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Music Monday: Mixed Emotions and the Togetherness End Credits

4 Apr

The end is near for Togetherness and there is just enough time for a couple more excellent end credit song choices to accompany scenes of renewed friendships and broken marriages. End credit music is one of my soundtrack obsessions and HBO half-hours rate highly on the excellent song choice meter with Girls and Looking – another two season affair *sob* – performing well on this front. You’re the Worst is another title contender for best closing music and there is something special about a show which can end an episode with the perfect song that sums up the emotions of what we have just watched.TogethernessLast year Togetherness introduced me to Lily & Madeleine – I have been listening to them non-stop since including earlier today – and the music department has a fondness for excellent lady artists and this tradition continued this week with Laura Marling and the melancholy “Walk Alone.”

I’m feeling pretty sad that Togetherness only has one more episode to go and as a end credits song bonus I’m going to leave you with the much more upbeat “My Mistakes” by Eleanor Friedberger from last week’s episode “Geri-ina” and a song I have danced around my kitchen to on numerous occasions.

No pressure guys, but I have high expectations for next week’s series finale and the final final song choice.


Music Monday: The Midweek Edition – Lily & Madeleine

4 Mar

The Sunday night HBO shows all closed their episodes with excellent music choices and while both Girls with Chet Baker and Looking’s Spiritualized offering are both A+, I am going with Togetherness as this midweek edition of Music Monday. TV has introduced me to plenty of bands and artists I might not have heard otherwise and this morning has been spent listening to Lily & Madeleine.

First up “Come to Me Now” and the song which introduced me to this wonderful duo as it played during the final emotionally heavy scene and credits of “Party Time.” Punctuating Tina’s “I’m not really good at anything” declaration it offers some semblance of hope in Tina’s moment of despair; a moment I know I have experienced where you can’t figure out what the fuck you are meant to be doing and feel pretty garbage about some of your life choices.

And because I have spent the morning in this semi-productive state while also having flashes of creative self-doubt (standard Wednesday behavior) here is something from Lily & Madeleine’s new “Blues Blades” Acoustic Sessions EP. The song is a cover of Alex Turner’s “Stuck on the Puzzle” from the excellent coming of age movie Submarine. I love both versions and they manage to capture this feeling of being lost.

TV soundtracks forever helping to serve up new music to listen to.

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