For every aspect of Lorelai being a cool mom (and not a COOL mom) there are going to be cases where she is going to resort to the types of parenting she would see more in line with Emily. This is about to get juicy.

Paris is someone who I also adore and I was hoping they would make the traditional journey from enemies to frenemies to besties. As long as Lane can come along for the ride.

Gilmore Girls 1.03 Rory and LorelaiFashion wise the early aughts continue to prove just how awful they were for style taking all the worst aspects of the 90s including chokers on both Rory and Lorelai (Lorelai’s one had some kind of belt clasp in “Kill Me Now” at the world’s creepiest wedding – although I did adore the mother of the girl twins and how little fucks she had left to give). Rory’s golf hat (which I wrote about here) was a fave for all the Carol connotations and I also appreciated Lorelai’s B-52’s tee. The bracelet Emily gets Rory is very much like all the plastic jewelry I adorned my arms with (although none of it ever lit up) and those party dresses are very much of the time (and they can stay there). And just like Felicity, Rory got an iBook Clamshell. The WB laptop of choice (and once again I am very jealous).

Small moments like Lorelai telling Rory the story of her birth at 4.03 am feels like something she does every year and I like that even at this early point in the show they know their strengths in this relationship and the storytelling.

What do you make of Sookie? I know we discussed her last time and they’re still alternating between her being more of a human being with this super kooky side. I like what Melissa McCarthy does most of the time but sometimes it comes across as a little too manic/hyper. The stuff with Luke was very funny and I can definitely see them winding each other up in the future.

Gilmore Girls 1.06 Sookie and EmilyJulie: It’s hard to talk about Sookie and Luke now that I’ve seen so many episodes. Short answer: I love them. Melissa McCarthy is a bit manic in this role, but Sookie does settle down after a few episodes.

That bracelet Lorelai said Rory would love seemed like something Rory would never wear to me. Was this Lorelai trying to sabotage Rory’s relationship with her grandmother? Plot twist!

From the relationships to the people in the town, I love how this show feels so LIVED IN. You really get the sense that everyone on screen existed before they filmed the pilot and we’re only just now getting to know them. I adore it.

Gilmore Girls 1.06 shoppingEmma: I am glad however, that Emily did not go for the guitar purse. That would have been true sabotage from Lorelai.

Julie Hammerle is, according to Klout, an expert in the areas of both Morgan Freeman and glasses. Her writing can be found at chicagonow.com/hammervision and you can holler at her on Twitter as well.

TV Rewind: Felicity, “The Love Bug” and “Getting Lucky”

22 May

Felicity, Episodes 2.6 & 2.7
“The Love Bug” & “Getting Lucky”
Original Air Dates: Nov. 7 & 14, 1999

Felicity 2.07 cerealJulie: These were a horny couple of episodes. In the first one, everyone in Felicity’s dorm was coming (pun intended) down with mono, AKA “the kissing disease.” (Or so they thought.) And in the second episode, Felicity is trying to psych herself up to bang David.

First of all, Felicity (with her new haircut) and David look so right together as a couple (even if they’re that boring couple you always “forget” to invite to your dinner parties). They almost kind of look alike. But they’re also so serious. I guess we don’t know that much about David as a person at this point, or about how is temperament is, but he seems very bookish and bland, just like Felicity. I think she needs to be with someone a little more fun-loving. Of course, it really doesn’t matter all that much how David is since he’s just a B-list guy, and she’ll probably be done with him in time for November sweeps.

(I also want to point out before I forget how weird it is that Noel thinks he now has one up on David because he (Noel) hasn’t slept with Felicity. I mean, I get what he’s saying about preserving the pre-sex mystery between him and Felicity, but David just got to have actual sex with her. In what world is that a win for Noel?)

So, yeah. These two episodes were all about trying to become more physically intimate with someone. In the first episode, Felicity is desperate for David to kiss her; and in the second, David is desperate to bone. In “The Love Bug,” Felicity and David’s lips are kept apart due to germs and David’s stand-offishness and Felicity’s heretofore undisclosed ex-relationship with Noel. In “Getting Lucky,” it’s a dog and Felicity’s lack of experience that keep her and David from sealing the deal.

There’s also more more more sex in the form of Ruby getting a diaphragm and Meghan hooking up with that dorky resident and Sean seeing Julie in a bra and Ben getting busy with Teri Polo.

What did you think about how DTF everyone on Felicity is all of a sudden?

Felicity 2.06 Elena and JulieEmma: Felicity is with David and Noel is seeing Ruby, but it’s still very much about Felicity and Noel. They’re very much friends again and yet there’s this whole other part as they’ve got undeniable chemistry and a connection. They clearly enjoying spending time with each other and yet they’re also both drawn to these other people. It’s clear to both David and Ruby that this is more than friendship, especially after the eyelash moment – it’s such a traditional move, but there is something so intimate about this gesture, or at least on TV there is.

Noel fucks up by saying Felicity’s name when he’s kissing Ruby; Ruby is of course embarrassed that she’s told Felicity things (including the birth control question and I love how dedicated this show is to mentioning safe sex in a not too stiff fashion, boom boom) and that Felicity has also divulged this info with Elena (and therefore Noel). This seems like a bad RA move. David’s feeling fragile about this whole thing and has trust issues, so this Noel clanger is a red flag. All it takes is a super germy kiss – it’s the flu, not mono – to convince him to give it another go. Ruby also gives Noel another chance, which ugh, because she is still super grating. It’s ok as she’s shooting a movie with Tom Cruise (what was this subplot?!) so she’ll be gone for a few episodes.

Noel’s whole reasoning about mystery and why he’s glad he never slept with Felicity induced a whole lot of eye rolling from me, because pretty much what?! It wreaks of putting Felicity up on a pedestal/trying to find something unique when really he should realise their uniqueness isn’t that they didn’t have sex, but how close they are. It’s shit like this that makes me edge towards Ben even if he’s off on his own storyline with older, married women.

I also agree with you about David as he’s sweet enough and that’s about it. There doesn’t seem to be much fire there, nor is there a crazy amount of chemistry. It might be Standards and Practices, but their several attempts at hooking up feature awkward kissing and lying on top of each other, which doesn’t look that great. At least Ben got to be part of a cliche counter sweep – also what is Teri Polo’s tattoo other than a very ’90s mistake? – and there was an element of passion.

I’m not sure how I feel about Elena’s psych 101’ing Felicity when it comes to sex and it kind of felt a bit like Julie shaming her last season. Yes Felicity is inexperienced, but her friends don’t have to talk to her like she’s completely naive. I’m glad Elena acknowledged that this was pretty shitty of her later on and I get why she thought she was being helpful, but good intentions don’t always end in good results. What did you think of Elena’s advice?

When it comes to the sudden horniness I wonder if it was a network note as the first 5 episodes are very much about fixing relationships and talking. This is part of why Felicity is so endearing, but it’s a college show so sex is expected.

Felicity 2.06 Noel and FelicityJulie: The eyelash thing is funny. The husband and I were recently at a party and someone was OBVIOUSLY hitting on someone else there. Other people said, no way. Nothing was going on. But it SO WAS. It was obvious to most of us sitting there watching it play out. I’m sure Noel and Felicity thought they weren’t being flirty or inappropriate, but it was just that they couldn’t contain their secret lust for each other. When there’s an attraction, there’s an attraction, and shines like a spotlight on the people involved. Or maybe I’m just too busy paying attention to other people’s business and need to get my own self a life.

Noel saying Felicity’s name is a huge gaff. As much as I am on Team Felicity in all of this, I understand Ruby’s annoyance with all of it. Noel and Felicity have been carrying on this secret little relationship without Ruby knowing about it. They never told her the truth about their past, and now Noel is moaning Felicity’s name during their intimate moments. Ruby’s got beef.

Ah, the ’90s and their subtle safe sex messages. I liked Ruby asking for a diaphragm. That was unexpected. Keepin’ it fresh, Felicity.

The Ruby/Tom Cruise movie subplot is RIDICULOUS. Your question of “What is this subplot?” is dead on. What is it? Why is it? Maybe if we were able to see some of the shooting ourselves, or if the shoot itself became a subplot, it might be palatable, but right now it’s just so random. There had to have been a more logical way to get rid of Ruby for a few episodes. Death, for example.

Teri Polo’s tattoo only made me think of Ted Mosby, so I’m grateful for that. Ben gets to have all the good hooking up on this show. He’s had counter sex and a friend’s girlfriend showed up at his house naked and he’s been randomly kissed in a bar by said friend’s girlfriend. Felicity gets boring horizontal smooching with her lame boyfriend while a dog watches them. And Noel gets Ruby, who probably doesn’t even know what sex is, she’s so dim. And then there’s Sean and Elena, who get NOTHING.

As far as Elena goes, I wasn’t a big fan of her prude-shaming Felicity. The girl had never even had a boyfriend by the time she got to college. She had one night of art-fueled passion with that MTV veejay. Give the girl a break. Maybe she was avoiding sex with David because she really wasn’t ready (or because David is lame; either way, good excuses).

You know who else is not a good friend? Julie, for walking around in front of Sean in that bra.

This show is starting to get a little gimmicky. What did you think about the illness plot and the dreaded stray dog who touches all our lives?

Felicity 2.07 LuckyEmma: When it comes to safe sex, this show is very keen to place the responsibility on both parties and this including checking dates on condoms (and Noel is super awkward doing this, because of course) and mentioning stats and the like. It’s a tad PSA-y, but it’s better to be like this than cavalier or focusing on just the pregnancy issue. I guess in a way it also reflects the period the writers grew up in when the HIV/AIDS was incredibly prevalent and so using condoms became way more than a way to stop pregnancy.

I had this discussion the other day off the back of a Normal Heart promo about how most of the early AIDS awareness stuff happened when we were too young to really understand, but the death of Freddie Mercury was our entry point into what this disease was capable of. This is a digression, but basically yay Felicity for not being afraid to talk about safe sex. And so far there’s been no pregnancy scares yet. As soon as I see someone throwing up randomly I’m gonna get mad.

Julie is so painfully oblivious to Sean’s feelings, but the dog really did her a favor by destroying yet another hideous pink shirt in her already extensive pink shirt collection. Sean is so distracted by Julie he can’t even offer Ben some very dumb advice which he normally jumps at. Julie keeps saying “I’m gonna have sex, Jack” and it’s practically killing Sean. It’s killing Julie too, but that’s because she can’t remember what movie it is from. This is why I’m thankful we have the internet in our pocket, even if it is ruining our memory retention skills. It is very satisfying when you finally do remember, minus the imdb crutch.

I have to agree with you about Lucky the dog and as a moving on device it came across as far too contrived. Felicity says Lucky had a profound effect on her and I think she’s giving the dog far too much credit as a this symbolic thing. Yes, Lucky is very cute and yes it’s a bummer when Felicity has to make the choice to put him down and this is never something I want to see. I can’t help but get frustrated at Felicity as he really is a distraction mechanism more than anything else. It’s also fortunate that Felicity has switched majors as she’s got more time for shenanigans, pre-med would not allow for hijinks like this.

In both of these episode Felicity turns into a bit of a nomad, first because Meghan’s mono (which is called glandular fever over here and I’m so glad I never had it) and then because of the dog. This puts her in close proximity to both Noel and David, upping the tension. Though there’s only really chemistry with Noel. Meanwhile Ben is very much out on a story island on his own and I hope he started to circle the orbit of the other guys relatively soon. Do you think Ben’s going to ditch Teri Polo and their work top sex now that he’s had an encounter with her husband?

Oh and don’t be judgy about things being high school Teri Polo, when you’re acting the most high school out of anyone.

How did you feel about the mono and dog of it all?

Felicity 2.06 Noel and the ladiesJulie: Of course Noel the ex-RA knows all about safe sex. He’s really the perfect character to deliver all this information, because he’s funny and awkward and would of course have all of the information at his fingertips. He’s also the kind of guy who I’d bet worries like crazy about pregnancy scares. He has too much to live for! Ben, on the other hand, he’s having sex on counters, so he’s definitely concerned about zero things.

Both of us grew up in the post-Gen X generation (the Catalano Generation). We were too young for all the awesomeness of the ’90s, but we’re not carefree Millenials, either. I know I grew up with a deep fear of dying from sex (also getting pregnant). I wonder how many kids of our generation have horrible sex issues as adults because of the incessant PSAs. Someone should make a show about that. Have they? I don’t know.

Speaking of issues, Teri Polo…I’m not sure what her angle is, but it’s a bad one. I suppose it’s the old “who knows what’s going on in anyone else’s relationship” thing, but her husband seems very sweet, remembering their anniversary and wanting to immortalize her horrible tramp stamp in frosting. Or maybe he really is a jerk. No one wants their tattoo mistake all spelled out in cake. Or maybe that’s the best, and most delicious, way to deal with one’s tattoo mistake. Now that Ben has met the guy, I’m sure (hoping) it will be harder (pun intended) for him to carry on with Teri Polo, but who knows. Sex is a hell of a drug.

I’m with you in wanting Ben to just get this over with and get back with the group, though, really, where is Ben’s place in the group now, which includes two ex-girlfriends and the guy his ex-girlfriend dumped for Ben? Not exactly a comfortable situation. But this is TV, and on TV any relationship can be mended. So I’m sure we’ll be seeing Ben and Felicity hooking up again, at least friendship wise.

As far as the dog thing goes, it just felt so lazy. Though it did provide concrete proof of Felicity’s sex issues. (Yes, Elena was mean in pointing them out, but she wasn’t wrong.) Felicity was definitely using the dog as an excuse to avoid boning David, which tells me she really didn’t want to bone him in the first place. Evidently that changed by the end of the episode, or she just talked herself into doing it. Who knows. Either way, I don’t see a lot of hope for her future with her art teacher’s son.

I’m a big fan of Julie and the random movie quote that has invaded her vernacular. I have a ton of those, so many that sometimes I don’t even realize they’re quotes anymore. Some of them even come from this short film I wrote and my friends filmed about ten years ago. That’s when you’ve reached a new low — quoting your own movie (Actually, I shoehorned one of these quotes into my YA novel manuscript. An Easter egg for all six people who saw, an love, Bloodnog).

What did we miss? Javier’s cat?

Felicity 2.06 strapless topEmma: They should definitely make that show, as being caught between generations means we don’t get awful a Time think pieces, but we also miss out on self indulgence/narcissism and sometimes I want that; the Catalano generation should be a thing and I think to some extent it is. I was terrified of sex for both pregnancy and STD related reasons and here comes my first Mean Girls reference for Felicity (!) as it reminds me of the sex ed class stating that sex equals death.

Ben and Teri Polo is exactly what we’ve been talking about when it comes to this character as he’s always changing who he is and he’s doing it all over again. I’d like to see him grown a spine and dump her. I love that she has a Filofax as I remember thinking that having one of these meant you were a real adult. It’s just occurred to me that Filofax might not be a US thing, is this a day planner to you guys?

Yeah you’re right about the movie quote thing and sometimes they stick for random reasons – it’s because of Donnie Darko that “go suck a fuck” is my go to joke insult and I guess it sounds weird when you haven’t seen the movie – I also like that certain quotes aren’t restricted to one time or one group of friends. Julie has now passed this one on and it now means something in her past and present.

The tone has been a whole lot less angsty and even though there are arguments and the like it hasn’t felt all that heavy (dog putting down aside). Javier continues to be hilarious and I love how impartial he is and of course his cat looks like that and is called Mummy (it was Mummy, right?). Meghan continues to be hilarious both when she is sick and using Felicity’s Mac without asking first.

They’re leaning a lot towards the female friendships which I’m all for and it’s hilarious when Noel is excluded from the girl chat, but I do wonder if Noel has any kind of dude friends. If only he didn’t have such an issue with Ben and then that would solve Ben’s problem of being isolated in his married lady story. Bonus.

I really liked the scene when Felicity was trying to pick an outfit that was a 3 and Elena kinda lied about her super hot strapless top, but Noel’s slack jaw reaction revealed Elena’s white lie. On this occasion this is a perfectly acceptable use of Elena’s meddling. Of course Felicity changes into her pink sweater which I’m sure she was wearing in the previous episode.

How long do we give David? I’m going two more episodes tops.

Felicity 2.07 MeghanJulie: That Mean Girls reference is dead on. Kids, gather ’round. Back in the ’90s all of us were told that you would die if you had sex. That’s actually what happened. Mean Girls doesn’t lie.

We do have a Filofax here, but I think it’s something different from a day planner. Like, a Filofax would sit on your desk; you wouldn’t carry it around with you. Wait. Nope. I just looked up what Filofax is and it’s totally a day planner. I was thinking of a Rolodex. This paragraph is useless.

But, yes, Ben should grow a spine and dump stupid Teri Polo and her Filofax. She is the worst and she made me just go off on a tangent about what a Filofax is.

One of my favorite quotes, a TV quote and not a movie one, is “There’s no Anderson” from Friends. You use it when you’re running your mouth off on a topic you know nothing about.

I think Javier’s cat was either “Mami” or “Mommy.” Probably “Mami,” since he’s Spanish.

David has been in how many so far? Three? If he signed on for a four-episode arc, his days are very numbered.

Anything else to add?

Felicity 2.07 Ben

Emma: Teri Polo is good for something now that I know what a day planner really is. And I think you could be right about David.

One final quick thing and that’s Elena calling the dog the ‘r’ word and it was so weird to hear her using this term. It definitely dated the episode and now I’m wondering when this word stopped being something that was casually thrown around like this.

Julie: Oh my yes! I completely forgot about the ‘r’ word. That was jarring, and I’m surprised it was still “OK” to call someone (or something) that back in 1999.


Julie Hammerle is, according to Klout, an expert in the areas of both Morgan Freeman and glasses. Her writing can be found at chicagonow.com/hammervision and you can holler at her on Twitter as well.

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