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The Wish List: Jane’s Summer Dress on Jane the Virgin

21 Jan

It is far from summer dress weather and the grey sky that is my current view is rather uninviting; however I finally caught up on Jane the Virgin which has charming and a generally sunny disposition while set in an almost always warm climate (with the occasional hurricane). The costuming is a whole lot of flirty frocks, shorts, tanks and vest tops all ideal for Long Beach. Jane’s attire tends to be on the more relaxed side although her teaching placement requires a less casual approach to her dress choices. Sometimes this goes array as was the case when she fell asleep in her clubbing outfit (which became almost school appropriate with the addition of a cardigan).

Chapter SixThe dress I want to talk about (and add to my own collection) appears in Chapter Six and falls into Jane’s work wear category. It’s floral and cute, plus it has pockets which is what I want from a dress. And guess what? It is also super affordable! H&M is where you can find this dress and it makes me so happy to see Jane wear clothes that make sense for her budget. And even though this is a summer wear for Jane, a pair of tights, cute ankle boots and a cardigan could easily turn it into a winter floral frock. The pink belt is a good extra touch and there are plenty of color belts that would work.

H&MBy doing these wish lists I often marvel at the cost of some character’s clothing collections and it doesn’t always make the most amount of sense considering their job or lifestyle – even Olivia Pope with her two $2000 cardigans seems like a stretch. In Chapter Six Jane’s favorite store Target even gets in on the multifloral dress action. This isn’t to say that Jane doesn’t wear more splurge heavy clothes as in the same episode she’s wearing a Joie romper that was originally priced at just over $300, but hey it is a start.

While thinking about the cost of my closet I know I have a couple of more expensive pieces (coats, dresses and shoes mostly) with the majority coming from stores at price points like H&M or Uniqlo and it is encouraging to see costume designers utilizing brands like these when a character doesn’t have an endless stream of disposable income.

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