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The Leftovers Season 3 Premiere Red Carpet

5 Apr

April is a busy TV month and my most anticipated returning show is The Leftovers, which is back for one final season. The HBO promotional machine is doing some great work including several teasers and key art which does a good job of following on from the imagery used for the previous two seasons. Plus this time Kevin is not alone in his rage or grasping for a hand he can’t quite reach.

The premiere took place last night in LA and a lot of the cast were in attendance. Plus some expected famous dates and one that was maybe a bit of surprise.The ladies of The Leftovers (minus Liv Tyler and Janel Moloney) in a fun mix of styles, color and pattern. Love the color and shimmer of Carrie Coon’s frock and this is my favorite look from this group.

Margaret Qualley’s jacket is a dream, but I would definitely chop off the sheer portion of her frock and turn it into a Cher from tribute. That Calvin Klein dress is very much on point for the current ’90s nostalgia boom. Jasmin Savoy Brown gets the lipstick win and Amy Brenneman is serving great drama.And the dudes with various shades of grey, Justin Theroux doing his skinny/black suit thing and Kevin Carroll adding both pattern and color. I applaud Carroll’s effort to do something different, but the suit needs to be slightly more fitted and he could take some tie width lessons from Theroux. Jovan Adepo gets the grey suit win.And the creatives with Mimi Leder (I will always think of E.R. when I see her name), Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta joined by Justin Theroux and Carrie Coon.In unexpected celebrity at this premiere news because I didn’t realize they were dating; I give you Paris Hilton. And Chris Zylka matched his tie to her dress. I wonder if she watches the show.  This is quintessential Jen and Justin red carpet attire, it is fine but also nothing to get excited about. Got to give Jennifer Aniston the pocket point bonus though and Justin Theroux gives great slightly raised eyebrow always.

The Leftovers Season 2 Promo: No Miracle in Miracle

6 Aug

Throwing an extra component into the mystery and a change of location could be what The Leftovers needs as the town of Mapleton was starting to feel claustrophobic as the weight of the missing threatened to suffocate those left behind. Season 2 is doing just this and taking what looks like most of the Garvey clan, Nora, her brother Matt and his wife Mary to a town in Texas where none of the population disappeared on October 14. A town that happens to be called Miracle where all is not as it seems (dun dun dun).

This promo introduces us to Kevin and Nora’s – they are still together much to my delight – friendly new neighbors played by Regina King and Kevin Carroll with an invitation to a birthday dinner . Starting fresh doesn’t mean the slate is wiped clean as things go from idyllic porch hugs to disappearances, fights and people who are dead appearing in the background. But it will be nice to see Kevin and Nora happy for a few moments before it all goes to hell again and I’m really excited about this second season. Very much feeling Nora’s new summery look (will write more on this) with a whole lot of red and white attire; I can’t wait to have Carrie Coon back acting the shit out of everything on TV once again.

The Leftovers returns Sunday, October 4.

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