Happy Galentine’s Day! 5 Dream TV Lady Friendship Celebrations

13 Feb

Galentine’s Day is here and to celebrate this annual treat we’ve come up with a variety of dream scenarios featuring some of our favorite lady friendships on TV. Friendships between women are often portrayed as fraught and full of conflict/jealousy, but there are some that avoid these common pitfalls. Okay several of the ones here are not free from turmoil, however they have grown stronger as a result and they don’t tend to fall into the usual cliches. There are plenty from past and present to consider and so this all too brief list includes both; leaning towards the shows TV Ate My Wardrobe covers on a regular basis.

Of course there are plenty of other amazing friendships between women on TV and this barely scratches the surface so let us know of your ideal Galentine’s Day TV character hangouts in the comments below.

April and LeslieYou can’t celebrate Galentine’s Day without first mentioning Leslie Knope; as the creator of this wonderful day she gets forever Galentine’s status. In this week’s Parks and Recreation April dished out a very rare hug and it made me cry a whole bunch. It is one of several friendships on this show that means a great deal and a Galentine’s event with Leslie features waffles and an array of handmade gifts.

Donna and Ann will be there and a trip to a karaoke bar will ensure another rendition of “Time After Time” takes place. Of course April knows the words.

Broad City 1.01 fursMy first thought for an Abbi and Ilana Galentine’s hangout was going to a fancy restaurant in our hottest outfits, but instead I realized that sitting on a stoop drinking booze in ridiculous clothes like these from the pilot would be a much better plan. Shenanigans on Broad City occur wherever and usually a lot of laughter follows; this sounds like a perfect way to celebrate with one of TV’s best (if not the best) lady friendships.

Diane and AliciaSo this Diane Lockhart/Alicia Florrick martini session is post funeral and our Galentine’s party would involve just as much booze and far less sadness. Alicia needs more lady friends on The Good Wife and while it seems very unlikely now for the actual show, in our fantasy scenario there will definitely be tequila shots with Kalinda.


There will of course be all the wine.

MSCL ep 12 Sharon and RayanneMy BFF OTP is long standing and while Angela is the star of My So-Called Life the friendship that developed in the school bathroom between Rayanne and Sharon has my heart. This is also the location of this Galentine’s meet-up and while it is far from glamorous, for those who have read any of the teen TV recaps I have done with Julie Hammerle you will know how important a bathroom chat is for me. And this is the ultimate one.

Felicity 2.21 drinksDancing and drinking with the ladies on Felicity. Plus a side order of post club snacks and making sure Felicity never wears this outfit ever again to round off the evening.

5 Responses to “Happy Galentine’s Day! 5 Dream TV Lady Friendship Celebrations”

  1. Steff February 13, 2015 at 12:14 pm #

    (Re: the Felicity bad outfit ref): I can attest that colored corduroy was indeed a thing in NYC in the mid 90’s, though usually with a skimpy/ratty t-shirt and not a matching jacket. I thought they always erred on the side of too preppy for NY college students living in the village (aside from Megan) at that time, it was still quite edgy and punky then.

    I loved the Rayanne and Sharon scenes too. And I love when The Good Wife has girlfriend scenes too, they are rare but always awesome.


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