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First Trailer For Burton & Taylor: “We’re Addicts Elizabeth, You and I”

8 Jul

Last month the first photo of Helena Bonham Carter and Dominic West as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton was released and now we have the first trailer. Set in 1983 the 90-minute drama tells the story of the pair performing together in Noël Coward’s play Private Lives. Burton and Taylor are known for having a love story for the ages; one that was passionate and turbulent and this biopic will chronicle one of their last periods.

The promo reveals both personal and public aspects of Burton and Taylor, with Burton comparing their story to addiction and Taylor responds with “Love is not a drug.” In this case it might very well be. Both Helena Bonham Carter and Dominic West look up for the task of playing such well known figures and their chemistry is obvious form this preview; it’s probably safe to say that this will be a much better attempt at portraying their story than Lifetime’s Liz & Dick, which aired last year.

I’m already obsessed with Burton’s camel coat and blue scarf combo as he walks down to the subway and it looks like it will be a costuming feast for the eyes.

Burton & Taylor airs on BBC 4 and BBC America later this year.


First Look at the BBC’s Elizabeth Taylor/Richard Burton Biopic

5 Jun

We’ve had Lifetime’s Liz & Dick, now it’s time for the BBC’s Burton & Taylor with The Wire’s Dominic West and Oscar nominee Helena Bonham Carter playing the title roles. The 90-minute drama is set in 1983 when the couple were reunited in the Noël Coward’s play Private Lives. The couple had already been married and divorced twice by this point and this biopic will focus on their fractured relationship as it played out in both the private and public eye.

Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor are considered to be one of the most fraught and passionate romance stories of the twentieth century and while Liz & Dick is considered to be mess (see the Fug Girls “Fug the Fromage” for a rundown of how terrible it looks) the creative talent behind Burton & Taylor will hopefully produce a biopic worthy of their story.

Burton and Taylor

In a recent interview with Vogue, Helena Bonham Carter explains that “It’s about two people who can’t live with each other and can’t live without each other. It’s very sad. And very touching.” Bonham Carter tells the magazine that she loves researching a character and luckily for her there is a wealth of information on this epic romance including passionate love letters.

Burton & Taylor airs on BBC 4 and BBC America later this year.

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