Music Monday: Dancing Down the Street to David Bowie

22 Jul

This is primarily a TV website, but that doesn’t mean that movies, books and music are off limits. As it’s the start of the week and the weather is hot and the news is focused on the imminent arrival of a baby (and treating it like no other babies have ever been born) I’ve chosen the song that has should hopefully clear out those start of the week blues.

I finally saw Frances Ha last week and it’s probably the best film I have seen this year, a year that has featured many “that was ok” and shoulder shrug responses upon leaving a cinema screen. It’s not been a truly terrible year for film; it hasn’t been all that memorable either. My one concern before seeing Frances Ha was that my expectations might be too high; I really like Greta Gerwig and I’d heard a lot of positive comments about the film and its portrayal of a woman who is drifting while her best friend is getting her life together. My fears were unwarranted and I don’t think I’ve seen a film deal with a female character like this, without making her ultimate goal to find love in the big city and it is so refreshing. Frances is not perfect and her choices aren’t either, but that’s ok as we all stumble (and like Frances this happens both physically and metaphorically).

What she does do and it’s one thing that I want to do since I’ve had the song on repeat is dance down the street to David Bowie’s “Modern Love” (for some reason the soundtrack incorrectly lists it as “Young Americans”) and while it’s probably too hot to do so, it might make you want to do the same. And yes falling over will likely happen.

This David Bowie video will also help with a style solution if you ever wanted to wear a bow tie, but didn’t know how to do it up.

Frances Ha gif courtesy of Tumblr


4 Responses to “Music Monday: Dancing Down the Street to David Bowie”


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