Out of the Box: Look of the Week

7 Jun

There has been a couple of award shows this week with both the CFDA and Glamour magazine hosting glitzy affairs and the pre-Emmy nomination roundtables are in full swing. Some of these have already been covered here at TV Ate My Wardrobe and have featured some really fantastic looks. As always there are no real rules to this weekly feature and as always it is a snapshot of what I have been watching (and looking at online) and each pick is for a variety of reasons including; what it adds to the storyline, what it tells us about the characters involved or simply because it looks good.

Winner: Megan Draper on Mad Men “A Tale of Two Cities”

Megan hippie lookWhile the Megan Draper theories have gone from slightly crazy to Don Draper hallucinating crazy the costuming for Megan this season has shown why Janie Bryant is so revered. Megan’s closet is huge and it needs to be as she has alternates between glamorous fashion forward pieces to her more relaxed look at home that wouldn’t look out of place in 2013. In Don’s drug induced hallucination he sees Megan in hippie attire, which matches the general look of the Hollywood party they are attending. This is the most relaxed Megan has looked all season though it’s not really Megan, but Don’s projection of the perfect version of Megan; she has quit her job and she is pregnant. The thing that drew Don to Megan in the first place was how she was with his children and California is the place where he cemented their relationship from a casual fling to fiancé. They have recently discussed the state of their relationship and even though they seem better than they have been for the entire year there is still distance (and not just the physical kind) between them. Is Megan actually pregnant or is this just wishful thinking on Don’s part?

Runner Up: Adam Scott and Amy Poehler in The Greatest Event in Television History

adam scott hart to hartLast night Adult Swim aired Adam Scott’s second “Greatest Event in Television History” and this time he teamed up with Parks and Recreation co-star Amy Poehler to recreate the opening title sequence of Hart to Hart. Both look like they are having a ball with the late ’70s/early ’80s look and if I didn’t know any better I would think that this was a Ben and Leslie fantasy sequence – though that would probably involve either Game of Thrones or political faces throughout history.

Runner Up: Ellie Kemper at The Hollywood Reporter Supporting Actor Photo Shoot


Ellie Kemper looked stunning at the CFDA Fashion Awards earlier this week and even though The Office has finished this doesn’t mean that this is the last we have seen of Kemper talking about her role on this show as she takes part in both Variety and The Hollywood Reporter’s Emmy discussions. Kemper talks about her experience coming onto The Office in season 5 when it was already a big hit and dealing with it finishing saying “the most emotional moment was when we filmed The Office finale. I was crying and crying, which is actually unusual for me.” I hadn’t watched The Office for two seasons but that final episode had me balling (one of these moments was when Joan Cusack revealed that she was Erin’s mother). As I said earlier in the week I really hope that Kemper gets to play roles beyond the standard girlfriend and funny best friend parts as she is a really terrific comedic actress.

What was your look of the week?

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  1. Adam Scott and Amy Poehler in the Greatest Event in Television History | TV Ate My Wardrobe - June 8, 2013

    […] each other considering how closely they work on Parks and Rec (this is all in jest of course). Both look fantastic in their Hart to Hart costumes with Poehler rocking the feathered hair to maximum […]

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