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The Wish List: Gina’s Wolfie Hat on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

6 Jan

The cold weather continues and Gina from Brooklyn Nine-Nine has an excellent scarf/hat/glove solution as seen on the most recent episode “Beach House.” Gina is a TV Ate My Wardrobe sweater and all round everything favorite; I think that her wolfie obsession might have inadvertently led to my yelling out “Wolfie!” each time one of the Game of Thrones direwolves appears on screen. So imagine my pure joy when I saw what Gina was wearing for the windy winter beach walk. First in the background:

Gina Wolfie hatFollowed by a closer more triumphant shot:

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Beach House GinaThe Grey Wolf Spirithood is available from SpiritHoods (the company first appeared on Shark Tank) and no real wolves were harmed in the making of this product (it is faux fur). In fact 10% of net profits are donated to help endangered species. There is more to this than just a hat/scarf/glove combo as it also has a nifty zip pocket so you can keep your phone close by for those all important Kwazy Cupcakes games (which is also now available!).

This is pretty much the most Gina costume I have seen on Brooklyn Nine-Nine and it is the perfect way to kick off the Wish List in 2015.

And the site also has this full Wolfie like jacket and now I need to see Gina in it:

Wolf jacket

Music Monday: Girls Double Bill

17 Feb

TV is generally the way I find out about bands now, gone are the days when I would do my homework and scribble down the names of songs I heard on the radio. The Girls end credits caused me to go on a Hannah Georgas binge after hearing the song “Millions” after last week’s episode “Free Snacks.” It’s a really great pop track and I have a soft spot for anything this upbeat that can drop an f-bomb without it sounding ridiculous and out of place.

The Girls closing track often sounds optimistic even if what we’ve seen before it has been less so; lyrics and melody don’t always mean the same thing so the words might be bleaker than the tune suggests. “Beach Hose” aired a lot of grievances that have been long bubbling under the surface and the Marnie/Hannah relationship has been fractured since the “you’re the wound” argument. It hasn’t really recovered from Marnie sleeping with Elijah last season and his presence reinforces this notion. “How are you Doing?” by The Living Sisters closes out “Beach House” and while everyone in the song says they are fine, saying you’re fine repeatedly often means the opposite.

Is everything fine? It’s hard to know how the events of this episode will alter the already shifted dynamic of this friendship group and just because Hannah and Marnie have been friends for 8 years doesn’t mean they will be friends for another 8, no matter how many times they they’ve used the phrase BFF. This ‘truth sharing’ needed to happen and while I figured it would include a Marnie/Ray revelation, I’m glad they’re saving this bombshell for another occasion as this was first and foremost about this group of women. Shoshanna might be a cruel drunk – it’s always the most surprising person who is – and I don’t really know why she is still hanging out with them other than Jessa being her cousin. Maybe it’s the fact that they are older than her college friends and she still has romantic notions about who they are. Well maybe not after this trip.

Marnie is of course a nightmare, but she’s also at her most fascinating when she is at her worst and forced organized fun is never going to give you the weekend you desire even if you get some super awesome Instagram posts out of it – between Girls and Looking they’re really nailing the Instagram critiques. I mean the first Girls season 3 promo was all about the Instagram of it all.

Girls Beach HouseThe episode ends with no clear resolution between these four women and I think Marnie needs to accept that you can’t force fun. She should get a cushion embroidered with this remark from Hannah regarding their choreographed piece “Why does everything have to be perfect? Like it had a lot of spirit.” While waiting to leave Hannah starts doing this dance once again and one by one the others join in; is there hope for this friendship group? One thing we can rely on; there will always be great closing credits music.

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