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Out of the Box: Look of the Week

24 Nov

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving—yeah I know it was yesterday—to all celebrating! Even with the four-day weekend, there are still plenty of red carpet moments and award season antics. The AMAs delivered some sartorial highs, the Independent Spirit Award nominations have been announced, Call Me By Your Name is out today and there’s a reunion that makes my heart swell.

I realized last week that “Out of the Box” has turned into something a little more than just the best looks; it has become a weekly newsletter of sorts with a mix of outfits and other things that excite me including trailers and performances. The level of activity on TV Ate My Wardrobe is less than it used to be (because I am writing for other outlets) and this is all very much a work in progress (as is life), but I am thankful I have this outlet to share these weekly observations. Viola Davis is a vision in white caped-sleeve crystal-embroidered Michael Kors Collection at the AMAs and she never disappoints on the red carpet.As the host of the AMAs, Tracee Ellis Ross had numerous outfit changes throughout the night and she made a dramatic impact on her arrival in a stunning custom Stella McCartney sequin gown.

Regular readers will know how much I love Tracee Ellis Ross’ Instagram feed and it showcases the many looks she wore while hosting. I’ve gone for another sparkly number and this video really captures this aspect of the Paco Rabanne matching skirt and top. Another highlight is this tribute to both her mother and Michael Jackson.Clueless reboot, but now Cher is a spy and played by Yara Shahidi. Sign me up. Going against the jewel tone palette she wears as Veronica Lodge on Riverdale is Camila Mendes in a romantic J. Mendel gown.

And for all things Riverdale season 2 style check out my Observer column here
I’ve been listening to Kelly Clarkson’s new album “Meaning of Life” nonstop and holy hell is this Christian Siriano feathered gown serving up super diva feelings.

I love her.They’re not actually sisters, but Claire Foy and Vanessa Kirby very much look like siblings as they both opt for seasonal sparkles of varying lengths—Christian Dior for Foy, Prada for Kirby—at the premiere of The Crown. Foy’s Lisbeth Salander hair looks great and I am super excited for the second season of this show.  The full Ava DuVernay/Ryan Coogler panel transcript is going to be made available soon, but for now enjoy this snippet and DuVernay’s patterned frock.

And the new Wrinkle in Time trailer.Also at VultureFest is Sofia Coppola in an outfit that looks straight from my closet. So of course I am here for it.Jennifer Garner’s giving great slip dress at a screening of her new film The Tribes of Palos Verdes and this week I watched the episode of Felicity where she first makes an appearance.

And as a big Alias fan, I would love to see her reunite with J.J. Abrams in a professional capacity. Maybe Star Wars, maybe something else. Or just get Garner a great TV project. At the Film Independent 2018 Spirit Awards press conference, Tessa Thompson goes for pattern clashing Jason Wu and some amazing orange pumps. This is one of my favorite award shows of the season and I am so happy that Nick Kroll and John Mulaney will be back again to host. It is also one of the best red carpets of the entire calendar and Thompson’s look here is very much in line with the kind of thing you can expect from the main event.

For the full list of nominees head here. One movie that has got multiple Spirit Award nominations is the incredible Call Me By Your Name (released today in the US) and the press tour for this movie has included a number appearance delights. It is a movie I watched twice at the cinema within the space of one week and it is probably my favorite film of the year. I finished the book at the weekend and the soundtrack has been playing in-between those Kelly Clarkson listens.

Timothée Chalamet is having quite the year and he gets a great plaid suit modeling shot in GQ. Hopefully we will see more of this kind of suit wearing throughout award season.

I fell down a GoldDerby video hole the other day, but I still don’t know where Chalamet got this eagle sweater number from. It is information I would like to have.Armie Hammer covers The Hollywood Reporter this week and he is staring deep into your soul.  In the interview he talks about the hypocrisy of Hollywood and the Oscars with how Casey Affleck was lauded while Nate Parker was shutout. There’s also a discussion about his interesting career trajectory and the joyous experience of making Call Me By Your Name. And Hammer in chunky knits. Always appreciated.

Talking Drama with Justin Theroux, Laura Dern, Regina King and Milo Ventimiglia

7 Jun

Emmy roundtable season is well and truly here, aka that time of year when it is easy to fall down a YouTube hole watching all your TV faves talking about your TV faves. The format is different depending on the outlet with The Hollywood Reporter being the go to for the drama actressesVariety getting the actors to interview each other and Goldderby doing their one-on-one Google Hangout thing. And I am a sucker for them all.

The only Google news alert I have set up happens to be “Emmy Roundtable.” Yes, really. So when I got an email to tell me that the LA Times drama discussion was up I instantly hit the link and was thrilled to see this line-up. Whereas THR separates actors and actress, the LA Times mixes it up and I am glad that both options are available as talking points can be very different. Justin Theroux, Laura Dern, Regina King and Milo Ventimiglia sit down with L.A. Times’ Greg Braxton to talk about the shows they are on as well as a number of other topics such as the potential writers’ strike (this was obviously recorded before the WGA deal was brokered).

There is an obvious rapport between Theroux, Dern and King as they have all worked together before and it gives an extra level of intimacy – see Dern/Theroux replaying a Lynch kiss – to proceedings. Regina King is there to discuss American Crime, but she is also very much part of The Leftovers family and so this also comes into play particularly when discussing co-star Carrie Coon.

They talk process with Milo Ventimiglia pointing to how his prep for the big fight scene in the This is Us finale was different to how he worked with Mandy Moore for the rest of the season, saying goodbye to characters, whether they watch their work and there’s a whole lot of praise for those behind the camera. The latter is something Carrie Coon also mentions in detail in her recent interview with Alan Sepinwall and I am here for this.

Watch the whole thing below.

Also as a style aside, I am very much all the heart eyes at Laura Dern’s polka dots. Because, of course.

Related – Talking about costuming on The Leftovers finale and the love story at the heart of it all.

Laura Dern Talks Big Little Lies, Enlightened and Working with David Lynch

16 May

The gap between film and TV award season chatter feels like it gets smaller every year and I am thrilled that this time of year is upon us. To the extent that I even wondered out loud (or rather on Twitter), which Big Little Lies cast member will take part in The Hollywood Reporter’s roundtable discussion.

Another go to source for all things awards is Goldderby and their interview series constantly delivers on in-depth interviews with actors and creatives who might be hearing their names called come nomination day (July 13). This is when I fall down a YouTube hole and the next thing I know it is a couple of hours later; they tend to run around the twenty minute mark and this is pretty much the ideal length for getting sucked in.One of the best shows from this awards year is Big Little Lies and it is one I keep returning to in terms of how much time it is occupying conversations and thought space. Plus I’ve been pretty much listening to the soundtrack on a daily basis. It is also one of the reasons why the mini-series category looks set to be one of the most interesting and while there is talk of a potential second season (this gets touched on in the interview below) it is pretty much perfect as it is. Even though we live in a time when anything can be resurrected it doesn’t mean it should.

Which brings me to this interview with Laura Dern and unsurprisingly Dern is a delight offering up thoughts on why Big Little Lies resonated, everything she loves about playing Renata and working with a lot of the Wild team again. Dern also talks about characters it has been hard saying goodbye too and what she says will likely please fans of Enlightened.

There is also the small matter of teaming up with David Lynch again for the Twin Peaks revival and as I already mentioned any TV show can come back.

Award recognition and what this attention means in terms of the visibility of a project also comes into play especially as there are so many shows to consume right now.

Laura Dern also reminds me that I still need to watch Enlightened and I don’t know why I haven’t done this already.

Look out for more award season chatter on TV Ate My Wardrobe in the next few months.

The 2016 Emmy Roundtable Season is Here!

18 May

It is no secret how much I love all things awards from the pre-nomination chatter to the red carpet decadence. Film award season stretches for months dominating the start of the year and now it is time for TV to bask in the glory of all things accolades; who deserves them, who should be nominated but probably won’t and the standout moments from television from the past year. Taking into account what will qualify as recency bias means certain things might get forgotten (anything that aired between June 1, 2015 and May 31 2016) so Mad Men is out (the finale aired May 17), but something like Show Me a Hero is in (which means Oscar Isaac in a tux hopefully). And maybe this is the year Emmy voters started watching The Americans.

The Hollywood Reporter’s roundtable season is one way to mark the official start of the Emmy chat period although Gold Derby has also been on fire with their one on one chats (including this great one with Poor Martha herself, Alison Wright) in recent weeks. A few months ago Jennifer Lopez posted a pictured on Instagram (which she sadly took down) of what turned out to be the drama actress roundtable; pretty much from that point on I have been anticipating the arrival of this discussion because this lineup is on fire.

Diversity or rather a lack of dominated award season and the actress roundtable and subsequent cover was a clear example of how Hollywood is failing, With regards to TV this cover and other recent ones have done a much better job at showcasing a variety of women who are leading the way in both comedy and drama. This isn’t to say TV is always the beacon of light in this department as Kristen Warner pointed out when the 2014 cover was released and it was only last year that a black woman finally won for Best Actress in a Drama Series with Viola Davis crushing it on every level with her acceptance speech. Opportunity is key and TV is currently offering a lot more of this.

Now to this year’s cover and this is an amazing group of actresses covering cable and network shows (and surprisingly no streaming) with Regina King and Kerry Washington straddling both with American Crime/The Leftovers and Scandal/Confirmation.dramasummercoverYou can watch videos from this roundtable over at The Hollywood Reporter including Sarah Paulson talking about sexism in relation to her role on American Crime Story as well as in her career in general, Regina King discussing directing and acting and Kirsten Dunst mentions how hard TV is work load wise in comparison to film (and she also mentions her friend Lizzy Caplan, which I of course adore). Sex scenes, producing, before they found fame are also covered and I’m looking forward to watching the whole conversation.

In terms of styling the drama actress cover tends to go in the dark and moody direction (of last year), black and white (see 2013) or pastels (as with 2014). Bold and bright is for the comedy actresses. Here it is pastels again with some white thrown in for good measure and they all look great facially, but I don’t love that Julianna Margulies and Jennifer Lopez are blending into the background. I think Sarah Paulson’s pleats are fantastic and Regina King’s pink dress is probably my other standout. I think Cannes has set a super high bar for Kirsten Dunst and this is just fine, but just that.

Read the whole roundtable discussion here.

Keep an eye out for more roundtable related discussions/covers in the coming weeks. Plus more Emmys chat soon!

The Affair Season 2 Teaser: “Do You Honestly Think That Things Just Work Out for the Best?”

30 Jun

The Affair is currently shooting its second season and just in time for maybe Emmy nominations – it did win the Golden Globe after all – a teaser for the new season has been released. In it there is plenty of smooching, crying, yelling and some very disheveled looks.

The Affair S2The amount of viewpoints is expanding from two (Alison and Noah) to four (Helen and Cole join the mix) and this is a good thing because at times during the first year I found it hard to find myself too engaged by the central pairing.

My issue isn’t that they are having an affair (it is in the title of the show after all) or that they didn’t have good chemistry, but I just didn’t care all that much for them as a couple. Out of the pair Alison is by far the most compelling as Noah’s story borders on mid-life crisis cliche and it is his scenes with Helen that really hit some incredibly devastating notes. 

The Affair S2 ColeBy opening up the different viewpoints it takes some of the attention away from Alison and Noah and will give Helen and Cole more depth. Maura Tierney and Joshua Jackson both delivered last season while being on the periphery and I am forever in awe of everything Maura Tierney does as she can sell heartbreak with just a look. Now their characters will hopefully become more than just props in the central love story and we will get to see how they view Alison and Noah.

Memory is a big factor and how it can vary from person to person and it will be interesting to see how Helen and Cole’s version mirror or deviate from the kind of experience we have already witnessed.

The Affair S2 HelenPlaying with perceptions of behavior and costume is one of The Affair’s strengths, which goes beyond spot the difference and reveals a whole lot about these characters and how they see the world. By throwing in two more POVs it will expand this further and this is why I am excited for the new season.

From the teaser you can see that things are going really well for a brief moment, but there is going to be a whole lot of confrontations with the exes, tears in the shower and a really striking blue dress from Helen. Oh and that pesky court related business.

Watch the teaser for season 2 of The Affair, which will return in the fall.

Plus here is the always delightful Maura Tierney discussing the expanding viewpoints and Emmy related thoughts with Goldderby.


Amazing Outfits Aplenty at the Variety Emmy Studio

31 Mar

Award season has only just wrapped up, but there is another coming in a few months time and the Emmy chatter hum is already starting. The red carpet is part of why I adore award season, the other is all the pre-gaming with endless roundtables and GoldDerby one-on-one interviews. The actual winners and ceremony is far down the list and this is reserved for mostly outrage at the omissions.

Variety host an annual Emmy studio and while they have favored panels in the past (and they might still go down this route) over the weekend a variety of comedy and drama stars from network, cable and streaming platforms interviewed each other. While these videos aren’t available to watch just yet – I will definitely be discussing/posting those when they do – we can see what everyone was wearing and it is safe to say they ladies are killing it.

Don, Claire, Lizzy, AllisonA Showtime foursome (although Allison Janney is there for Mom) with Don Cheadle, Claire Danes, Lizzy Caplan and Allison Janney. Claire Danes is wearing a fabulous check Erdem frock complete with the requisite pocketed goodness. Caplan’s lipstick game is strong with Janney’s glasses earn best accessory. And like most of the dudes at this thing Cheadle looks good, but in pretty standard attire.

Variety panel - Fred, Abbi, Ilana, CarrieThere is a lot of “Yas Kween!” about this photo from Abbi Jacobson’s floral and leather jacket combo, the crop top/necklace pairing Ilana Glazer has opted for and Carrie Brownstein’s pink lipstick and tuxedo jacket. You look fine too, Fred.

Maggie and LievReally excited to see Maggie Gyllenhaal taking part and talking The Honourable Woman as it was one of my favorite performances of last year. And Gyllenhaal is looking lovely in print with Liev Schreiber getting a whole lot of stripe sock points.

Jessica and TaylorI love how giddy Taylor Schilling looks next to Jessica Lange while her all black ensemble with leather pants is exudes cool.

Jane and ViolaMajor style and legend status at play here with Jane Fonda and Viola Davis; this is one chat I can’t wait to see.

Jeffrey Tambor and JLDAnd I really want to know what’s going on in this photo to make Jeffery Tambor look so concerned. Orange is a really great color on Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Director Variety chatThrilled there’s going to be an all women director’s discussion with Gail Mancuso, Jill Soloway, Lisa Cholodenko, Lesli Linka Glatter (director of Now and Then! Plus a whole lot of TV faves) and Michelle MacLaren. This will be another ‘soon as the video goes up I will post it on here’ situation. Ace floral and stripe top from Jill Soloway.

Uzo and Gina VarietyWell, this is just the best and there is so much joy to be had from Gina Rodriguez and Uzo Aduba taking a selfie together. Both women are in A+ dresses and that color on Aduba is everything.

Kerry Washington VarietyLove Kerry Washington in Giambattista Valli pattern clashing polka dot/floral frock and that she’s gone for a colorful pair of lace pumps.

Taraji and MindyAnother selfie and amazing outfit duo with Mindy Kaling and Taraji P. Henson. Vibrant yellow on Henson is stunning and Kaling’s matching skirt and top is super pretty.

Julianna MarguliesSticking to a designer favorite is Julianna Margulies in Narciso Rodriguez and this classic monochromatic take is really working for The Good Wife star.

Keri Russell Talks The Americans: Playing a Complex Character, Awards and the Season 2 Twists

4 Jun

Pre-Emmy season is in full swing and there is an array of group discussions and one to one interviews on offer from outlets such as The Hollywood ReporterVariety and Goldderby. One half of The Americans lead duo spoke to Goldderby this week in a chat that covers the major twist of season 2, what this means for her character Elizabeth going forward next year and what aspects of The Americans she both enjoys and finds most challenging.

The Americans ElizabethThe spy hijinks are fun, but for Keri Russell (and I’d have to agree with her as a viewer) it is the complex marriage/dynamic between Elizabeth and Philip that is what keeps this project fresh and exciting. It goes back to the drama actress roundtable Russell took part in for The Hollywood Reporter and she cites this here saying how in film, the roles for women are often the girlfriend or the mother who are there to say “honey, you can do it” to the leading male figure and this isn’t necessarily the case in television. With The Americans quite often Elizabeth is the tough, stoic one and what might be considered as traditional roles are redefined and reexamined. Coming from the girl who played Felicity, Russell does still find this hilarious.

One of Russell’s favorite moments from this season also provided one of the biggest challenges and it’s when Elizabeth starts to question how Philip is when he’s playing Clark with Martha. What starts out as gentle prodding turns into one of the hardest scenes to watch (and perform) and the aspects Russell likes is the “weird, blurry, complicated stuff and I think that’s when the show is at its best.” With regard to this episode Russell also mentions how incredible Danish director Charlotte Sieling is and scenes portraying Elizabeth’s vulnerability are hard, but they are ultimately the most rewarding.

Wigs come up of course, as does the major twist at the end of the season finale and how this might impact Elizabeth and Philip’s relationship next year. Fundamentally, Russell points out conflicts about parenting style and opinions exist in all relationships and it’s just so happens in this world it might involve your child getting recruited by the KGB. As we saw with Jared this can have devastating consequences.

Early awards success with Felicity and the Golden Globes comes up, as does Russell’s recent nomination for the Critics’ Choice Awards, although she thinks that Matthew Rhys (or “the Welshman” as she refers to him) is the more likely of the pair to get an Emmy nod this year.

It’s a fun, relaxed interview and you can watch it below. For more Goldderby interviews head here.

Josh Charles Discusses The Good Wife and Golden Globes

2 Jan

The supporting actor/actress TV categories at the Golden Globes include comedy, drama, mini-series and TV movie. This is a lot of different types of shows to cover and it often resembles a strange mix of genre and quite often famous faces. This year is no different and The Good Wife’s Josh Charles is the only network representative with comedy getting completely shut out – the other four nominees are Aaron Paul, Rob Lowe, Jon Voight and Corey Stoll – and he sat down with Gold Derby to chat about this nomination and this excellent season of The Good Wife.

The Good Wife Network vs. cable is discussed and Charles explains that he goes back and forth on the notion that it’s unfair to compare the two. What he does mention is that “good writing is good writing” and The Good Wife has been consistently on top of their game, with season 5 taking it to the next level. Time and structure are two constraints as cable has far fewer episodes and tend to shoot the bulk, if not all of them before they air. Whereas typically The Good Wife is only four episodes ahead of what has aired. This does work in their favor sometimes as they can respond to current news events and the references don’t feel stale by the time it is broadcast.

Individual episodes like “Hitting the Fan” and “The Giving Tree” are reference and both serve as series highlights. Getting into Will’s psyche was a fun experience for Charles as it’s rare for Will to drop his mask and from this Sunday’s preview (which you can watch below) it looks like Will has put the defenses back up and is using arrogance once again as a coping strategy.

Josh Charles has already directed two episodes and he reveals that episode 19 is his next time at the helm. When talking about guest stars he mentions Victor Garber. I am beyond excited that Spy Daddy is showing up on both Sleepy Hollow and The Good Wife in the coming weeks.

Watch the full interview and promo for this Sunday’s episode “Goliath and David” below.

New Girl Star Jake Johnson Talks Emmys and Drinking Buddies

21 Jun

Following on from Max Greenfield’s Gold Derby chat, co-star Jake Johnson also sat down with the awards prediction hub to talk New Girl, recent plaudits and the success he has had over the last two years. Here at TV at My Wardrobe we are all aboard the Emmy nomination train for Jake Johnson because he’s been New Girl’s MVP this season.


Jake Johnson has submitted in the lead category and this was originally a suggestion by Max Greenfield, while they joke that Greenfield was just removing the competition it’s actually a smart move thanks to the Nick/Jess focus of the latter half of the season. Johnson has been nominated already for the Critics’ Choice Awards and the forthcoming TCA’s. Johnson is quick to praise creator Liz Meriwether, the writers and his co-stars; the ensemble is an important factor but he would like Meriwether to get some solo recognition as “she’s really the engine behind it.”

As with Max Greenfield they discuss what episode Johnson might submit if he does get nominated. Episodes that get mentioned include “Chicago,” “Cooler” and the first Tran episode (“Menzies”). Gold Derby editor Chris Beachum gives Johnson some advice saying that “Chicago” might be too emotional as an Emmy submission episode and that broader comedic performances tend to be what Emmy voters have previously gone for. If this is the case then “Pepperwood” would be a suitable choice, though I am partial to “Cooler” for obvious reasons.

The trailer for Jake Johnson’s new movie Drinking Buddies was released yesterday and he mentions this in the Gold Derby interview. It’s a project that Johnson says that he is very proud of and hopes that it gets the same traction as Safety Not Guaranteed. The film also stars Olivia Wilde, Ron Livingston and Anna Kendrick and is heavily improvised (plus they’re really drinking beer). Plus Johnson is sporting a rather amazing beard the likes of which we’ve only previously seen on New Girl in his Caroline post-break up video. Really, it looks incredible.

Watch both the interview with Gold Derby editor Chris Beachum and the trailer for Drinking Buddies below.

Max Greenfield Talks New Girl, Emmys and the Veronica Mars Movie

19 Jun

Max Greenfield recently spoke to Gold Derby editor Daniel Montgomery about Emmy nominations, a mix up with episode submissions last year and whether or not he will be showing up as Deputy Leo on the new Veronica Mars movie that started shooting this week.


Last year Max Greenfield was nominated for his work as Schmidt on New Girl in the Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy category, a category that also featured four Modern Family actors and Bill Hader. This year it is likely to be similarly packed with the Modern Family cast and in a sensible move Jake Johnson has submitted himself for lead actor. While Jake Johnson has been receiving well deserved plaudits this year (including a TCA and Critics’ Choice nomination) and the Schmidt hype has died down a bit, he still delivered a strong and memorable turn in season 2.

In this conversation they talk about a big mix up with last year’s Emmy submission episodes; Zooey Deschanel had chosen “Bad in Bed” and Greenfield “Control,” unfortunately the episodes got switched and voters received “Control” for Deschanel and “Bad in Bed” for Greenfield. There isn’t any resentment for this mistake and Greenfield chalks it up as one of those things that happens. They also discuss what episode Greenfield might submit this year and “Table 34,” “Tinfinity” and “Bathtub” are mentioned by Gold Derby readers. Greenfield likes the Tugg/Tagg Romney episode (“Fluffer”) and if I had to pick I would suggest “Quick Hardening Caulk” where Schmidt is determined to get a lionfish as a surrogate for Cece.

They talk about one of my favorite guest stars of this season – Merritt Wever who played Schmidt’s college girlfriend Elizabeth – and like most of the audience Greenfield wants her back on the show asking an obviously rhetorical question “Isn’t Merritt great?” Yes, yes she is.

It’s a fun conversation and Greenfield is sporting a very un-Schmidt like beard; could this have anything to do with his role of Deputy Leo on Veronica Mars? Greenfield confirms that he will be making an appearance in the new film, but don’t expect a substantial role as he thinks he’s only working on it for a day. Still, this is exciting news and he seems very happy to be part of this reunion.

Watch the whole interview below.

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