The Wish List: Chunky Knits, Tees and Patterns on Orphan Black

20 May

Each clone on Orphan Black has their own distinct look and their costuming is one aspect that signifies just how different they all are. The Cosima coat is still top of the ultimate wish list and somewhere between Cosima and Sarah is where my own style preferences stand. Sarah’s wardrobe is dominated by black and Cosima is all about pattern and color; there are also those who are romantically entangled with them and this wish list includes items from Cal (who would be on another kind of wish list) and Delphine. Plus, Helena’s new threads courtesy of Felix and it’s a big clothes sharing week.

Orphan Black Cal cardiganCal’s attire is outdoorsy and rugged with lot of chunky knits, plaid shirts and beanies; he looks like he’s always ready to bolt (just like Sarah) and can handle whatever shit is thrown at him. There is a mystery to Cal and his collection of fake IDs in “Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est” suggest he could be more involved than Sarah expects. Cal’s style is the opposite of Paul’s black tees/immaculate suits, but there is a chance that Cal has a military background like Paul and looks are definitely deceiving. This cable knit brown cardigan from Diesel looks super comfy and it’s probably why Sarah ends up nabbing it.

Orphan blackSarah doesn’t have a whole lot of clothes with her so it makes sense for her to lay claim to something that looks this cozy and she spends a lot of “Governed as if by Chance” instinctively wrapping it around herself. It softens Sarah, as does this connection with Cal. Sadly this cardigan might be lost to the murder/torture location of Rachel’s previously immaculate apartment.

Helena unicornHelena has spent far too long in various blood stained clothes from her off white slip last season to the wedding dress she escaped in. Thankfully Felix donates some of his castoffs in “Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est” to Helena including this maroon tee with a unicorn on it. Helena is a magical unicorn of a character and she is quickly becoming my favorite clone, so this shirt is pretty apt.

Costuming plays an important role in how we perceive these characters and so Sarah’s hard edge is tempered in Cal’s cardie; in a similar respect by giving Helena something that resembles regular clothes she comes across as far less feral. From this wonderfully sneery shot above, the mass of blonde hair and dark roots don’t even give off an air of instability.

Orphan Black HelenaHowever when you factor in the whole outfit Felix has donated, Helena looks just as erratic. Yep that’s a pair of cowboy boots, Beetlejuice-esque pants and a fantastic Felix coat. The cutting of the hair and Helena’s manic gaze, coupled with the strong blue light makes this big bag of surreal. Instead of wearing clothes that read as ultra feminine like a slip or wedding dress, Helena’s now got a more masculine ensemble and this seems like an intentional move as she has been horrifically violated.

Orphan Black CosimaCosima’s lab coat is never too far away and yet nothing about her style screams scientist as she’s the most boho of the clones. Mixing patterns and textures is a key element and in the shot above Cosima is wearing a cardigan with studded shoulders, two turquoise necklaces and a purple ruched waist dress from See by Chloé. Cosima also mixes baggy with fitted pieces and abstract prints tends to be the unifying theme. Cosima is comfortable in her own skin and this evident in how she presents herself.

Orphan Black horse shirtPattern isn’t restricted to Cosima and Delphine’s horse print collarless blouse shows that couples do sometimes mirror each other’s style (Sarah has literally borrowed from Cal’s wardrobe with his cardigan). This reminds me of this French Connection dress from last year and perhaps “put a horse on it” could become an extension of the bird of it all.

For more wish lists head here.


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