The Americans Season 4 Extended Promo: “Do People Get Hurt?”

16 Feb

Oh, Paige. If only you knew the extent to which that question could be answered and while the one she gets is clearly a big, big lie the fact that there is so much more transparency coming to The Americans as a result of secrets shared is exciting and terrifying in equal measure. When The Americans returns in a month not only does Paige have her own indiscretion to reveal, but this new extended promo also shows that Philip’s Clark de-wigging was not a one off and he’s also kinda divulging what happened to Martha’s now dead colleague to Martha. Building on this earlier promo we get to see certain humdinger moments again such as the question of running/getting pulled out of their assignment, Stan shoving Philip up against a wall (which I still think is a misdirect), the realization that they are in deep plus Paige saying sorry. New bits include a mission that requires some sort of vaccination in the form of an injection, Stan talking to Paige about her parents leaving town and the FBI searching what looks like a hotel room.

The overall vibe is the net is closing in from all angles and the tension levels are continuing to rise (if that is possible). The stakes have never been higher and it doesn’t help that more people are aware of either who Philip and Elizabeth are. Basically the shit is really hitting the fan. It also doesn’t look too good if you are a bus driver or Gabriel and somehow it is also hard to imagine a happy ending for either Pastor Tim or Martha, but stranger things have happened.

And just because Philip and Elizabeth tell Paige that no one gets hurt (ha) this really is not going to stop the things they have to do all in the name of duty, their survival and protecting their family.The Jennings car and garage is a really interesting space in how it has been used to hide the human equivalent of a ticking time bomb in the pilot episode; this person could’ve really sounded the death knell of their relationship and even exposed their secret to the FBI agent who had just moved in, but it actually helped ignite the spark that has led to where they are now. This is a safe place and in the past it has also been where Elizabeth has found refuge with her not so secret habit of smoking cigarettes (joints are reserved for their bedroom).

The car also represents a getaway option, but for now it looks like they are using it as a place of comfort (see also the pilot episode and intimacy of a much more sexual nature) and somewhere they can share their fears without worrying about who might be listening.The levels of dread continue to build on a personal and global scale as the threat of nuclear action looms and the FX promotional department continues to crush it in detailing these aspects and themes of unity between Elizabeth and Philip from the key art we have already shared to this very Russian propaganda inspired poster.

The Americans season 4In terms of promos they excel both at cutting together moments from the new episodes as well as crafting ones which focus on the overall conflict taking place:

And also highlighting the spy/danger/sex elements; Elizabeth in sequins and red lipstick is hitting my costume and makeup sweet spots.

The Americans returns Wednesday, March 16.

6 Responses to “The Americans Season 4 Extended Promo: “Do People Get Hurt?””

  1. misty0504 March 2, 2016 at 4:10 pm #

    Thank you for your tv coverage (The Americans, Hannibal…) I’m not really that into fashion but you cover tv shows an in depth way that shows how the clothes and the visuals affect the story overall. Looking forward to this season, I’ll try to spread the word about this site.


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