Variety Emmy Studio Conversations or Pick Your Dream Dinner Dates

16 Jun

You know the drill by now; it is Emmy discussion season and Variety has a whole host of conversations taking place between stars from your favorite shows. This series differs from roundtables because they are one on ones (and a two on two) with no moderator to ask the questions. What Variety delivers are the perfect bite size 10ish minute long chats focusing on the shows these actors are currently on as well as first jobs and other such general actor talking points. My list of dream dinner dates gets even longer with some of these pairings including the one below.

Allison Janney and Lizzy CaplanThis hug looks like the happiest place in the world.

Allison Janney and Lizzy Caplan light up the screen and they are of co-stars on Masters of Sex so the connection is already there. They discuss a range of topics including comedy in drama on Masters of Sex and finding laughter in the darkness on Mom. Caplan talks about her own personal experience with a storyline that devastated me last season and made this the second show that made me cry while writing a review (the first was The Good Wife and the recent third addition was Mad Men).

She also goes into some detail about how she wrote to the real Virginia Johnson before she passed away, which she never replied to and how Johnson “made it very clear that she didn’t want any involvement in it [Masters of Sex] whatsoever … I don’t think she read the script, it was more that she wrote this book, and that was her story, and then she wanted to just live out the rest of her life away from it all. Which I had to respect, but it drove me a bit crazy.”

For more videos head here and for other TV Ate My Wardrobe coverage of the Variety Emmy Studio head here and here.

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