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Mulder and Scully Costume Updates and Mirroring on The X-Files

26 Jan

Mulder has quickly switched out his off duty casual wear back to his FBI Agent suit attire in the second episode of the new X-Files revival – which, thankfully was a huge improvement on the first – and TV Ate My Wardrobe costume designer favorite Christopher Hargadon manages to banish the thought of all things 90s baggy in an instant.

I’m not even going to think about the logistics of Mulder and Scully getting their old office and positions back after so much time away; instead let’s focus on a few things that jumped out regarding the clothes they are wearing now they are back on their old stomping ground.

The X-Files 10.02 Mulder and Scully The X-Files 10.02 Scully and Mulder The X-files 10.02In each instance there is a color that ties Mulder and Scully together with the last shot being the most overt with Scully’s top wine color top and Mulder’s tie. In their dressing down from Skinner – just like old times! – they’ve both opted for serious and muted attire. This somber look also mirrors their shared grief when it comes to the son they gave up and we get to see both characters imagine what could have been starting with the good, quickly followed by the devastating if William had stayed in their lives.

And when we first see Mulder and Scully back on the case the blue of Mulder’s tie and Scully’s jacket combined with their matching white shirts show that despite the time they have spent apart they are very much on the same page; this is one partnership with roots that go deep. So while the tailoring is sharper and the silhouettes are more defined, they are still very much the Mulder and Scully of the past; the rich history and intimacy is evident in not only how they look at each other, but how they mirror each other. Right down to the flashlights.

At times I wish they had let these factors do all the talking because the dialogue in both these first two episodes does a lot more explaining than is necessary and feels pretty clunky in places. The chemistry between Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny has not lost any of its fire and yep those feeeeeeelings are very much in place.

In the UK Vogue January 2016 issue Gillian Anderson talks about Scully’s updated look saying “I had worked with Chris [Hargadon] on Hannibal, in which he got to express his creative genius through Hannibal’s fine tailoring. Our squarish FBI agents were perhaps not quite so fun to dress, yet it was still essential to precisely define their typical wardrobes. So Scully is still a bit homely but with a taste for fabric and color, more cotton than silk, no zips or accents, nothing too fitted, no patterns.” Pretty much the opposite of what you might see the Alicia Florrick, Diane Lockhart or Lucca Quinn wear on The Good Wife.

I was excited to see Hargadon working on The X-Files because even though there was no way Scully would wear anything like Bedelia wore; he clearly has an excellent eye for tailoring. He is also killer when it comes to making a murder suit, a skill which could come in handy on this show. The links to Hannibal in “Founder’s Mutation” came in the slightly more obscure (suicide method) to the more overt with Kacey Rohl’s (Abigail Hobbs) guest starring.

One other costuming moment that stood out comes at the end of the episode and Mulder’s vision of William being taken; the grey tee evokes plenty of memories of Mulder from the season 2 premiere “Little Green Men.”

The X-Files 10.02 Mulder Mulder Little Green MenThe 2016 version is far less sweaty and has longer sleeves, but you get the point.

Best of TV Costuming 2015: Alana Bloom – Queen of Ladysuits on Hannibal

16 Dec

Welcome to TV Ate My Wardrobe’s “Best of 2015” costuming series and rather than doing a straightforward countdown we’re going to do a variety of posts that look at which costumes and shows have made a huge impact this year. From items we want in our own wardrobe to pieces that got everyone talking; we want to celebrate the work of television’s best costume designers.

There is one red carpet trend which has brought so much hand clapping joy this year. Nope it’s not sheer of which there has been far too much once again; instead it is something which led to one of my favorite hashtag alerts – #LadySuitWatch2015. The Emmy pre parties where awash with this and there have been many ladysuit wearers throughout 2015 and yet there is one TV character who reigns supreme when it comes to this style. Step on down, Dr. Alana Bloom!

From the first Hannibal season 3 promo photos which featured Alana in a very Hannibal like getup I knew the show was taking a fantastic turn with her costuming drawing away from the patterned wrap dresses of her pre-defenestration life.

Hannibal S3 - Alana BloomLast year I discussed how Will Graham altered his look when he got of the mental institution and Hannibal certainly does have a certain influence on those around him. It’s not like Alana wants to become Hannibal in order to catch him and yet she has been physically and mentally changed by her experience in the house of horror at the end of season 2; this is all too clear in her wardrobe switch-up. Instead the change in costuming signifies how much Hannibal has impacted her taste and there is an element of him leaving a lasting impression, subconscious or otherwise.

Aesthetically between the stronger curls, red lip and different silhouette there is a somewhat femme fatale vibe and this works in favor when presenting a hardened Alana Bloom. Hannibal is visually stunning on every level and costume designer Christopher Hargadon has outdone himself in season 3 from Hannibal’s European look to Bedelia’s stunning blue ensemble.

The ladysuits work in both the opulent and cold location of the Verger residence and later when she is in charge of the facility housing Hannibal in the second half of the season; it is a look which asserts dominance. There is a shift in the power dynamic and Alana’s fancy attire is in stark contrast to Hannibal’s drab jumpsuit. There are some particularly out there choices, including my own personal fave which resembles both a ringmaster and one of Hannibal’s Florence suits.

Hanibal 3.09 Alana and Will

Hannibal 3.09 Alana and HannibalIt is very much a boys club on Hannibal and whereas Alana once played the nurturing role typically associated with being a woman she has now taken on a more dominant position. This isn’t to say she has ditched her femininity entirely and beneath the surface she is still very much the heart of the show; her new wardrobe mixes both the new and old aspects of her character.

Getting to see Alana in so many different ladysuits is a huge 2015 highlight, even if this was also the year that Hannibal did not get picked up for another season. But I have high hopes/faith we will see these characters again.

For now here are some of the Alana Bloom, Queen of Ladysuits best moments. So many giving none of the fucks expressions also included and one hell of an entrance silhouette.

Hannibal 3.04 Alana red lipstick

Hannibal 3.05 Alana

Hannibal 3.06 Alana

Hannibal 3.07 Hannibal and Alana

Hannibal 3.08 Alana

Hannibal 3.11 Alana Bloom

Hannibal 3.11 Alana

Hannibal 3.12 Alana

Hannibal 3.13 Alana entrancePlus Alana got the only happy romantic ending as she walked off into the sunset – okay fled for their safety in a helicopter – with Margot and their son. And they did so in magnificent style.


One final Hannibal costume design shout-out and this one goes to the DVF wrap that Margot Verger wore mirroring Alana’s old style and giving me the ideal dress to wear to a wedding.

Stay tuned for more Best of 2015 posts!

Own a Piece of Hannibal and that Cancellation News

23 Jun

Last night I came out of a screening of Inside Out feeling like I’d had an emotional workout of the best kind (instant new Pixar favorite) and as I glanced at my phone I noticed an all exclamation tweet that had been sent my way. Upon opening it a big wall of sadness hit as it was a friend alerting me to the Hannibal cancellation news and the whole of my TL was discussing this surprise announcement. Of course the ratings are terrible so that part was not a shock, but it was the timing that came out of the blue.

Cue all the crying Will Graham gifs (do an image search – there are many). Alana Bloom gives good rage for this situation too. And then came the reasoning as this isn’t necessarily Hannibal’s final meal (I will see myself out) and the show is still being shopped around to non-NBC parties. Like many of its characters, this is not an easy show to kill it off.

Hannibal 2.13 food prepNow might be a good time to take advantage of the Hannibal auction taking place on the Prop Store featuring 125 items from the first two seasons including costumes, ID badges, sketches, limbs and recipe cards. Want to own Will’s prison jumpsuit? Well you can and there are two days left to bid on these items. Here are some of the pieces we would love to own.

Hannibal kill suitHalloween costume sorted with the all important vinyl ‘Kill Suit‘ which Hannibal has worn on multiple occasions including when he framed Dr Chilton and admired another serial killers work last season.

Beverly Katz leather jacketLeather jackets are a staple of many characters who work in law enforcement and I was remiss in not including Beverly Katz in my end of year round-up. But maybe it was due to feeling emotional as this is from the episode last season when Beverly ventured too far into Hannibal’s home.

Alana dressAn Alana Bloom DVF wrap dress!  Worn in the season 2 finale “Mizumono” (which I wrote about here) and it is the one item I would really want to bid on even if it is far too teeny tiny for me to wear. A huge non shocker to anyone who has read my Hannibal costuming posts and knows my love of all things Alana and DVF.

Hannibal broken tea cupAfter the cancellation news we are all Hannibal’s broken teacup and now you can also own the teacup from the season 1 episode “Ceuf.”

Will GrahamThe quintessential Will Graham season 1 ensemble (you will have to provide your own pants) from “Rôti” consisting of a blue Wind River long sleeve shirt and forest green American Eagle jacket. Perfect for solving all totem pole building murders.

Hannibal three piece suitWhile the Alana Bloom wrap dress would be my number one pick this three piece custom-made suit as worn by Mads Mikkelsen in “Tome-wan” really is the top item. The ultimate Hannibal attire and it comes with the paisley tie and blood stained shirt. This is what Hannibal is wearing when he is suspended above Mason Verger’s hungry pigs, which is why the shirt comes with quite a bit of wear and tear. It is no surprise this is currently the piece with the highest bid.

To browse through all 125 lots head here and hopefully there will be some happier Hannibal news in the days to come. For now here is a promo for the next episode, which I am very excited about for reasons that will become clear when you click play.


Best of TV Costuming 2013: Pattern and Color on Hannibal

18 Dec

Continuing TV Ate My Wardrobe’s “Best of 2013″ costuming series and rather than doing a straightforward countdown we’re going to do a variety of posts that look at which costumes and shows have made a huge impact this year. From items that we want in our own wardrobe to pieces that got everyone talking, we want to look at this year’s TV through the prism of costume.

The first season of Hannibal premiered in April and from the outset it produced some of the most visually stunning episodes on TV this year. As with the character, Hannibal’s costuming is rich, textured and multilayered. Hannibal is also the only show to appear as part of “Look of the Week” as a piece of set design, rather than just costuming.

Hannibal 1.01 HannibalStarting with the titular character everything that Hannibal wears is meticulous and well tailored. Costume designer Christopher Hargadon predominantly dresses Hannibal in three piece suits (often in plaid) and the elaborate quality reflects Hannibal’s desire to have only the finer things in life. There is an element of control with everything that Hannibal does and yet he also likes to play with his environment and this includes his wardrobe. 

Hannibal 1.11 HannibalPattern clashing is in abundance and this style choice is featured in pretty much every episode. There is nothing accidental about the pocket square matching the teal shirt and the colors of Hannibal’s suits are incredibly rich, even in their darkness. On this occasion Hannibal is wearing paisley with plaid; it’s bold and distinctive much like Hannibal. Dark earth tones are a signature and you won’t see him in bright primary colors. As the season progresses, his suits get even darker to mirror just how far Hannibal is pushing Will’s mental state.

Hannibal 1.08 dishevelledEven when he has been in a full on dirty fight to the death, as he has in “Fromage” he still looks relatively well put together. His pocket square has been ruffled and his tie is at an angle, however this all plays into his act of being in shock. If he wasn’t playing this role there is no doubt that he would have straightened these up and fixed his hair.

Hannibal 1.13 HannibalThe use of shadow with bold patterns means there are moments like this one in the season 1 finale where the only detail visible is Hannibal’s striking tie and grey shirt. He kind of looks like a floating head coming out of the darkness.

Hannibal 1.13 BurberryThis moment also comes from the finale as Hannibal visits Will in his new ‘home’ and the brown Burberry London coat (thanks Wear the Rude for the heads up) is part of the rich brown trend that Hannibal wears throughout the first season. Hannibal is littered with out of the shadows moments and this shot is framed as if Hannibal is the emerging victor.

Hannibal 1.10 kill suitHannibal even has what looks like a custom kill suit and when you have clothes as luxurious as Hannibal you don’t want them getting ruined by a spot of blood. There’s also the evidence factor of course.

Hannibal 1.09 Alana and AbigailThe color scheme on Hannibal is as precise as Hannibal’s suits and there’s one character who wears both bold tones and a whole lot of pattern and that’s Alana Bloom. I’d argue that Alana is the heart of the show as she is the only person who is looking out for Will’s best interests all of the time – in the pilot she talks about the dangers of putting Will in the field as he might get too close and this is exactly what happens.

Hannibal 1.09 AlanaThe variety of prints Alana wears could represent her confused romantic feelings towards Will; she wants to be honest with him and lets him know in the scene above that she can’t have an affair with him while he is this unstable. Whereas both Hannibal and Jack will manipulate Will to get what they desire, Alana is suppressing her desires for the good of Will.

Hannibal 1.08 Will and AlanaThis is the nearest Will gets to rom-com set up and for once his demeanor is only reading at 30% troubled. Part of this is the company and Will takes the step in “Fromage” to get the girl. While this doesn’t entirely pan out – this is Hannibal and not a sitcom after all – if Will does get better there’s a chance these two kids could give it a go. While a lot of their interactions are bathed in darkness in lecture halls and interrogation rooms, the lighting in this open field scene gives a glow of hope. Will is dressed in his outdoor wear and he’s far removed from his usual work attire, the beanie is a win for him. Alana’s wine colored coat and patterned scarf maintain both her signature style and palette.

Hannibal 1.13 orange jumpsuitFrom light to dark and all color has been saturated from this scene except for Will’s jumpsuit and Alana’s multicolored Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress. This scene contains one of my favorite exchanges as Will tells Alana “I could use a good scream. I can feel one perched under my chin… I’m afraid that if I started, I wouldn’t be able to stop.” Control is a big element of Hannibal; Will thinks he losing all of his whereas characters like Hannibal and Alana have a full sense of who they are and their working boundaries. This is why they are the two characters who wear pattern and prints throughout the first season. Alana gets bonus bright colors because she wears her emotions on her sleeve.

Hannibal 1.01 Will GrahamWill wears red and plaid in the pilot but as the season progresses all color drains from his wardrobe and it’s pretty much all grey. At a push some earthy tones pop up, but Will’s costuming is all for practical and functional reasons. There’s nothing flamboyant and he even uses his glasses as prop to hide his eyes from the world.

Hannibal 1.02 FreddieNot afraid to make an impression is Freddie Lounds and this all scarlet ensemble dares to clash with her red hair and the walls of Hannibal’s waiting room. Freddie is essentially one of the many devils of Hannibal and like Hannibal himself she likes to manipulate dangerous situations to see how it impacts the outcome.

Hannibal is far more than just another antihero/murder venture and it is elevated beyond these stale factors thanks to the meticulous details in the writing, acting and all facets of the production design including the incredible costuming.

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